The Best Foam Cannons (Review & Buying Guide) in 2024

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If you want your car to look good, you have to keep it clean. Everyone knows that of course, but sometimes we just don’t want to accept it. After all, as much as we love our vehicles, do we really want to be out there day after day with buckets, sponges, and rags?

Of course we don’t. But thankfully, somebody invented the foam cannon. This amazing product makes deep cleaning the outside of your car a breeze. Not only does it make the whole job faster and easier, but it possesses far greater cleaning “powers” than you and a regular old garden hose could ever possibly achieve.

Naturally, such a useful and popular device is marketed by a plethora of manufacturers — each with its own set of advantages. Luckily, we’re here to help you sort through what’s out there. Let’s take a look at some of the best foam cannon on the market right now.

The Best Foam Cannons

DUSICHIN SFL-001 Foam Cannon

This product brings two very important features to the table that make it easy to recommend. First, it has brass connectors, which means it is easy to achieve a tight connection to your pressure washer. This is great because you don’t want to waste any of the awesome water pressure — it is the pressure, after all, that really helps a foam cannon to do its job.

Second, you get a great 33-ounce bottle to contain your liquid foam premix. That should be an ample amount to easily clean a normal-sized vehicle several times over before you need a refill.

One downside is that the bottle is quite opaque. That can make it hard to easily monitor the amount of foam liquid mix you actually have left. Aside from that, it’s hard to fault this item — especially given its very competitive price.

Key Features
  • Adjustable Foam Lance
  • Brass Connectors
  • 1l (33 Ounce) Container Bottle
  • BrandSmartPainter
  • ModelSFL-001
  • Weight1.25 pounds

MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon

This is another quality spray that won’t break the bank — although it is a tad more expensive than the Dusichin model we mentioned earlier. Brass connectors, another excellent 33-ounce bottle, and all-round solid construction again make this a similar product. However, it differs by having a greater range of adjustability in its foam lance core — i.e. the amount and concentration of spray of pressurized foam it produces.

This gives this model a degree of flexibility to tackle a number of additional jobs around the home — it’s not just for cleaning your car! It can be used for window cleaning, driveways, etc. The cleaning applications are endless.

Once again the opaque nature of the bottle construction is a bit of a pain, but at this price, you’ll be able to live with it.

Key Features
  • Brass Connectors
  • 1 Liter (33 Ounce) Bottle Capacity
  • Easily Adjustable
  • BrandMATCC
  • ModelMATCCYomoid452
  • Weight1.6 Ounces

Chemical Guys EQP_313 TORQ

The first thing that most people notice about this offering from Chemical Brothers is that it comes as a set. That is certainly worth taking note of because if there is one company that knows what it is doing with auto cleaning products it is Chemical Brothers.

So, if you go for this set you get two bottles of high–foaming cleaner solution plus a high-gloss shampoo. You can use them in conjunction or individually; they all do a great job — and one of them even has a great citrus smell if you want your car to be sparkling clean and smell like a giant lemon.

You also get a premium foam cannon in this kit that has brass connectors, a big (and see-through!) plastic mix bottle, and a unique design that incorporates a cutting-edge air injection system for super powerful spray and outstanding formula mixing. This kit isn’t cheap, but it really is a premium product that is well worth the investment.

Key Features
  • 4 Piece Kit
  • Air Injection Technology
  • Clear, 32 Ounce Bottle  
  • BrandChemical Brothers
  • ModelEQP_313
  • Weight5.05 Pounds (Total)

Fasmov Car Wash Cannon Foam Blaster

This is the kind of product that does exactly what it is supposed to do. There are no shiny extras or bolted-on features — this is a well-made, sturdy cannon that will provide plenty of top-quality use over a prolonged period.

This product doesn’t even have a logo on it. Instead, this product comes equipped with excellent quality brass connectors that don’t lose pressure, a nice big bottle to hold plenty of foam mix and an easily adjustable spray nozzle for accurate mixing and superb foam spray.

This is a quiet little product with no frills, but don’t let that prevent you from picking up what is actually a really well-made tool that will do a great job.

Key Features
  • Brass Connectors
  • 1 Liter (33 Ounce Bottle)
  • Easily Adjusted
  • BrandFasmov
  • ModelFBA_SnowFoamLance-F
  • Weight0.96 Ounces

DUSICHIN DUS-003 High Pressure Snow Foam Cannon

If you live in an area where your vehicle gets especially dusty or muddy then you should certainly consider this foam cannon. It has the pressure washer trigger built-in and comes with strong connectors and a comfortable, ergonomic handle.

