NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40 Jump Starter

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The NOCO Genius Boost Plus is a pocket-sized, extra-safe powerhouse that can deliver the right amounts of charge to your dead or weakened battery so you can get back on the road without having to pray for a Good Samaritan to come to your rescue.

The traditional way of jumpstarting dead or weak car batteries require a donor battery from another car or vehicle. Unfortunately, if you’re driving on Route 50 or even on the dreaded Dalton Highway, praying for a donor battery is like praying for a drop of rain in the Sahara. Rather than be stranded in the middle of nowhere, not knowing when a friendly vehicle will come by and give your weakened battery a significant boost, you’ll be better off with the Genius Boost Plus.

This 2.4-lb, 8.3 x 4.6 x 4.1 inch 1000-amp compact car battery charger can be safely used on any vehicle that runs on a 12-volt lead acid battery system. The design of the Genius Boost Plus makes it especially useful for vehicles that have 3-liter diesel engines and 6-liter gasoline engines, max. It doesn’t have to be just your car. This little David can easily power up your lawn mower, your boat, your ATV, or any other machine that runs on either gas or diesel engines.

The other remarkable thing about the Genius Boost Plus is that you can also turn it into a beefy power bank, supplying the much-needed juice to your laptop, smartphones, or any other gadget that has a USB interface. Just don’t expect it to be the fast-charging USB-C type, although its 2.1-amp USB interface should still be formidable.

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Featuring a number of safety technologies like reverse polarity protection and a surprisingly efficient spark proof technology, the Genius Boost Plus will never leave you shaking on your feet just because you’re not sure whether you’ll be safe jumpstarting your vehicle’s battery. There’s really no need to worry about getting the two clamps to touch each other or even when you inadvertently hook the battery the wrong way.

Its lithium ion battery system can hold a charge that is worth 20 jumpstarts while also powering an integrated 100-lumen ultra-bright LED flashlight that comes with 7 different light modes. This includes an emergency strobe and SOS light, among others.

It may be small, but the NOCO Genius Boost Plus is without a doubt gigantic in terms of its power charging abilities and safety features.

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