RhinoGear 11909ABMI Car Ramps

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RhinoGear’s RhinoRamp gives you the opportunity to address situations wherein you’ll need to get under the car such as during oil changes. And while hydraulic jacks can lift your car to a considerable height, there’s a much better way to access the underside of your vehicle. This is the fundamental purpose of car ramps. And whenever car ramps are involved, RhinoGear is always on the minds of car owners, mechanics, and even automotive DIYers.

Exceeding the standards set by the Portable Automotive Lifting Device or PALD, the RhinoRamp is a sturdy and durable platform that easily and securely elevates any vehicle that doesn’t exceed 12,000 lbs in gross weight. It may be made of resinous materials, but the certification alone gives it the strength rating that is equivalent to steel. This is where the strength of steel and the lightweight characteristics of polymer resins are melded together to give you a robust platform with which to elevate your car or truck.

Since it’s made of resin and not steel, the RhinoRamp can be easily stacked or nested at a corner in your garage. You can also put it on your truck bed as it only weighs less than 19 lbs and comes with a length of about 37 inches. That being said, you can perhaps clear your trunk of clutter and you can easily stow the RhinoRamp inside. It’s perfect for trucks, SUVs, and cars, among others.

The length and height of the ramp gives it a smoother 17-degree angle incline complete with a long-enough horizontal platform towards the edge of the RhinoRamp. It’s the soft incline that makes it a good ramp for low clearance vehicles as the underside will not be scraping against the angle of the ramp.

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Securing the tires as they go up the ramp is RhinoGear’s patented Core-Trac technology which is a combination of grippy tread pattern and a non-skid base. This lets the tires crawl the incline safely and securely while the non-skid base guarantees you won’t get crushed under the vehicle since the ramp isn’t going anywhere.

Designed for vehicles with a tire width of up to 9 inches, the RhinoRamp is always a good addition to any garage. It is lightweight and very portable, yet comes with the remarkable strength of steel. For these features, you’d expect the RhinoRamp to come with a hefty price tag. Surprisingly, it doesn’t. And this is what gives it great value.

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