How to Clean Whitewall Tires

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Whitewall tires are a novelty. They are excellent for giving your ride that vintage 19th century look when whitewalls were the craze. While these tires don’t provide any advantage in performance over black-walled ones, they give you a sense of style and individuality. However, whether we care to admit it or not, it is a lot more challenging to keep whitewall tires clean. Here’s how you can maintain the aesthetic appeal of your whitewall tires.

How to Clean Whitewall Tires

More Frequent Regular Cleaning is the Key

As such, it is better to clean your whitewall tires with water and mild soap. And if you can observe a meticulous tire-cleaning regimen of at least once a week or twice every 3 weeks, then you’re set. The important thing to remember is to never let your tires get too dirty. Cleaning it every day with a simple wipe of a rag should help remove any debris or particle on the surface. This will help prevent the adhesion of these particles on tires. It also makes it a lot easier to perform a more thorough cleaning.

Use Cleaners Specific for Whitewall Tires

It is better to choose whitewall tire cleaners that contain all-natural ingredients. These will help retain the toughness of your tires while giving them a deep clean. Ask your favorite automotive supply store for the best possible natural tire cleaning product to use on your whitewall.

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Prepare Your Other Cleaning Materials

In addition to a whitewall tire-specific kind of cleaner, it is also important to prepare other materials. Most car detailers recommend using SOS pads which are ideal for general cleaning purposes. They are also perfect for removing stains. It’s a cleaning pad with an abrasive texture. The good thing with this product is that it already comes saturated with soap.

A good scrub brush is also needed. If you don’t like using a scrub brush, then a scrubbing pad will do. Don’t use brushes or scrubbers with metal bristles. You may be cleaning the tires, but this is not good for the white rubber. Also it’s inadvertent that you may also touch the wheels. Metal can scrape against another metal and result to scratches, so choose your scrubbers well.

Clean the Whitewall Tires

Now if you’re using a commercially-available tire cleaning product, make sure to dilute it in a bucket of water. Follow the instructions on the correct dilution as per manufacturer’s recommendation. You can then dunk the SOS pad into this diluted cleaning solution.

If you’re using a spray type of cleaner, you can spritz it onto the tires itself without diluting it further. As always, make sure to saturate the whole tire.

Scrub every square inch of the surface of the tire. It is often best to work in a methodical manner. You can follow the pattern of a clock, working in 1-hour segments at a time. For instance, you can start with the 12 o’clock position, then work your way towards the 1 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions. Or, you can divide the tire into quadrants and tackle one quadrant at a time.

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Be sure to rinse the tires often during the cleaning process. This will help remove soap suds and chemical cleaner residues. It will also give you a better look at which areas you may have missed or those that still need some more work. You can rinse the tire after every section. With each rinse, reapply your tire cleaner then get scrubbing again.

Whiten Your Whitewall Tires

Sometimes, the “white” color of the tires may not look “white” at all. In such cases, you may want to bring out the natural white of the tires. To do this, you’ll need baking soda.

Rinse your tires well and dry them thoroughly.

Keeping your whitewall tires in pristine condition takes a bit more effort than conventional blackwalls. It may be tedious, but everything can be simplified by observing more frequent gentle washing of the tires.

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