10 Hacks to Avoid Speeding Tickets

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There are always neat tricks and hacks for almost anything in life. And that includes speeding in excess of the legal limit. Here are 10 useful hacks on how to avoid speeding ticket.
10 Hacks to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Obey Traffic Laws

The best way to avoid speeding tickets is by observing the traffic laws. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 30 percent of all fatal crashes are due to speeding. This translates to more than 10,000 lives lost in 2012 alone.

Roads and highways always have speed limit signs. Part of being a responsible driver is being aware of your surroundings. Once you see any of these speed signs, you can glance at your speedometer. If you are above the speed limit, you can always go easy on the gas.

Install a Radar Detector

Another way you can avoid a speeding ticket is by installing one of the best radar detectors in your car. Keep in mind that there are a few areas in the US where installing a radar detector is illegal. For example, Washington DC and Virginia consider it illegal to install a radar detector in passenger vehicles.

Do not think that the radar detector is the same as a radar jammer. The latter is illegal in many states. The former is a useful device for detecting the electromagnetic frequencies of portable radar systems. It then alerts the driver of the presence of these devices so he can reduce his speed.

Plan Your Trip

One of the reasons why people tend to drive over the speed limit is because they are in a hurry. Some people also like to procrastinate while others prefer doing things at the 11th hour.

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If you want to avoid getting a speeding ticket, then you should plan your trips very well. It is always best to leave much earlier so you will not be compelled to step on the gas to make up for time.

Recognize Speeding Triggers

There are certain things on the road that can give you intense emotions. Sexy billboards and other marketing paraphernalia that advertise money, fame, and sex can all increase one’s emotions. This can have an effect on the driver’s rational thinking. It can lead to speeding.

If you are learning how to avoid speeding ticket, you should start recognizing these triggers. Determine how you feel whenever you see such things on the road. If you notice your heart pumping faster whenever you see these things, then you can take a more proactive approach in avoiding them.

Be Courteous and Respectful

One of the most useful hacks in getting out of a speeding ticket is by respecting the law enforcement officer. Most drivers will go into a burst of anger. Some will curse the police officer. This is not going to save you from getting the ticket.

Keep calm and take on a more cordial attitude. Always place both of your hands on the steering wheel where the police officer can see them. This will make the police officer feel a lot safer when approaching your vehicle.

Always Ask for Permission

Every traffic stop always involves the police officer asking for your driver’s license and vehicle registration. Do not make any sudden and unnecessary movements. This is also a very stressful situation for the officer. Do not make it worse by moving your hands without asking for the officer’s permission first.

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Always ask if you can get your documents from your wallet or your purse or in the glove compartment. Doing so tells the officer that you are cooperating. It makes him feel safe, too. Who knows, you might even get only a warning this time around.

Do Not Admit that You are Speeding

While this hack will not stop speeding tickets, it can be a very useful ammunition if you do get to traffic court. Do not acknowledge to the police officer that you are speeding. Do not say you are sorry, too. This is an admission of your guilt. The officer can always use this “admission” in the traffic court.

A better way will be to give noncommittal responses. If the officer tells you that you are speeding, you can always say “I see”. Do not give a sarcastic response. This will not save you.

Engage in Small Talk

Police officers are humans, too. Some of them spend countless hours by the roadside waiting for a speeding driver to pounce on. Engaging them in a cordial, small talk should make them feel at ease. It is like a breath of fresh air for them.

The best part of this is that you are connecting with the officer as any other human. They will remember you for being nice and not necessarily the details of your speeding. Many speeders have dodged the ticket this way. If your ultimate goal is getting out of a speeding ticket, you definitely want to try this hack.

Keep Your Car “Law-Abiding”

As the police officer approaches your vehicle, he will already be looking for other signs that may indicate trouble. Broken taillights, heavily-tinted windows, neon undercarriage lights, and spoilers can all catch an officer’s attention.

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Keep your car well-maintained. Keep it clean and free of clutter and unnecessary aftermarket add-ons. You want your car to project an image of a ‘law-abiding’ vehicle.

Ask for More Continuance

One last trick you can employ to avoid a speeding ticket is to delay your court date. You can ask for more continuances to collect for more evidence. This will also help you better prepare for your defense.

There is another reason why putting more time between the speeding event and the court date works to your advantage. Police officers have to issue a lot of traffic citations every month. It would be impossible to recall the precise details of each one. This makes the police officer’s recollection of the speeding encounter less specific.

The key to avoiding speeding tickets is by complying to traffic rules and laws. In cases where you cannot avoid speeding, then these 10 hacks should help you get out of the situation.

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