TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel

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There are some home improvement projects that require you to measure the area of your property or any piece of land. While a conventional steel tape measure will work, you will have a much better chance of getting the right measurement using a measuring wheel. The 88016 FX Series of measuring wheels from TR Industrial is a good choice for both professionals and homeowners alike.
TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel

Product Description

The TR Industrial 88016 FX Series Measuring Wheel is a device that can help you measure distances of up to 9,999 feet. It comes with an ingenious folding design that will never occupy too much space in your trunk.

The FX Series measures 3 feet long; although the handle is only about 2 feet and 9 inches. The handle folds in two to bring the length of the device down to only 16 inches. The measuring wheel has a diameter of 12 inches. It can cover longer distances with as few turns as possible. The handle also features an ergonomic pistol grip for more comfortable use.

The FX Series features a manual distance counter. It is not as accurate as laser distance measurement systems. However, it does a decent job of providing you reliable and accurate measurements.

Unfortunately, there are some people who complain about the unreliability of the measurements. This has something to do with the construction of the wheel. When it wobbles, there is a tendency that the wheel may not reflect the true measured distance. There are more people who say that the FX Series measuring wheel is accurate, nevertheless.

TR Industrial also designed the FX Series with a kickstand. This lets you prop the device while you rest. There is no need to lay it on its side. And when your work is complete, you can always store the FX Series Measuring Wheel in the accompanying storage bag.

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This measuring wheel comes with a 12-month limited warranty.


  • 3-foot tall distance measuring device
  • Folds into 16-inch tall device
  • 1-foot diameter measuring wheel
  • Built-in reset button
  • 9,999 feet maximum distance measurement

How to Use

Using the TR Industrial FX Series Measuring Wheel is as easy as a walk in the park. All you need is to set the wheel on the starting line of whatever you want to measure. Extend the handle for a more comfortable reach. Make sure that the distance counter on the device is set to zero. If not, you can press the reset button. Grab the handle and walk in a straight line. As the measuring wheel turns, it also takes a measurement of the distance it has already covered. You can check the distance on the large display on the top of the device. Every time you measure something new, you will have to reset the distance counter to zero.

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