5 Best Apps To Save Money on Gas

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Thanks to smartphones, we can now download an app for just about anything – from ordering food, to chatting with friends, from navigating unfamiliar streets to reading the news. It should come as no surprise, then, that motoring enthusiasts have jumped on the virtual bandwagon.

5 Best Apps To Save Money on Gas

Today we’re running through five great apps that all have the same noble purpose: saving drivers money! Thanks to the huge hikes in gas prices of recent years, it’s now more important than ever to find the best possible deal. You might not have the time or inclination to drive around the neighborhood scouting out the best deal every time you need to fill up, but luckily, you don’t have to. With the help of these gas station apps, wondering whether you got the best deal around will be a thing of the past, and you can save your money for life’s more exciting purchases.

The Best App To Save Money On Gas

Gas Buddy

The first app to earn itself a spot in our coveted list is Gas Buddy. This innovative app allows its users to save on gas, by finding the cheapest gas prices in their area, see what’s on offer at these gas stations, and read thousands of reviews from fellow drivers.

On top of this, users can use the app to earn rewards and win prizes. Gas Buddy has 70 million users, each of whom save an average of $340 on gas every single year! The app’s intuitive interface allows drivers to:

  • Locate gas stations near them
  • Filter the stations by type of fuel required
  • Filter by other facilities, such as car washes, restaurants, and bathrooms
  • Read user reviews of each station
  • Be alerted to upcoming price hikes so you can fill up in advance
  • Enter a daily prize draw to win $100 in free gas
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AAA Mobile

Another handy driving app is offered by the American Automobile Association. Their clever app, offers users on-the-go recommendations, discounts, roadside assistance, and journey planning help.

AAA’s app can locate more than 59,000 approved hotels, restaurants, and rental car supplies, all of which can also be booked through the app itself for maximum convenience. The benefits only grow for AAA members, who can use the app to receive exclusive discounts at over 164,000 locations.

Gas Guru

And the third gasoline prices app to make our list is Gas Guru. Its tagline, ‘Cheap Gas Prices’ tells you pretty much everything you need to know about this handy little application.

Gas Guru has earned itself a reputation as Gas Buddy’s main competitor – like its competition, Gas Guru helps users to find the cheapest gas prices in their area. Unlike its counterpart, this gas app displays yellow pages price reports rather than information provided by its other users. Whether this makes the app more or less accurate is up for debate – different drivers will have different preferences. On the one hand, Gas Guru is more convenient to use, since drivers don’t need to input information themselves, but on the other hand, prices don’t get updated quite so often.


Waze is one of the highest rated driving apps about; it provides users with all the information they could possibly need on the road:

  • Traffic alerts for your area
  • Alerts for police and hazards near you
  • Alternative routes to avoid congested areas
  • Arrival times based on live traffic information
  • Audio navigation with a number of available voice options
  • Suggestions for cheap gas along your route
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As well as helping you reach your destination as quickly and efficiently as possible, Waze also acts as one of the best gas price apps around – its utility knows no end! Like Gas Buddy, the app depends upon its users helping each other to function. Everyone contributes information about traffic, hazards, and gas prices near them. This symbiotic approach allows everyone to benefit equally from the host of features that Waze offers.


And the last of the gas saving apps to make our list is GetUpside. This handy little application boasts an impressive promise of saving drivers up to 25 cents for every gallon of fuel they purchase. So how does it work?

GetUpside is basically a cash-back scheme for many day-to-say purposes – including gas. The app is partners with literally thousands of stores, gas stations, and restaurants, delivering some really great savings on items you’d most likely buy anyway. When you sign up for the app, you’ll be shown nearby deals. To redeem them, all you have to do is make a purchase, upload the receipt to GetUpside using your smartphone camera, and you’ll receive your cash back through your account. It’s easy to redeem too, through PayPal or e-gift card.

Making the Most of Gas Apps

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