Winter Car Emergency Kit: Keep These Items in Your Vehicle for Safety

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Winter mornings can be extremely chilly and mighty uncomfortable. To make matters even worse, there could be a snowstorm in the night that will bury your vehicle under a thick layer of frozen snow. And on top of that, you may have to drop off your kids at school and still get to work on time. In such circumstances, one would benefit from owning a winter kit. These kits are lifesavers because they help you find alternative means of undertaking some difficult tasks. We have listed the vital elements and products that you should keep in your car during the winter, either on their own or as part of a winter car emergency kit.

Winter Car Emergency Kit

Best Winter Car Emergency Kits

Mallory USA Ice Scraper and Snow Brush

One winter car kit item that you can’t do without is a snow brush. It’s one of the essential products you need for your car, especially during colder weather. That’s why we recommend the Mallory USA Snow Brush.

This is an American product that has been constructed under the careful surveillance of seasoned engineers and designers. It is 26 inches long to allow ample reach. It helps you remove hefty snow due to its four rows of sturdy and plush bristles. What’s more, the Mallory brush also comes with a blade, which is great for clearing thick ice.

Key Features
  • Fixed head
  • Plastic
  • 26 in
  • Compact storage
  • BrandSubzero
  • Model532
  • Weight13.6 ounces
  • Affordably priced
  • Contains the essentials
  • Includes items that other kits overlook
  • Missing some important things
  • A bit pricey

Roadpro Heated Travel Blanket

You and your family might need something to keep your feet, hands, and body warm when traveling during the winter. There are different types of blankets available, but not all types offer the needed warmth. Enter the Roadpro Travel Blanket.

This blanket is made from polar fleece to keep you warm. It is a heated blanket that is big enough to accommodate more than one person at a time. The fleece is top quality and can heats up with ease.

Key Features
  • 100% polar fleece material
  • Plugs directly into cigarette lighter socket
  • 8 ft. power cord
  • Blanket folds easily
  • BrandRoadpro
  • ModelRPHB-110DB
  • Weight1 pounds
  • Handles nearly any emergency
  • Very useful on the road
  • Jumper cables appear a bit flimsy

Streamlight USB Rechargable Pocket Flashlight

The Streamlight Pocket Flashlight is another must-have during the winter. We love with this flashlight because out of all the things you need in your vehicle it’s extremely handy. Flashlights allow you to find items in your car, especially at night when the roads get dark. Furthermore, they help you feel safer.

The Streamlight Flashlight operates with 250 lumens; thus, its light extends to long distances. On a single charge, it can run for up to four hours. As for charging, it comes with a lanyard and a USB cable, which can be attached to your laptop or any other device. What’s more, the battery in the Streamlight flashlight is a lithium-ion cell pack, which is very robust and durable.

Key Features
  • 250 lumen
  • MicroStream
  • USB rechargeable
  • Runs 3.5 hours
  • BrandStreamlight
  • Model66604
  • Weight2.08 ounces
  • Warming supplies
  • 45-piece first aid kit
  • Battery-powered flashlight
  • Benefit from some emergency visibility supplies

Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is an important addition to any car. The best part about this equipment is that it’s ideal for all seasons, and it comes with a wide range of items for different purposes. The Swiss Safe 2-in-1 first-aid kit is a 120-piece kit that’s filled with nearly everything you would need to stay safe and comfortable.

This product comes with a bonus mini first-aid kit that can be used as a backup or stored somewhere else. What’s more, the package is very compact; thus, you can keep anywhere within your car without it taking up a lot of space. It is also lightweight despite featuring 120 different surgical-grade items. Every piece has been vetted and approved by the FDA; thus, you’re assured of your safety at all times.

  • Higher quality
  • Heavy-duty visibility items
  • Easy to use
  • Needs a supporting kit
  • A little pricey

Cartman Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are convenient when your vehicle needs a jump start. They can transfer power from one vehicle’s battery to yours in a short amount of time, allowing you to continue your tasks with ease and a sound mind.

The Cartman Booster is a UL-listed cable, which fits both side and top post batteries. It has a terrific grip design to make tension and conductivity easier. The cables come with copper coated aluminum, andwe love that Cartman used its patented design for these cables because that makes it a unique entity in the market.

