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A hammer is one of the basic hand tools that every handyman, DIYer, or an ordinary homeowner needs to have. While there are different types of hammers for different kinds of jobs, one of the most versatile is the claw hammer. The Estwing Hammer is a good buy for those who want to have a versatile hand tool in their homes.
Estwing Hammer

Product Description

Estwing has been producing high-quality hand tools since 1923. They manufacture hammers, pry bars, axes and other hand tools in their facility in Rockford, Illinois. One of the company’s bestsellers is the Estwing 16-Oz Straight Rip Claw Hammer. This hand tool is perfect for different jobs. It can include the pulling of nails, the prying or boards, the splitting or wood, and demolition work, among others.

One thing that separates the Estwing from other claw hammers is its solid steel construction. The company forged the hammer using a single solid block of high-quality steel. There are no joints that will compromise the hammer’s strength and durability. Most hammer designs have the head as the only part that is made of steel. The handle comes in either wood or some other material. Because of the non-unitary design, these hammers are more subject to failure.

The only thing that is ‘separate’ from the Estwing hammer is its grip. The company covered the lower half of the hammer’s handle with a nylon-vinyl material. This provides the hammer an excellent grip. You will never worry about the hammer slipping out of your hand when the hammering gets tough. Regardless of how sweaty your palms can get, the grippy surface of the handle will help keep it in your hand.

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Estwing calls this technology the shock reduction grip. It provides optimum comfort during use. It can also reduce the amount of vibrations that travel to the hand and arm by as much as 70 percent.

Adding to the good grip of the Estwing are the small indentations that give the hammer a different kind of texture. It stabilizes one’s grip on the hammer while providing a different feel.

The head features the same conventional hammer design. The head is flat and smooth. Unfortunately, hitting some objects with a smooth surface may increase the risk of sliding off the surface of the object. So far, the Estwing hammer has exceptional balance. It allows you to strike any object with precision. Swings are never heavy. They are not too light as well. It provides a good balance that will never tire your hand.

Estwing precision-forged its hammers to improve its durability. They also tempered it to add to the hammer’s strength. The company finished it by polishing each hammer by hand. This gives it a more refined look.


  • One-piece forged and polished steel
  • Integrated straight rip claw
  • Nylon-vinyl shock-reduction grip
  • American-made


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