Best Car Ramps Make Repairs and Maintenance Easier

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Car ramps can be an integral part of your repair operation. With the ability to keep your car safely elevated, they can serve as an easier alternative to floor jacks, axle stands, car lifts, and pits, all of which require heavy lifting and hydraulics to set up. Fortunately, car ramps come in many shapes, styles, and prices, but you should pay attention to things like material construction, gross vehicle weight capacity, and traction assists, such as raised edges and extrusions for a firmer grip of the tire.

Best Car Ramps Make Repairs and Maintenance Easier

Keep reading to learn more about the best car ramps, including our top recommendations for car ramps, benefits of purchasing car ramps, features, top brands, and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Best Car Ramps Reviews & Recommendations

RhinoGear RhinoRamps Car Ramp

The RhinoGear RhinoRamps Car Ramp is highly versatile, performing above average to excellent for each criterion we evaluated it against. These portable car ramps offer a generous 12,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating, complemented by a rugged CoreTRAC non-skid base for good traction no matter the type of tire. A 17-degree incline works well with vehicles of all sizes. Although made of industrial-grade rubber, RhinoRamps claims it’s as strong as steel through its proprietary polymer internal support system for better weight distribution.

We also like the fact the RhinoGear RhinoRamps Car Ramp is compact and space-saving. It can lay flat or be stored upright while taking up very little space. On the safety side, this cap ramp is well equipped, adhering to P.A.L.D. (Portable Automotive Lifting Device) standard, a safety standard that ensures various types of lifting mechanisms, such as hydraulic hand jacks and vehicle support stands, meet safety and performance requirements to eliminate the risk of injury. All in all, the RhinoGear RhinoRamps Car Ramp is an excellent choice that meets at the intersection of value and performance.

  • BrandRhinoGear
  • Model11909ABMI
  • Weight18.56 pounds
  • CoreTRAC non-skid base for solid traction
  • Generous 12,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating
  • Adheres to P.A.L.D. (Portable Automotive Lifting Device) standards
  • Steel is stronger
  • Bottom edge prone to cracking with heavy use

Race Ramps RR-40 40 Inch Race Ramp

The Race Ramps RR-40 40 Inch Race Ramp is a solid option for smaller vehicles. Unlike most ramps on our list, this one is intended strictly as a lighter-duty option, starting with a 1,500-pound weight capacity per ramp. With two ramps, that means 3,000 pounds, so consider this a solid option for sports cars or compact performance vehicles. It also uses lightweight high-density foam in place of industrial grade rubber or steel no with tread pattern. Although it promises an anti-slip grip, a heavy treaded steel or rubber option offers better durability.

In terms of size, these are on the smaller side, fitting tires up to 8 inches wide with a shorter-than-average 16.7-degree angle of approach, good for some (but not all) low clearance vehicles. An included strap carry handle and 6-pound weight per ramp makes it easy to carry from shop to shop. Consider this car ramp if you are looking to service smaller, lighter cars.

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  • BrandRace Ramps
  • ModelRR-40
  • Weight8.47 pounds
  • 1,500-pound weight capacity per ramp
  • Decent 16.7-degree angle of approach
  • Includes carry handle strap
  • No tread pattern for traction
  • Lower than average weight capacity per ramp
  • No integrated water channels underneath

Black Widow PSR295 Plastic Car Service Ramp

The Black Widow PSR295 Plastic Car Service Ramp meets a lot of potential service needs. Sporting a 16,000-pound weight capacity, it utilizes a heavily treaded and ridged surface for traction against heavy-duty plastic. Ground clearance is the lowest we’ve researched, lifting your vehicle 6.25 inches. Weight distribution is helped with an internal support system that cuts through the ramp’s center.

One of the Black Widow PSR295 Plastic Car Service Ramp’s biggest strengths is water channeling. Snow, mud, and other debris flow through thanks to its grid design, which leaves a lot of holes for passage. All in all, the Black Widow PSR295 Plastic Car Service Ram is an excellent choice for vans, trucks, and larger vehicles with its generous 16,000-pound weight capacity.

  • BrandBlack Widow
  • ModelPSR295
  • Weight18 pounds
  • 16,000-pound weight capacity
  • Grid design for water to seep through
  • Sturdy construction
  • Not the best ground clearance (6.25 inches)

Nicky Nice Solid Steel Car Ramp Set

The Nicky Nice Solid Steel Car Ramp Set offers excellent all-around utility, starting with a 6,500-pound weight capacity solid steel construction that’s a lot more durable than industrial-grade plastics and rubber. A powder-coated finish also offers excellent rust, corrosion, and impact resistance. Each square inch is well put together, starting with punched/extruded traction holes for traction and raised safety ribs on opposite sides to prevent tires from slipping off. With each ramp being 35 inches long, this is also one of the lengthier ones on our list, working well with most makes and models.