In practice, that means that this cannon can handle water pressure of up to 3,000 psi. Combine that with the ergonomic handle and you have a product that is a delight to use for longer periods. This product can generate incredibly powerful water and foam jets that cut through serious grime — like dust and mud — with no problems, and you can easily and comfortably hold it for long periods.


So if you’re looking for a powerful model to handle the dirtiest jobs with ease, this may be it.

Blisstime Snow Foam Car Wash Foam Cannon

This well-made cannon comes with everything you need to clean your car quickly and easily.

The brass connectors hold water pressure well so you’re not wasting any — this cuts down on time and also water use since all the water is spraying on the car and not onto your driveway! The connected bottle is a generous 33 ounces and it is translucent, which makes it easy to keep an eye on the amount of foam mix you have left.

It’s a really well put together, sturdy kit that should last a while. And you get a free cleaning cloth.

Key Features
  • Brass Connectors
  • Translucent Bottle (33 Ounce)
  • Free Wash Mitt
  • BrandBlistime
  • ModelBJ-157
  • Weight1.35 Pounds

TriNova Foam Cannon and Gallon Car wash Soap Kit

This is a premium item constructed to exacting standards, but then you should expect nothing less from a company like TriNova.

This cannon is built with functionality and durability in mind. The brass connector is top quality and designed to keep all the water pressure exactly where you need it — inside the cannon. The nozzle is easy to adjust, so you can change the foam mix and density on the fly.

It is also made with thick plastic that is going to last a while. It has also been designed with an extra-wide neck attachment, which is something of a unique feature. This area can be a weak point on some models due to the high-pressure build up pushing against this relatively small and weak area. But it’s not a problem with this model. That wide neck is designed to spread the pressure out and prolong the product’s lifespan. It’s not the cheapest model available, but as a long-term investment, it certainly makes sense.

Key Features
  • Premium Build Quality
  • Easy to Use
  • Wide Neck Design
  • BrandTriNova
  • ModelFBA_33910
  • Weight1.15 Pounds

Best Foam Cannons Buying Guide & FAQ

Those are our picks for the best foam cannons on the market — and we think you’ll agree it’s a pretty good selection.

But what, exactly went into our thought process? Here’s how to choose the best model for you – and use it to your best advantage.

Foam Gun vs Foam Cannon – What’s The Difference?

Although foam guns and foam cannons sound and look very similar, there are slight differences between them. Read on to see the main differences between the two.

Foam Gun

The key aspect of a foam gun is that it plugs into your hose. So it’s a simpler machine to use, no doubt about that. However, it also means that its effectiveness is limited by the water pressure coming out of your hose, which can often be quite low. A foam gun also uses more water than a cannon because more low-pressure water is required to do the same job as less water that has a higher pressure.

Altogether, it just doesn’t work that well compared to a foam cannon. The foam that the gun makes is usually a pretty weak sheet that runs off quickly without doing much cleaning at all.

Foam Cannon

A foam cannon works in conjunction with a pressure washer, which makes it that much more complicated than a simple foam gun. You need a pressure washer for one thing and you also need the kind of high-quality brass connectors that can attach it to the pressure washer properly (don’t worry, all the models we selected above have high-quality connectors at standard).

High-Pressure water combines with foam to provide an outstanding clean. If you want your car to look like it has been professionally cleaned and detailed, then a foam cannon is key to getting that premium finish – and getting it faster than by hand.

A foam cannon also uses less water than a foam gun by being more efficient with what it is using. This could be an important consideration if you live in an area (or a building like an apartment complex) that has water use restrictions.

Overall, it’s a very efficient way to clean your car. Look, we love our cars, and sometimes it’s great to be out in the sunshine with a bucket of suds and cool beer and take your time cleaning out every grill and carefully wiping down the windshield and getting everything looking great. Other times it’s cold, the game starts in an hour, you’re tired and the car is filthy. In those instances, a foam cannon and a good quality pressure washer can really be your best friends!

Common Foam Cannon Features

So, what are the most commonly sought after foam cannon features? Let’s take a look.


A foam cannon quick-release, quick-connect, or quick-disconnect system looks and works just the same as any air coupler or connection. It makes interchanging between foam lances and various nozzle tips quick, easy, and super convenient. This is a great feature for both weekend warriors and commercial car cleaners alike. No more removing entire foam guns, an easy push and pull, a quick change over of parts, and you’re ready to take on the next job.


Another great feature that makes washing your car super easy is the adjustability of any well-designed foam cannon’s nozzle end. The ability to adjust both stream strength and stream spread is a must for good car washing. And an adjustable foam cannon nozzle end does just that.

