Torq Random Orbital Polisher Kit

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The TORQX Random Orbital Polisher is a neat device that enables regular vehicle owners to perform professional-grade detailing jobs on their cars including polishing and the removal of minor surface imperfections. It boasts of a number of features that are designed primarily for professionals, but will definitely fit into the desires of car enthusiasts.
Torq Random Orbital Polisher Kit

Featuring the Power Flex Technology, TORQX guarantees smoother startups and even more seamless transitions between various speed settings. Within its hefty chassis is a motor that comes with an integrated Precision Power controller, allowing for the more efficient and gradual increase of power with a commensurate increase in speed. Overall, the technology helps ensure that the integrity of the motor and the TORQX’s internal components are maintained and minimize the effects of wear and tear.

Helping provide for a more comfortable and balanced application, TORQX also comes with a Balanced Ergonomic Design. When compared with similar devices, the TORQX features a longer body that has been designed for optimum leverage. The handle grip positioned at the front of the device helps ensure better handling. The inclusion of a large backing plate also adds to the well-balanced design of the Random orbital polisher. Cooling vents also add to the overall durability of the TORQX. Together, these elements greatly improve polishing efficiency while also making sure you can detail more cars in less time.

Compared to other professional-grade orbital polishers, the TORQX is surprisingly compact. It does carry weight, but just enough to make sure you’ve got precision control over your polishing duties. Its compact design makes it ideal for working on really tight areas of vehicles. It works effortlessly with backing plates that come with standard 5/16-inch 24-spindle threads. One can always switch to smaller 3-inch backing plates for smaller areas or even the larger 6-inch plate for larger car panels.

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The TORQX already comes as a kit, complete with the polisher, 3 pads, and 4 packs of polishes and compounds. It is not a miracle worker by all means, but it can provide a decent job of fixing minor surface imperfections on the car while also affording you the chance to bring out the showroom shine in your ride.

There may be some issues on product reliability with some saying the system died out on them after only several uses. This could be avoided by polishing one section of the car at a time, which gives the polisher some cool-down time before buffing the next area. Overall, however, the TORQX Random Orbital Polisher Kit is a valuable package for serious car detailing DIYers and enthusiasts.

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