Vont Bike Light Review

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Safety is of paramount importance whenever you go biking at night. Bicycles do not have built-in lighting systems that allow other motorists to see them from afar. It is for this reason that bikers need third-party lighting systems to install in their bikes. One of these is the Vont Bike Light.

Vont Bike Light Review

Product Description

The Vont Bike Light is a compact and lightweight lighting system for bicycles. It comes with a design that allows bikers to mount the device on their bicycles without any need for tools. The gadget has an adjustment knob to help change the angle of the bike light.

This bike light features CREE LED technology. It provides up to 10 times the brightness of conventional bike lights. It can produce a steady beam of light up to 1,000 feet away. However, for safety purposes, its average illumination distance is only 328 feet. One can cycle through the different beam widths with a simple twist of an adjustment ring. The bike light also features three light modes: Low, High, and Flash.

The Vont Bike Light also comes with a sturdy construction. The company uses military-grade materials to give the bike light its lightweight and durable characteristics. It is also waterproof and can withstand the impact force of a 10-foot drop.

Its battery life is modest at best. It can only last for about 4 to 6 hours of continuous illumination. Other bike lights last longer. Regardless, with the accompanying bicycle tail light, the Vont Bike Light makes for a worthy purchase to have in your bicycle.


  • Advanced CREE LED technology
  • Light beam can reach a maximum of 1,000 feet
  • 3 light modes: Low, High, Flash
  • Easy-to-use beam adjustment ring
  • Waterproof construction with 10-foot drop rating

How to Use

The Vont Bike Light comes with an easy-to-install design. Unfasten the clamp that comes with the device. You do not need any special tool for this because the gadget comes with an easy-twist knob. Once unlocked, you can mount the clamp around your bicycle’s handlebar. Fasten the knob to secure the clamp. The inner surface of the clamp has teeth or serrations to help prevent the bike light from sliding out of position. There is another knob near the head of the bike light. Use this to adjust the angle of the light.

To use the Vont Bike Light, press the power button to turn it on. There is an adjustment ring on the head of the bike light. Turn this in either direction to adjust the beam of the light. You can zoom in or zoom out up to 2,000 times using the adjustment ring. You can also change the lighting mode of the Vont Bike. Half-pressing the power button can help you toggle between Low, High, and Flash modes.

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