Foam King Car Wash Sprayer

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Foam King is a device that every serious car owner must include in their array of car care products. The deluxe car wash sprayer manufactured by Clean Car USA features a variety of innovative technologies that will help simplify the process of giving your car a thorough wash.
Foam King Car Wash Sprayer

The Foam King system comes with a 30-ounce bottle that comes integrated with soap and water fill lines. The innovation removes the guesswork out of determining how much water and liquid soap you have already placed in the chamber. It also comes with a dilution ratio dial with 6 different levels, giving you optimum control over the concentration of the water and soap mixture that you want to use. It is designed to produce rich foam made out of your favorite washing liquid without complicated setups or needing a dedicated air compressor to spray the soap suds in a burst. It instantly turns your garden water hose into a foaming pressure washer. Foam King also comes with a quick-release connector, giving it versatility as water hose and foam sprayer with a flick of a switch. The nozzle is guaranteed to be free from leak thanks to the integration of a rubber seal that has been especially engineered for precision fit.

The overall construction of the Foam King gives it durability that should last for several years washing and foaming your car. It’s the last sprayer head you will ever attach to your garden hose. Cleaning your car is made super convenient with the Foam King in your hands.

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