Invisible Glass 91160 Premium Glass Cleaner

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Nobody likes to drive in a car with a hazy windshield. Not only is it unsafe to drive, it also diminishes the overall appeal of the vehicle. With the Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner, one can now make sure that his windshield will be as clear as the first day that the car rolled out of the assembly and into showrooms.

Nobody knows the active ingredients or the special formulation contained in the Invisible Glass. What is known is that it is free from ammonia, artificial scents, harsh soaps and detergents, unnecessary dyes, and other potentially harmful substances or chemicals that can leave behind nasty residues on your windshield and other non-porous surfaces in your car. Its formulation also guarantees no streaks on your pristine surfaces.

Invisible Glass 91160 Premium Glass Cleaner

While car owners are debating as to what comprise the key ingredients to the formulation of Invisible Glass, one cannot deny the effectiveness of its principal feature – the Clear Dry technology. Apparently, this is what gives the solution a streak-free and residue-free finish. It is ridiculously easy to apply and with just a simple and gentle wipe of the glass surface, one can already consider the job as completed.

However, its quick-drying technology also means that you’ve got to clean your windshield in the shade. Cleaning it under the scorching rays of the sun can dry up the Invisible Glass too fast that you’ll end up having to use more of the solution. It’s that or you have to be quick in your wipes. That being said, the Invisible Glass can easily take fingerprints, oily dirt, smoke haze, grease, smudges, or any other surface blemishes off your windshield, windows, and other glass and non-porous surfaces.

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The cleaning effectiveness of the Invisible Glass is, thus, not limited only to automotive applications. Car owners have used this product on almost any other item that they have. Some use it on formica, granite, and even composite kitchen countertop tiles. Mirrors, windows, and other items that may have glass-like finish can all be treated and cleaned with the Invisible Glass. This makes this product a true all-around glass cleaner.

With a neat EZ-grip, no-drip spray can that delivers the cleaning solution in very fine mist, the Invisible Glass is a worthy cleaning product that every homeowner and car owner should have. It’s priced just right and can also be safely used even on tinted windows and glass panels.

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