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Adding storage space to your vehicle doesn’t need to compromise either its styling or aerodynamic efficiency. A modern on-vehicle storage solution should feature both style and functionality without hampering vehicle performance. Such are the attributes of the Thule Force Cargo Box.

The Force marries sleek styling with a robust design. One will think that this contraption on top of your SUV is nothing less than an integral part of the vehicle’s design. It’s the epitome of what man can do to further improve space and value while taking into full consideration user convenience. The Thule Force Roof Box features a large storage compartment that comes with a nifty access on either side. There’s no need to reposition or maneuver your vehicle in a certain way to gain access to the things you put inside its nifty cavern. Park in on the left or right and you’d still be able to open the Force.

thule force cargo box

What separates the Force from other similar cargo boxes is the use of AeroSkin shell. This is a composite that comes with 5 layers of super-tough ABS plastic. The shell features miniature diamond texture that gives it visual appeal like no other. The unique shape of the Force allows for the smoother flow of air over its surface. It will never create drag or turbulence so you can feel more secure about your vehicle’s optimum performance. This translates to better fuel economy while also improving the design aesthetics of your ride.

If your vehicle already has a roof rack system, then mounting the Thule Force should be a breeze. Its Quick-Grip knob fixtures allow for easier and faster mounting onto the roof rack. You’ll never have to worry about not having the tools to mount the system. The engineers of Thule already know that what you need is an easy-to-mount, tool-free system. You’d have to be thankful to the inclusion of raised grooves at the bottom of the Force. This is what snaps the box onto almost any other roof rack system.

The Force’s lid comes with lifter elements that allow for hands-free access to the contents of the cargo box. Securing the lid is also made easy with Thule’s signature SecureLock technology. This not only makes it easy to close the lid, but also ensures optimum security for your gear.

The Thule Force Roof Cargo Box is a stylish and aerodynamic storage solution for today’s ultra-sleek and super-streamlined vehicles.

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