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Since 2005, Achilles Tires have been manufactured and sold from Indonesia to the rest of the world. The company itself is quite versatile with its product line, specializing in everything from high-performance tires to sturdy off-road traction tires. Additionally, they provide these for all sorts of vehicles, be it a light truck or a passenger car. As a brand, they are quite popular seeing as they cater to a wide range of clientele and equally distribute high-quality tires at an attainable price. Their parent company, MASA (PT Multistrada Arah Sarana) was actually founded in 1991 and was an avid manufacturer and distributor of replacement tires. Achilles tires still carry the same flame as their predecessor, with an array of innovative enhancements.

Achilles Tires Review

Best Selling Achilles Tires

Achilles ATR SPORT 2 All-Season Radial Tire

Quality. That’s one word that quantifies all this model has to offer to users. They are made with the best blend of materials with durability, stability, and functionality at their forefront. For a highly affordable price with all the benefits of a high-priced set of tires, the Achilles ATR SPORT 2 All-Season Radial Tire is the route to take. There is no big difference between a big name brand and this Achilles model, it has features that blow a handful of contenders out of the park. The ATR Sport 2 is incredibly quiet and offers up a smooth performance like no other while costing users a fraction of what a tire from a well-known brand would cost. These are replacement tires that practically allow users to eat their cake and have it.

Come rain or shine, these ATR Sport 2 tires are ready to perform on a level that is clearly above average. Any Achilles tire review will reveal that this is an above-average option, it is equipped with all that is needed and more to give drivers a wholesome experience while they are out on the road.

Key Features
  • Sturdy and well-balanced
  • Great traction on both wet and dry roads
  • They are quiet, smooth and high-performing
  • Aesthetically pleasing and incredibly responsive
  • It has great tread and design depth
  • Has impressive mileage
  • Easily to maneuver around corners
  • It is an all-weather radial tire
  • Weighs 27 pounds and has a tread depth of 10 thirty_seconds_inches
  • Considerably more affordable than tires of the same quality
  • BrandAchilles
  • ModelMAB234518
  • Weight27 pounds

Achilles ATR-K ECONOMIST All-Season Radial Tire

Total control on the road is something that no one can ultimately put a price tag on, and there are very few replacement tires that can deliver on this front. A smooth and hitch-free driving experience among other benefits are guaranteed when it comes to the Achilles ATR-K ECONOMIST All-Season Radial Tire. To ensure that users are totally in charge when maneuvering their vehicles, be it on the open road or in certain nooks and crannies, these tires have certain attributes. They are equipped with grip and braking optimization as well as smooth-rolling attributes. In a nutshell, this all translates to excellent handling. Though it is at the forefront, excellent handling is not the only front that the Achilles ATR-k Economist tires are equipped on. They also happen to be incredibly quiet, for user’s comfort thanks to the fact that they fitted with new and improved twin silent ribs. In an extension of this, the generation of pattern noise is drastically reduced. Even better is the fact that the safety of users is practically guaranteed when it comes to this model. It is equipped with enhanced with stellar hydroplaning,  making it suitable for use in wet terrains. Dry terrains are not excluded either, this is a highly versatile product manufactured with the needs of drivers in mind.
  • BrandAchilles
  • Weight16 pounds

Achilles Desert Hawk UHP All-Season Radial Tire

For the environmentally conscious as well as the safety-conscious this is an option that is impossible to pass upon. Versatility is already an all-round plus when it comes to the brand, but the Achilles Desert Hawk UHP All-Season Radial Tire takes it to a whole other level. The overall design of the tire itself incorporates APIs environmentally friendly Eco-Safe technology. What does this do exactly? This technology goes a long way to cut down the rolling resistance and also boost other areas such as fuel mileage and wet grip. In addition to all that, it’s top-notch design equally optimizes the energy transfer to the road. So, come rain, shine or snowstorm, there is stellar all-weather traction which guards against hydroplaning. Delivering 100% efficiency in all weather conditions is not the only selling point of these tires are also one of the best when it comes to traction. Thanks to a well developed computer-aided design, the Achilles Desert Hawk tires offer up unbridled comfort as well as prompt steering response. Fortunately, this also contributes to the quietness of the tires and the ride as a whole.
Key Features
  • Can handle well in extreme weather
  • Excellent traction in wet or dry conditions
  • They have a great grip on the road
  • Incredibly quiet and have a great feel
  • They are a great fit for a range of vehicles
  • Affordable and great value in all areas
  • Weighs a total of 40 pounds
  • Its all-around design allows for extra comfort and stellar steering response
  • Has a steel-belted tread face for extra durability and increased tread life
  • Fitted with a wide steel belt
  • BrandAchilles
  • ModelMAG255518
  • Weight40 pounds

