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The General brand has since its inception been known by many as the only producer of many reliable and high-quality tires. Their tires are built with precision and accuracy to handle all terrains in all weather conditions without fail. Such excellence comes as no surprise to many customers across the world, as they’ve followed the company’s growth since their first product launch. The founders, William O’Neil and Winfred E. Fouse had the idea to start a tire manufacturing company began in 1915 in Ohio. Over the years, their production expanded from the creation of only car tires to other vehicle accessories. Most of their innovations have greatly influenced the automotive industry, from their inception until today. If you are after some of the best selling General Tires on the market, the list below will help.

Best Selling General Tire

If you have an SUV, truck or a regular car and you need to invest in an all-season tire that will take you across new lands and territories; you should significantly consider the General AltiMax RT43 Radial Tire. This is a standard tire design with many innovative features, put together for your satisfaction and comfort.
There’s no better tire collection than that designed by General. Their AltiMax is one of many exceptional brands in the market today. This car tire works throughout the year on all kinds of terrain. It is also the most affordable units you will ever come across in today’s market, according to users on car tire review platforms. These tires help you brake sharply, handle your vehicle tightly, and experience real comfort and safety at all times. These tires feature a contoured design what ensures that your vehicle has clean contact with the road surface to prevent wear. Another feature we love is the Visual Alignment feature, where clusters of sipes are spaced evenly on all tires. How wear occurs on each tire can help you identify alignment, both even and uneven with ease. You experience a quieter ride with the general altimax rt43 tires because they make use of the sound suppression technology system. For better comfort, look out for the twin tread design of this tire. This design features the use of twin cushion silica compounds.
Key Features
  • All-season tire
  • Visual alignment indicators
  • Sound suppression technology
  • Twin cushion silica tread compound
  • BrandGeneral
  • ModelAltiMAX RT43
  • Weight17.8 pounds

2. General Grabber AT2 Radial Tire

General Grabber AT2 Radial Tire

The General Grabber AT2 Tires must have crossed your mind one too many times if you’ve ever considered upgrading to a more aggressive all-terrain tire from your regular all-season tires. General Tire is one spectacular brand known for its production of high quality and highly efficient tires for all kinds of cars. Their Grabber is an off/on-road product produced to perform with great balance and more reliability than many competing models on the market. The features of the grabber tire are very similar to other General produced tires, with the significant difference its all-terrain capacity. We recommend this tire for all those who love to explore new roads.
General Grabber Tire is an aggressive self-cleaning general truck tires put together by a powerful brand for your comfort and safety. This tire features a distinct and rare self-cleaning tread pattern, which works well to enhance we traction and off-road capabilities. There are multiple traction edges and an innovative 5-row tread system which are combined for an efficient off-road traction provision. Driving on a regular road or a highway with the Grabber is very silent and more enjoyable because these tires feature a highly engineered acoustic system which keeps the tread pattern silent. Concerning certification, all Grabber tires meet and exceed the various requirements set by both the RAC and RMA.
Key Features
  • All-terrain tire
  • 5-row tread pattern
  • Extra-deep tread pattern
  • Highly-engineered acoustics
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  • BrandGeneral
  • ModelGrabber AT2
  • Weight41.6 pounds
Our final review on the bestselling General Tires takes us to their latest creation. This is probably their best addition to the tire collection, as it has countless reviews on different tire platforms. The General brand is one particular unit that considers the customer’s safety and satisfaction before all others. They are known to manufacture and distribute some of the world’s favorite tires, which deliver nothing short of quality and reliability. Out of all General tire models, we select the General Grabber UHP Radial Tire as our popular, best selling tire in today’s market. This is one exceptional product in design and function, and we recommend it for all drivers.
The Grabber UHP tires are high tech products from the General family. Its exterior composition features a silica tread compound that is known to offer excellent handling and traction in both dry and wet conditions. The tread compound also helps deliver stability to your vehicle, which increases your confidence as you cruise along the endless highway. These ties have grooves incorporated into their design, moving from the shoulder to the center. These grooves aid in improving road contact and water evacuation. This is experienced during wet conditions. Another feature we love about the Grabber UHP is its advanced sound technology system, which reduces the noise produced during the driving session.
Key Features
  • Silica tread compound
  • Advanced sound technology
  • V-shaped grooves
  • T, H, V, and W-speed ratings
  • BrandGeneral
  • ModelGrabber UHP
  • Weight46.3 pounds

General Tires Buying Guide & FAQ

Who Makes General Tires

The General Tire Company manufactures all General tires. This is a company under the umbrella of Continental AG, which is known globally for their manufacture of everything vehicle related, including injection systems, tires and many more. They have their headquarters in Hanover, Germany and have been in operation since the 1980s.