It allows the user to regulate the flow of water and foam that ejects from the foam cannon nozzle which, of course, is sprayed upon your car’s exterior. Too much foam or an application of thick foam is wasteful and simply unnecessary, too little foam and your washing efforts will be all for nothing, whereas an even spread and spray of foam makes car washing easy, effective, and efficient.

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Interchangeable Nozzle Tips

A must-have feature for any good foam cannon is interchangeable nozzle tips. While most foam cannons will come preinstalled with an all-round nozzle tip that will get you by on most small jobs, nozzles that are specialized for specific applications will give a more professional looking finish.

For example, commonly angled nozzles may include 15, 25, and 40 degrees. These different angles will flatten, widen, or apply a thin or thick layer of water spray and foam which makes getting car shampoo into those hard to reach places so much easier.


The size and shape of a foam cannon will ultimately affect the overall finish of a car wash. And depending on if you are planning on using torq foam, professional foam, heavy-duty foam, or regular car shampoo, you’ll get the best performance out of your foam cannon if you make sure to match the recommended psi pressure from your pressure washer and install the best foam cannon bottle capacity for the job.

For instance, most manufacturers make soap bottles that are around 1 liter or 32-33 ounces in capacity and are shaped kind of like a scuba tank. Although, some manufacturers step it up a notch and add a very handy twist along the bottle’s neck. This twist makes it much easier for the soap bottle as you tighten or loosen it.

Some foam cannon bottles will also come in a range of different transparencies. Anywhere from basically completely see-through to opaque and hard to see through. A foam cannon’s bottle transparency won’t affect the quality of a car wash but it will make knowing when your foam cannon is running low on car wash shampoo much easier.

Professional Grade

When on the hunt for a foam cannon, you may notice some products are labeled as “professional grade.” All this really means is the parts and materials to build the product are of higher quality. Materials like stainless steel and heavy-duty plastics are used in place of cheaper less durable materials.

Professional grade foam cannons will often have quick disconnect fittings and interchangeable nozzles are usually made from stronger metals as standard. The foam blaster bottles are often sturdier and more durable, producing better coverage and a thick layer of foam.

While professional-grade and heavy-duty foam cannons are desirable they will obviously fetch a higher price point at store checkouts.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Foam Cannon

So what factors should you bear in mind when picking out your cannon? Well, to our mind these are some of the most important ones:


This is actually one of the most important considerations. A poor connector will a) let water pressure escape, rendering the tool-less efficient, and b) break easily. All the models we selected come with brass connectors that are the best on the market — run away from any tool that comes with a plastic connector!

It is also desirable to have high-quality quick disconnect couplers and connectors. This will not only make your life much easier but also ensure optimal foam coverage, spray, and flow.

Pressure Washer Compatibility

Not all pressure washers will suit a foam gun’s requirements. A pressure washer that doesn’t possess adequate air storage capacity or simply is able to administer enough pressure required to operate a foam gun, will have you back on your wash mitt in no time at all.

In order to avoid this, it’s recommended to source a pressure washer that meets your foam gun requirements. First, start by checking your foam cannon’s rate of water flow, most are able to handle around 2 GPM (gallons per minute). Second, take a look at the amount of PSI (pounds per square inch) the foam blaster requires to operate optimally. Most foam cannons require between 1,000 psi to 3,000 psi.

With these two requirements in mind, source a pressure washer that will deliver this kind of pressure. Most small to medium-sized pressure washers will do the job as they often deliver pressures of between 1,400 psi and 2,500 psi.

Bottle Shape and Size

Using the information above on bottle shape and size be sure to choose something that will meet your requirements. If you are simply washing your car on the front lawn using regular car wash shampoo and the garden hose, a less expensive small to medium-sized bottle will probably meet your needs.

Whereas, if you are working in a professional setting using professional foam or soap and washing multiple cars a day, it would be to your advantage to grab yourself a larger transparent bottle. A large adjustable spray bottle will grant you longer washing times and fewer soap refills.

Quick Release Fitting System

While quick release fittings are a convenience for personal use they are a must in a professional setting. Washing vehicles of all shapes and sizes and with different levels of cleaning requirements means changing the entire pressure washer wands can become tiresome very quickly. Not to mention how much time you will lose reaching for a different gun to achieve the desired spray.

Whether it is switching between a different foam blaster or spray nozzle, do yourself a big favor and purchase a quick release fitting system.

Adjustable Settings

Just as you’d like to see on any good pressure washer, foam guns with adjustable settings are super handy to have at your disposal. And it’s definitely a feature most people would prefer to have when washing their vehicle.

