What Are Bump Stops?

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There are vehicle owners who have a very limited understanding of how a car’s suspension system works. This is a system that is composed of many different parts that work together to give you a smoother ride. It also helps ensure that the tires have a good grip of the ground. One of the most important, yet often misunderstood component of the suspension system is the bump stop. What are bump stops? Are they important at all? And, what do they do? Auto mechanic at car brake shoes eximining

Understanding What a Bump Stop Is

One of the most common questions that newbie vehicle owners have is what is a bump stop? In very simple words, this is a device that people add to their suspension system. It serves as an additional cushion or shock absorber. This will help prevent the different metal parts of the suspension from getting in contact with each other. Suspension bump stops put a limit to the upward movement of the vehicle’s axles. This helps prevent the tires from hitting or rubbing against the fender. These suspension extensions also allow motorists to install longer shocks in their vehicles. The addition of a bump stop will allow it to bottom out first before the shocks. This can help preserve the integrity of the shock absorber and the suspension system of the car.

Why You Need a Bump Stop

In essence, bump stops help improve the quality of your ride. They allow you to experience optimum riding comfort regardless of how rough and uneven the terrain can be. These products also help protect the suspension system of your car. If you limit your driving on highways and city streets, you may not have a need for third-party bump stops. Your car’s stock suspension extension will suffice. However, the moment you leave the flat surface of paved roads, you run the risk of bottoming out your vehicle’s suspension. This happens when you drive across uneven terrain. Replacing your stock extension with something more robust should give you an advantage on rough terrain. Off-road drivers know the importance of having good bump stops for shocks. This is especially true for rock crawlers. Having the right suspension extension can help smoothen out and soften the landing of the vehicle coming from a large rock. This helps provide for a less jarring experience. These contraptions help prevent the excessive compression and eventual bottoming out of the shocks. Installing a bump stop in your car also ensures better control when driving at high speeds off-road. Driving at high speeds on unpaved roads can deliver high energy impact forces in the suspension system of the car. Ordinary shocks will not be able to control such an amount of energy. A good quality bump stop can reduce the amount of rebound energy. This can help minimize the strain on the shocks. More importantly, the driver is able to maintain full control of the car. Bump stops are important components of a vehicle’s suspension system. They help improve the quality of your ride. They also help protect the other components of the suspension system. Mechanic at work in his garage

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