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People always look for more meaningful ways to organize the stuff in their car. With so many car trunk organizers in the market, choosing the right one can be frustrating. Some are too small in the trunk, while others are too big to put in the front passenger seat. Some also tend to topple over with sudden deceleration. Drive Auto Products addresses these concerns with its patent-pending Car Trunk Organizer.

Product Description

The Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Organizer is a versatile storage solution. It comes in three different modes to meet your varying storage needs. In its Open Mode, the Drive Trunk Organizer can hold up to 17 dry gallons of stuff. It is the ideal mode to use in the trunk. The Half Mode holds 9 dry gallons of items. It is perfect to use in the front passenger seat. In the Drive’s Collapsed Mode, the trunk organizer can become an in-between-seats organizer. This can serve as storage for your documents, magazines, and other �?thin’ items.

The storage solution is easy to secure around the front passenger backseat or in the trunk. The organizer comes with a unique Tie-Down strap system complete with easy-to-use steel hooks. This provides the system better stability while the vehicle is in motion.

The organizer features a 3-layer system. This consists of an outer stiff panel material to keep the organizer in an upright position. The middle layer is foam while the inner layer consists of waterproof materials. There are a total of 8 side pockets and two large front ones. They have flaps to allow for easy access to items. There are three mesh pockets also for additional storage.

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  • Revolutionary Drive steel-tipped Tie-Down strap system
  • 3 storage modes: collapsed, open mode, and half mode
  • 13 stiff base plates with waterproof and foam layers
  • 600-denier Oxford fabric
  • 8 side pockets, 2 large front pockets, and 3 mesh pockets
  • Reinforced carrying handles
  • 5-year warranty

How to Use

The Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Organizer is a versatile storage solution for any vehicle. One can use it in the trunk, in the rear passenger seat, or in the front passenger seat. It comes with a tie-down strap system that allows users to secure the organizer in almost any other part of the vehicle.

To use the organizer in the trunk or the back of an SUV, one needs to look for anchor points such as existing door latches. The Drive trunk organizer comes with a hook type of attachment. You can also wrap the strap around the backs of car seats. This makes for a handy storage solution for the front passenger seat. One can also use the safety seat anchors for a child’s car seat as a mechanism for securing the Drive Trunk Organizer.

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