Not only do adjustable settings allow you to adjust the water spray pattern but it will also allow a more specific area to be targeted by foam and water. Also, the ability to adjust the dilution ratio of water and foam is always a handy feature.

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Preferred Platform

Pressure washers are great but if you don’t have the room for them or simply don’t want to spend the money, nevermind, there are other options. A simple garden hose is sometimes all you need to operate a foam gun.

Some companies are now making special foam guns that fit right onto the end of a household garden hose. Meaning no pressure washer is needed. The only drawback is most garden hoses don’t possess the water pressure needed to remove really stuck on debris. But, hey, if you have limited space and aren’t willing to fork out cash for a pressure washer then why not give this option a shot.

Top Brands

When on the hunt for a foam gun or cannon, there are definitely a few brands you will want to keep an eye out for. These brands are of particularly good quality and will deliver the best results when washing your vehicle.


MATCC makes a wide variety of auto accessories and car care tools, of course, including foam guns and cannons. Their high-quality products and ergonomic designs are often hard to beat and are well worth your time sourcing if on the hunt for quality tools.

MATCC’s products can be found in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Australia.


Adam’s is another manufacturer and distributor of care car tools and products that you will have to keep an eye out for. One of Adam’s biggest claims is their products aren’t mass-produced, and we believe it.

Their tools feel and work just as you’d expect high-quality tools ought to, the many different accessories they make are extremely handy, and their customer service is top-notch.

Tool Daily

Tool Daily makes a number of quality and affordable foam guns and cannons that are sure to keep your vehicle looking its best. They manufacture everything from your standard pressure washer foam cannons all the way up to ¼ inch quick disconnect foam cannons for the professional or enthusiasts amongst us.

Chemical Guys

If you are searching for the absolute cream of the crop foam cannon and car care tools, you simply can’t go past the Chemical Guys products. The Chemical Guys are a worldwide distributor of some of the highest quality tools and, of course, torq foam, currently on the market.

The Chemical Guys team combines their extensive industry knowledge with tremendously solid product designs to bring their customers the best products possible.


Q: Does a foam cannon really work?

A: Yes. A quality foam cannon coupled with a pressure washer that delivers an appropriate amount of pressure works well. There is no better way to apply a thick layer of foam to the surface of your car. All that’s left is a good scrub with a wash mitt and a final washdown.

Q: Do you need a pressure washer for foam cannon?

A: That depends. Most foam cannons require a pressure washer, however, there are some specialized types that will operate off a garden hose. Although, this kind of foam cannon won’t have the same power a regular foam cannon possesses.

Q: Do you wet the car before snow foam?

A: When cleaning your car, always snow foam onto a dry car. If the car is already wet it will not only act as a barrier inhibiting the foam from penetrating dirt and grime but it will also cause the foam to run. Basically washing your well spend money down the drain.

Q: Does foam clean better?

A: Yes, foam cleans much better than other methods of car washing. The use of foam not only improves the overall clean but it also keeps your car cleaner for longer. Foam residue acts as a barrier between the surface of your car and dirt and grime.

Q: What PSI is safe for washing cars?

A: A pressure washer with a setting of between 1,200 to 1,900 psi is best. Any higher than this and your risk damaging the surface of your car. It is also recommended that a pressure washer doesn’t distribute any more water than 1.4-1.6 GPM.

Q: Is a pressure washer worth it?

A: Definitely. A pressure washer can greatly improve your ability to keep your car clean, fresh, and looking its absolute best. Pressure washers are also a great time and energy saver, they greatly reduce the time and effort required to wash your car.

Q: Can you use any car wash soap in a foam cannon?

A: Not necessarily. The key aspect that makes foam cannon soap suitable to be applied in this manner is its pH level. A high pH soap that is used in a foam cannon could potentially damage a car’s surface. Therefore, it is recommended that specialized or professional foam be used.

Q: Can I use wash and wax in a foam cannon?

A: Yes. In actual fact, wash and wax seem to work quite well when distributed from a foam cannon. Simply ensure the pH level of the wash and wax isn’t too acidic and that it isn’t too thick. Thick wash and wax can clog a foam cannon.

Q: Can you use Dawn in a foam cannon?

A: Sure, you could try it. However, using a product such as this on a car’s surface may well strip the clear coat or paint the surface of your car away. So, it’s not recommended. Instead, use torq foam or specialized foam cannon soap to ensure the best result.

Q: Why is my foam cannon not working?

A: There may be many reasons why your foam cannon isn’t working correctly. First, ensure there is enough water pressure. Next, try rinsing and washing all the nozzles, connectors, and attachments to the foam cannon. And lastly, ensure your soap isn’t too thick.

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