One of our favorite features here is the lack of a bottom. It offers a natural channel for water to pass through. As for downsides, this car ramp set only accommodates 9-inch wheels, which put larger vehicles out of the picture. If you are looking for a dependable car ramp set for oil changes or odds-and-ends repairs, then the Nicky Nice Solid Steel Car Ramp Set is an excellent choice.

  • BrandNicky Nice
  • ModelN/A
  • WeightN/A

Discount Ramps Car Ramp

The Discount Ramps Low Profile Car Ramp offers a drastically different construction than our previous picks. Each ramp is 66 inches long, adding 7 inches of clearance on an 11-degree loading angle. Both ramps offer a 4,40000 pound capacity, which is good for smaller compact vehicles. In terms of construction, it is made using lightweight aluminum, steel’s weaker but effective cousin.

One of our favorite features with this particular set of ramps is its safety. Anti-slip bottom rubber pads ensure each ramp is held firmly in place. It also allows wheels to remain on with raised/beveled side rails and integrated wheel stops that prevent tires from running over the edge. Naturally, an 9.05-degree loading angle angle offers less likelihood of sustaining damage coming off the ramp than traditional 16- to 17-degree incline car ramps. If you are looking for a dependable car ramp, then the Discount Ramps Low Profile Car Ramp is an excellent choice.

  • BrandDiscount Ramps
  • ModelFBA_ML-1066
  • Weight47.9 pounds
  • Anti-slip bottom rubber pads for grip
  • Raised/beveled side rails and integrated wheel stops for safety
  • Generous 11.5-degree approach angle
  • May be too long for smaller garages
  • Weak bonding between rubber and aluminum tracks (bottom)

How We Selected The Products

Our product selections, rankings, and awards for this story are based on research. While we haven’t conducted real-world testing yet on all of these products yet, we’ve looked at consumer testimonials and data, tutorials, and general discussions on social media and in forums. We also consider price and specification in the context of the segment. And, of course, we rely on our institutional knowledge of the automotive landscape to weed out weak products.

Buying Guide/What to Look For

Here are some of the more important criteria to consider when buying car ramps.


Gross Vehicle Weight

In short, the higher the gross vehicle weight capacity, the better. Many of our recommended car ramps are rated at 6,500 pounds or higher.

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Car ramps come in all shapes and sizes, most defined by tread patterns, grooves, raised edges, and other features that support traction and water channeling. An internal support system should also provide better balance and weight distribution.

Safety Features


Your car ramp should offer a healthy incline to allow enough access to your undercarriage. A very popular option is 17 degrees, but some car ramps offer as low as an 11-degree incline. The greater the incline angle within a safe zone, the better.


Q: Are car ramps worth it?

Some people consider them safer and easier to use than jack stands, which can get finicky at times. They also provide better stability as they are wider than jack stands, better for wheel support and traction. Overall, they’re a solid option to have in your garage.

Q: Are vehicle service ramps safe?

Yes, vehicle service ramps are very safe, more so than jack stands, provided they’re rated for your vehicle’s gross weight and your vehicle’s wheels and steering wheel are properly aligned with the top. It may take several practice runs for you to align your tires perfectly with the ramp every time. Bonus points for car ramps that have integrated wheel stops and raised edges for this purpose.

Q: Are car ramps good for oil changes?

Yes, car ramps are great to use when you need to change your oil. Look for a minimum 17-degree incline to get the proper angle for that type of maintenance task.

Q: Are Rhino Ramps any good?

Yes, Rhino Ramps are especially known for their rugged construction and attention to detail, complete with heavily treaded surfaces for traction, non-skid bases to prevent slippage, and generous weight capacities as high as 12,000 pounds. They have long been considered one of the leaders in the segment.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best car ramps, our top choice is the RhinoGear RhinoRamps Car Ramp. It is a very well-rounded workhorse, leading with a 12,000-pound gross vehicle weight rating, standard 17-degree incline, and sturdy industrial-grade rubber construction. It also adheres to the P.A.L.D. (Portable Automotive Lifting Device) standard. Rhino Ramps is also one of the few manufacturers devoted solely to ramp solutions for the automotive industry.

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