Achilles 2233 XL Tire

Stability on the road is something that should be a given, but it is not often part of the deal as a whole. With its well-thought-out design, the ACHILLES 2233 205 40 17 2054017 Tire offers up a stable and reliable option to drivers. For more on the front of balance and stability, it is fully equipped with a broad tread shoulder design as well as a nifty wide center rib. It also has the ability to keep stable contact while drivers are cornering as well as when they are in need of some good old fashioned straight-line stability. The cornering stability and what not is as a result of its stellar precision steering response. This way, users have total control of their vehicles all the way from the steering wheel to the tires themselves. The cherry on the top here is the increased control of the centrifugal force which results in state of the art stability while cruising at high speeds. This even applies when the tires are on wet ground due to the fact that it offers up reduced hydroplaning. More in relation to wet roads and slippery terrains, this particular model is equipped with wider ribs that allow for water channeling at the shoulder. All in all, drivers happen to be in completely safe and efficient hands.
Key Features
  • It has a broad tread shoulder design
  • Equipped with a wide center rib
  • Has straight-line stability as well as stable contact during cornering
  • It has an asymmetrical tread pattern
  • Fitted with wide ribs as well as  water channeling at shoulder
  • Mainly a summer tread tire
  • Incredibly easy to handle and control at high speed
  • Consists of a sturdy breaker and cap ply material
  • Comes with a 35,000 Mile limited mileage warranty
  • Tires are equipped with reduced hydroplaning
  • BrandAchilles
  • ModelACHILLES 2233

Achilles Desert Hawk Off-Road Radial Tire

Now, this is a heavy-duty set of tires that are specifically designed for high pressure and extreme driving conditions. All in all, the Achilles Desert Hawk Off-Road Radial Tire – 33X12.50R20 is one with the road no matter how bumpy the going maybe. The tire itself is specially engineered and fashioned to offer up stellar handling and which in turn results in stellar feedback. This undoubtedly comes in handy while braving the most extreme driving conditions. What makes this possible? It is equipped with an optimized structure which has attributes such as a high-density nylon belt which ensures that there is an equal distribution of contact pressure during maneuvering. For even better performance, there is a sturdy rib block located right in the center which optimizes braking performance. All in all, this is a highly stable and viable option for heavy-duty vehicles or simply vehicle who need all the support they can get.
Key Features
  • Fitted with a high-density nylon belt
  • Equipped for steady contact pressure during cornering
  • Has a solid rib block in the center
  • Has a wide linear groove and Y-shape pattern design for stellar water drainage
  • Designed for use in extreme driving conditions
  • It is highly responsive and easy to handle
  • Equipped with enhanced braking performance
  • Fitted with an aggressive tread pattern
  • Sidewall protection to guard against cuts of all sorts
  • It is sturdy, durable and has a high resistance to damage
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  • BrandAchilles
  • ModelDesert Hawk
  • Weight70 pounds

Achilles Tires Buying Guide

Just like shoes are to the human body, tires are to a car. They need to be sturdy enough to brave against whatever the road has to offer. If there was ever a part of an automobile that deserved to be splurged on, it is the tires. Low-quality tires can put drivers and passengers at risk, seeing as they carry the entire weight of the car and equally control movement. The great news is that despite their affordability, Achilles tires are of incredibly high quality. There is quite an array of options out there, but Achilles is a viable option for a number of reasons. This will surely shed light as to why.

Who Makes Achilles Tires?

