Sonax Wheel Cleaner TORQ TORQX Orbital Polisher

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SONAX Wheel Cleaner is a car enthusiast’s and automotive detailer’s best friend when it comes to the removal and elimination of even the most stubborn dirt on all kinds of wheels in a safe and effective manner.

Stubborn contaminants such as rubber residue, oil, and brake dust that can accumulate on the wheels can be easily removed with a simple spray-and-wipe of the SONAX.

This wheel cleaner comes with color-changing foam that provides instant visual feedback, letting you know that its formulation is working. Its non-corrosive and acid-free formulation makes it the ideal cleaning solution for all types of wheels including stainless steel, alloy, clear-coated, aluminum, anodized, chrome, and even painted ones.

Sonax Wheel Cleaner TORQ TORQX Orbital Polisher

Cleaning your wheels with confidence is now made exceptionally easy with the SONAX Wheel Cleaner in your hands.

The safe formulation of SONAX makes it ideal for car owners who may have very expensive wheels or even have specialty or custom wheels on their vehicles. The pH-neutral composition of the wheel cleaner not only guarantees safety while cleaning but also ensures the finish of your wheels is duly protected. This is very different from other brands of wheel cleaners that mostly contain solvents made of very harsh chemicals. These can be really tough on dirt and stains, but their toughness often extends well into the wheel itself.

SONAX, while it is a very powerful wheel cleaner, only targets the contaminants or the particles that are present on the surface of your wheel. It never eats away at the very layer of your wheel. Whereas most wheel cleaners come with acidic ingredients to break away the stubborn particles,
SONAX comes with a different blend of ingredients that are far more sophisticated than conventional materials. This is what gives the SONAX Wheel Cleaner its amazing cleaning ability while protecting the integrity of your wheel finish.

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This wheel cleaning solution starts out as fluorescent green when sprayed onto your wheels. As you let it sit for a few seconds, this green color changes into berry red. This is a sign that the SONAX is already loosening the oil particles and brake dust that has accumulated on your wheels. One only needs to give the solution a little help by brushing between wheel spokes.

The SONAX Wheel Cleaner is an easy-to-use and effective spray solution to keep your vehicle’s wheels looking showroom-new. It’s perfectly safe and gentle on the wheels, but unforgiving against stubborn dirt.

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