Key Features
  • 4 Gauge x 20Ft in carrying bag
  • UL-Listed
  • 5 Years warranty
  • Fits top and side post batteries
  • Compact storage fits under a seat
  • Higher quality,
  • Heavy-duty visibility items
  • Doesn’t have all elements
  • Low-quality items

Lifeline Collapsible Snow Shovel for Car

Let’s hear it for the Aluminium Sport Utility Shovel, our next essential product for your vehicle. Snow can be very annoying, especially when it covers your vehicle’s body or tires. To gain control over your car once again, you may need a snow shovel. Snow shovels are made from metal, and they come in different sizes. The Aluminium Sport Utility Shovel is a 3-piece shovel with a collapsible design.

It’s made from high-grade aluminum for durability and strength. It features a matte black finish, and it’s compact, so it’s easy to store. To save space, you can collapse the shovel into a smaller size and tuck it in under the seat of your car. We recommend the Aluminium Sport Utility Shovel for those who go camping, hiking, and do other outdoor activities. And although some users complain about its price, we believe that the quality you receive is well worth the investment.

Key Features
  • 3 Piece collapsible design
  • Perfect snow shovel for car
  •  Camping and other outdoor activities
  • Matte black
  • BrandLifeline
  • Model4016
  • Weight1.26 pounds
  • Has all the essential elements
  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Doesn’t last long
  • Some items can be flimsy

Leatherman Wingman Multitool

You should always be prepared for the worst-case scenario in all situations. This ensures our safety and increases our confidence. During the winter, a lot of can happen when you’re in or out of your vehicle, and the Leatherman Wingman Multitool is there to help.

This multitool features a robust and lightweight frame and 14 tools, including pliers, screwdrivers, and wire cutters. We also love that it has an opening blade that can be operated with one hand. Overalll, it’s one of the top go-to tools for a lot of people.

Key Features
  • Lightweight design
  • 25-year limited warranty
  • One-hand opening blade
  • Go-to tool
  • Model831426
  • Weight9.6 ounces
  • Handles every emergency
  • Items get you back on the road
  • Questionable quality of products
  • Doesn’t last long

Apollo Tools 56-Piece Tool Kit

Apollo Tools is a high-quality brand with many products under its belt. It has been in the equipment industry for decades, and we love its auto tool kit. This tool kit is a great product because it is very functional.

The Apollo Auto Tool Kit  has 56 different tools, each of which helps with a different task. The tools come in a zippered case, which makes it compact enough to store when not in use. We also love that this kit not only offers tools such as tire gauges and hex keys but also cable ties and drivers.

Key Features
  • With zippered case
  • Handy auto tool kit
  • Compact zipper case
  • Metric or SAE
  • BrandApollo Tools
  • ModelDT9774
  • Weight3 pounds
  • Great emergency supplies
  • Battery-powered flashlight
  • Expensive
  • Can be better with content

NOCO Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

Its NOCO Boost Plus is a car battery jump starter unit developed by seasoned engineers. It can start dead batteries with ease in seconds without any sparks or connections. We love this jump starter because it works for gas engines up to six liters and diesel engines up to three liters. It is also very versatile, acting as a jump starter for batteries as well as a portable power bank and an LED flashlight. It can also recharge all your smart devices with its advanced design. You can jumpstart batteries up to 20 times on a single charge with the NOCO Boost Plus.

Key Features
  • 12-Volt
  • UltraSafe portable
  • Lithium car battery
  • for Up to 6 gasoline and 3-liter diesel engines
  • BrandNOCO
  • ModelGB40
  • Weight2.4 pounds
  • Warming supplies
  • 45-piece first aid kit
  • The value received isn’t worth the cost
  • Better kit options on the market

Security Chain Tire Traction Chains

If you need traction, look no further than the Security Chain Company. This is a super traction chain designed with durable cables and chains. It is compatibile with all electronically monitored control systems, all-wheel drive, traction control, and anti-lock brakes. 

These tire traction chains have a built-in tensioner, which increases the functionality of the string. It’s a great option if you live in an area that gets a lot of snow and ice.