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Why Choose General Tires?

  • Durability

General tires are the most durable tires on the market today. This is because seasoned scientists and car experts carefully design them. Some of the features included in the design of these tires include their unique tread patterns, extended grooves, and improved traction. To find out more about the durability of these tires, customers can rely on all available information found on various online platforms. These tires offer the best traction and grip with an extensive warranty that lasts the entire lifespan of your tire. We encourage all car owners to make use of General tires because they are the only brand that operates as long as they promise in their specifications.

  • Price

Another reason why we recommend General tires for all vehicle owners is that it is incredibly affordable. Customers across the world have different budgets for the purchase of their tires. The variety in budgets means that the brand produces a wide range of tires to cater for all vehicular needs. This is a vital feature of the brand besides durability, and this makes it a brilliant choice. If you’re on a tight budget and you need highly effective tires to last you a lifetime, we will recommend that you find a general tire model that meets all your requirements and demands.

  • Warranty

Warranties for products need to be extensive enough to cater for the full lifespan of the product. With General tires, each model comes with an extended warranty which surpasses many competing brands in the world. For the price these tires come at, customers and vehicle tire experts believe that the 50,000-mile warranty on each tire is excellent and well worth every penny. The warranties provided by this company enhance a customer’s confidence and respect in the brand, as well as all users across the globe. The warranty on General tires is an excellent reason for car owners to invest in the General brand.

  • Design

The primary most essential feature of every product lies in its design. There are a wide range of car tires in the market today which makes selection tough for many individuals. With General tires, one is assured of top quality designs with every model they manufacture. Their deal product designers with guidance from car experts and reviews from customers. They consider safety, secure handling, and ergonomics with every model such that no matter how your tires look, they will perform excellently. Design is unique for every brand, and the General range of tires has the most spectacular tire design you will ever encounter.

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Tires for sale at a tire store

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Design Features

The following points highlight some of the vital design features identified in every tire model from General tires. These design features help them stand out from their competition and surpass them in their function.

  • Safety

The safety of a car owner is essential to every vehicle and vehicle accessory manufacturer in the market today. With General tires, users are provided with tires that are rigid enough to withstand constant pressure from daily use. Some tires from this brand are ideal for all seasons while others perform well for all road terrains. No matter the season or terrain, wide tires offer you the best comfort you will ever find concerning tires and tire brands.

  • Balance

Another design feature of General tires focuses on their ability to offer balance to every vehicle it’s used on. Stability with these tires is implemented via the tires unique tread pattern. The pattern features grooves that are both enclosed and open all around the tires. These grooves help prevent hydroplaning while reducing water retention in your tires. With the elimination of such issues, you’re guaranteed of a comfortable journey, no matter where you’re headed.

  • Handling

Tires from the General company offer the highest level of control for all car users, via their complete design. Using these tires on your vehicle help improve the handling capabilities of your car, which makes steering and maneuvering simple and more enjoyable. The best part about General tires is that their ribs work together to increase grip and traction, no matter the kind of terrain on which you’re moving.

  • Durability

We have given you a reason to trust General tires, concerning their strength, and now we focus on sustainability as a design feature for the brand. Every General tire model can be used for long journeys and adventures thanks to their sturdy build. They’re able to resist all forces and pressures exerted on them regularly, which isn’t familiar with many other brands. General tires resist wear and tear with ease, and this helps them to fulfill their intended purpose.

  • Control

Having control while you drive is essential to your safety, and this is one element General tires never compromises on. Siping is one way that General tires offer full control with all their tires. The siping system helps prevent hydroplaning while maintaining consistency. The integration of siping enables you to maneuver on wet roads without slipping. Another element that helps in the provision of control includes its integrated tread design.

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