Achilles is parented by an Indonesian company known as PT Multistrada Arah Sarana (MASA). The company itself has been in existence since 1991and has even had the chance to work with trendsetters like Pirelli and Continental. At first, the company specialized in making replacement tires after they set up a production facility in 1994. Achilles itself was birthed in 2005 and is popular for providing replacement tires for a wide range of vehicles.

Why Choose Achilles Tires?

  • Affordable Price

One thing that is undoubtedly constant when it comes to this brand, the tires come at quite a reasonable price. This is not one of those instances where quality depreciates as the price does, Achilles tires are top-notch through and through. In terms of traction, feel and all-round maneuverability, Achilles tires are as good as, if not better than more expensive brands. They offer up to users a refreshing and pleasant surprise considering the price.

  • Handling

The materials and all-round construction of these tires make them perfect to be mounted on all sorts of vehicles. This alone goes a long way to ensure that any vehicle’s handling is completely enhanced. To ensure that this is central in all their products, Achilles features a stellar design that improves grip and traction. In addition to its directional tread patterns, features such as grooves and biting edges are a common part of its design. All these and more work hand in hand to make it easier to handle.

  • Credibility

Being trusted among manufacturers is no easy feat in this age of mass production and the free market. Well, the Achilles brand, in conjunction with manufacturing replacement tires have also attained Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) status. This is a result of collaborations with top brands like Hyundai, Mitsubishi and an array of others. Gaining OEM status is no easy feat, it solidifies Achilles’ stance as a quality contender and equally facilitates trust from users.

  • Passion for Quality
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Quality is something that should always be part of the bargain, even more so in the case of car tires. With Achilles tires, there are no shortcuts taken when sourcing out high-quality materials and innovative designs. Each and every stage of production is overseen by qualified professionals who deliver nothing but the best. On top of that, the engineers conduct multiple simulations in order to test the tires on the basis of rolling resistance, noise levels among other features. This ensures that the Achilles standard is upheld across the board.

  • Durability

The first thing most drivers think about when it comes to tires is the mileage on them. Having tires that will stand the test of time, the ultimate test. The Achilles brand has come to be synonymous with durability and sturdiness. This translates to a promise of long-lasting performance and all-around longevity. Their parent company, MASA, makes use of a specific material specially made by them to produce Achilles tires. The material goes a long way to ensure that the tires themselves can brave against all terrains. They are alps fitted with protective rims to guard against critical damage.

Design Features

  • Versatility

Since these are replacement tires, there would really be no point having them cater to only one niche. Achilles tires are not only suited to be used in a variety of vehicles, but they also come in different sizes. What even makes it better is the fact that it offers up a perfect fit. There’s no managing of sizes with this brand on any level, once it fits it fits.

  • Stellar traction

Traction is an important characteristic of all types and brands of tires. The grip that Achilles tires have on the road is above adequate in comparison with other brands. The overall design is centered around giving total control to the driver. For this reason, it is fitted with directional tread patterns. These patterns work hand in hand with grooves, biting edges among other features that give it more traction. Based on this, Achilles tires are as a whole are well equipped in terms of grip.

  • Multi-terrain Friendly

There’s no telling where a driver wants to go, some roads are smooth while some are bumpy and sharp. On that front, Achilles tires are well prepared. Their tires are made to meet certain standards that enable all of them to run on all sorts of terrains. There’s a material specially formed to make all types of Achilles tires that makes them suitable for when the going is smooth or rough. In an extension of this, wet or dry surfaces pose no challenge to these tires.

  • All-Weather Attributes

Once again, a driver hardly chooses how the road is going to turn out. Additionally, the weather is subject to itself in most cases. Some days are dry and hot, some days are wet, equally some days are snowy. The great thing about Achilles tires is that they are fashioned to work in all sorts of weather conditions. Their grooves and tread patterns are designed in such a way that drivers can fare well in both dry, wet and snowy conditions.

  • Maneuverability

Though drivers control cars using a steering wheel, the main control is in the tires. It’s the tires that brake, equally, it’s the tires that turn and ride as a whole. The overall design and materials used to make Achilles tires ensure that it is very responsive. So, whatever commands the driver gives through the steering are accordingly carried out by the tires.

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