Key Features
  • For light truck and SUV tire
  • Set of 2
  • Most straightforward installation of any traction product
  • Built-in rubber tensioner
  • BrandSecurity Chain
  • ModelZT747
  • Weight14.18 pounds
  • Outstanding quality of items
  • Can be used for a prolonged time
  • Can be improved
  • Users complain about the price

Winter Car Emergency Kit Buying Guide & FAQ

Things to Consider When Buying a Winter Car Emergency Kit

  • Content

The content of your emergency kit for winter is very vital. It needs to have all the necessary tools that your vehicle will need to make it through any breakdowns. Also, you need to have some items that will help keep you warm and safe in dire situations.

  • Price
  • Durability

Your survival kit needs to be full of items that will still be operable during the next winter season. Quality and durability are essential for these tools because their quality will determine your safety and comfort. Investing in low-quality units will affect your vehicle and your family.

  • Type of car

The final consideration we believe you need to make is the vehicle you drive. Every car has been put together differently; thus, the demands of one car can differ from that of another. As much as possible, be aware of the needs of your vehicle before you go searching for a kit. Having a list of needed tools and equipment helps you to customize your emergency kit to suit your vehicle, as opposed to purchasing a generic kit in which only two items work for your car.

Benefits of Winter Survival Kit for Car

  • A winter survival kit in one’s car goes a long way to ensure your safety while on the road. This is because the package contains a myriad of items that are meant to help solve different vehicular issues you may experience.
  • Another benefit of the survival kit is that; it reduces your cost of maintenance for your vehicle in the winter. Because you’re able to administer first aid treatment to your car, whether it is the sealing of a tire of the jump-starting of a battery, you don’t have to pay much to keep the vehicle in top shape during and after the winter.
  • The final benefit we believe you get from owning a winter survival kit is that you’re fully protected if the car stops operating. You can make use of tools such as blankets, sleeping bags, and flasks to keep yourself and your family warm and alive until help is brought.
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Other Essentials You May Need for Your Winter Car Kit

Some of these items include;

  • Winter gloves, which help to keep your fingers and hands warm when needed.
  • Tow strap for the times when your vehicle gets stuck in ice and needs to be towed away. These straps need to be very robust and durable.
  • Sleeping bag, in the event that your car breaks down and you’re stranded.
  • Duct tape for quick fixes within your vehicle.
  • Jack and lug wrench to change a tire.
  • Spare tire
  • Tire sealant
  • Portable air compressor
  • Road flares if you’re stranded and need to keep your car visible to oncoming rivers. These flares do a great job of preventing a collision.

Winter Driving Tips

Traveling or making regular, daily commutes in the winter can get terrifying sometimes. The combination of bad weather and winter storms driving on sloppy roads can lead to a car crash, which will affect both you and your loved ones. To help keep you safe during these times, there are a few tips below you can make use of whenever you’re on the road.

  • Have good brakes.
  • Don’t speed

Especially up a hill or mountain. This is because, when extra speed is employed on slopes, there is a high chance that your wheels will spin. As much as possible, lay off the accelerator and allow inertia to take you to the top. The little inertia needed can be received before reaching the hill. Reduce your speed once you get close to the crest of the hill and then proceed downward slowly.

  • Drive slowly

This is very important. No destination should be too essential to cause you to speed. Ensure that at all times, your speed is adjusted and kept down, to account for lower traction while you drive on ice or snow. If you need to regain traction, apply the gas slowly, as this will help you avoid skids.

  • Check the weather
  • Stay visible

Staying visible means that you need to make use of colored lights or cloths, especially at night. This helps keep you visible when you’re in distress and also at night when visibility is a significant issue. The best way one can stay visible is to invest in a dome light. They make it easier for rescuers to locate you and they also don’t consume a lot of electricity.

Our Top Pick

The Mallory Snow Brush is our overall favorite product in this article. It comes highly recommended by existing users because of its exceptional durability, robustness, and reliability. The makeup of this brush allows it to reach certain distances that other brushes cannot cover. We love that the Mallory brush comes with a blade for doing away with thick ice and ice chippings, as these can get extremely irritating. Invest in quality brushes at all times; get the Mallory snow brush for your car and for that of a loved one.

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