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Assuming that you have decided to settle for a used car vis-à-vis a new one, the next step entails figuring out how to accomplish this goal. To this effect, did you know that there is an alternative to the traditional method of physically visiting a showroom? It entails relying on the Internet to gather information and, as you are bound to realize, it does come with an entire gamut of advantages.

When you choose to surf the Internet for buying a used car as against venturing out on a shopping spree, following are the ways in which you stand to benefit:

  • Access to all the necessary information, like model of the car, its history, mileage and so on;
  • No sweet-talking salesperson breathing down your neck in an attempt to push you into buying something that you are bound to regret later;
  • Ease of comparison shopping wherein you can check the price of the used car at different outlets and select one which offers the best deal;
  • Multiple options can be checked during a relatively shorter duration by simply scrolling the relevant web pages;
  • Higher probability of finding a used car to your liking despite budget constraints;

All you need to do is to identify a set of reliable and reputed websites that specialize in selling used cars and go through each of them. For your convenience, following are some online portals selling used cars which you can check.

Best Places to Buy Used Cars:

Just because your circumstances do not warrant a new car, it does not mean you need to give up on style. You can still score on your style quotient with a used car, and is a one-of-a-kind online portal that boasts of a vast array of classic/vintage cars courtesy of a nation-wide network of more than 500 used car dealers feeding to its inventory.

Before being mentioned on this website, dealers are subjected to thorough scrutiny and verified in terms of certification. Only when a dealer clears all the rounds is he mentioned on the portal. So, while searching for a classic used car amidst a database of 25,000-30,000 options, you can rest assured that each of the dealers is genuine and chances of getting cheated are minimal.

Highlight of this used-cars website is the 125-point inspection that every vehicle is subjected to and it is carried out by a team of competent technicians. In addition to this, there are other advantages too, like availability of multiple lending options, high visibility across the country and connecting the vendor with the buyer.

hemmingsOn visiting, you would soon realize that it is much more than a website for selling used cars. You can search for specific parts pertaining to your car or services that it may require. Catch up on the latest news, updates, tips and guidelines pertaining to classic cars through their newsletters, blog section and other resources. Check their web-store for apparel, collector items, books, calendars and other mementoes, all of which you can add to your personal memorabilia as an owner of a classic make.

Prior to buying a used model, do make it a point to go through the buying tips so as to be able to reach an informed decision. Also keep track of local auctions that are listed so that you can grab a vintage used car or simply remain abreast of the latest trends in this segment.

Operating since 1977, over the decades this website has grown in terms of popularity to the point that today it ranks among the leading online portals for buying used cars. What renders this option truly attractive is the fact that rather than pushing you into a decision, the company lets you rent the used car for three days. If you don’t like it, all you need to do is to return it to the company.

Purchasing a used car would entitle you to a year-long plan or alternatively 12,000 miles. Another advantage is its nation-wide presence – with retail locations spread all over the country, you can walk into any outlet and finalize the deal.

bring a trailerUnlike other websites that sell used cars, this online portal is more like a specialized search engine which is operated by a community that has a distinct proclivity towards vintage cars. You can join the community by posting a specific model for review and await feedback by the moderators. Soon the vehicle is duly listed on the platform and after the owner sets a price, it is also eligible of being put up for auction.

Because it entails community participation, the opinions are unbiased and honest and you can look forward to some latest updates pertaining to the used car market.

autotempestOne-stop-shop is exactly what this website selling used cars is and rightly so, because the information featured on it encompasses every conceivable aspect of this segment. For starters, you can go through buying guides pertaining to specific makes and models that will enable you to find a used car to your liking. Then scrutinize the chosen car as per the checklist provided on the website to ensure that it lives up to the stated parameters. Going ahead, read up on tips and guidelines as regards how to negotiate in terms of how to clinch a good deal.

Smooth and efficient ‘digital-to-driveway’ experience in the used-cars segment is what this website delivers to its customers as per its promise. Launched in 2013, this online portal allows you to book a car online as per your preferences and this is then delivered to your doorstep after having cleared a meticulous inspection comprising of 150 points.

Cherry on the pie is the 7-day trial period extended to customers to aid with decision making.

Choosing for acquiring a used car would enable you to bag three birds with one stone. Firstly, you become privy to a vast online network of major dealers for used cars spanning the entire country, and secondly, you are entitled to receive a car-fax report providing in-depth information about the vehicle. Thirdly, this website boasts of an extremely user-friendly and comprehensive app that enables users to surf through the database while on the go.

Shopping for used cars from anywhere and everywhere is indeed possible now without any compromise on the qualitative aspect thanks to the app version of this portal.

carsHaving been in operation since 1988, this website has come to be synonymous with used-car sales, a fact which stands validated by the sheer number of visitors that access it on a daily basis. Extensive that this website is, make use of the numerous filters to pinpoint the type of used/new car that you require, and if the situation warrants, then directly communicate with the owner/dealer. Send an email listing out your queries pertaining to the deal and guidance will be provided in a timely manner, thus rendering the entire experience pleasant for you.

kbbKBB is an acronym that stands for Kelly Blue Book, and true to its name, this website does act like a blue book of accounts as far as purchase of used cars is concerned. Anyone who accesses the website will need to peg the maximum that he is willing to pay in order to buy a used car. Accordingly you will be assigned with various options falling under the stated amount and you can pick one after having read the reviews.

This website also provides assistance in calculating your monthly payment plan and facilitates local search of used-car dealers.

craigslistVast that it is, is also versatile and comprehensive in terms of options. A somewhat primitive search mechanism implies that any search operation could prove to be time-consuming and also frustrating. As a precaution you must also thoroughly investigate both the seller as also the used car and establish the credibility of both.

Not all used cars are born alike and this is what this website focuses on while featuring vehicles for sale. At, you are more likely to find relatively used cars that are just a couple of years old, like recent models that may not have driven much. Other factors that render this website attractive are financial flexibility, elimination of middlemen and roadside assistance.

NADA stands for National Automotive Dealers Association, and being the official website, features all details of used-car sales including price. This website also acts as a comparison platform wherein you can compare four different cars at a time and also the various vendors for used cars against a basis of points.

Another aspect that you can also explore pertains to purchase tools, like loan approval, calculation of monthly payment and so on.

‘Used car’ is a term that can mean anything from your grandfather’s Midget Racer to a keyless vehicle with automated transmission, and the beauty of this website is such that you can find them all on this single platform. In addition you can ask for a quote for the used car that you are interested in and rely on an enormous range of filters to be able to identify what you are looking for.

You need to register on this website and gain membership to be able to utilize its resources optimally. Registration is free of charge and having become a member, you enjoy the accessibility to a gigantic network of used cars dealers, most of whom offer a balance of high quality and affordability.

As a member you would receive updates pertaining to the price of every new car that comes through the dealer and can check the same on the database. Through this figure, you can be aware of the price which you are likely to face when you venture out shopping for a used car

Final Thoughts

With this list at your disposal, buying a used car need not turn out to be an overwhelming exercise as imagined by you. In fact, you must master the tools offered by many of them and focus your search only to specific make and model that you might looking for. Find your bearings on a few of these websites and you will soon have identified a used car without breaking the bank or compromising on your style quotient.

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