The major part of the Nitto tires business consisted of truck tires and passenger units until in 1960 when the company began exporting tires to the United States and the Middle East. Due to some significant financial challenges, the company was forced to undergo difficult times and by the close of the 70s, was bought by Toyo Tires. The company diversified into the production of high-performance tires in 1993 for Japanese import performance cars. Since then, Nitto tires saw a quick upsurge in its fame and popularity in the United States as a leading producer of high-performance cars. At present, Nitto Tires gets its stock from many Toyo Tire manufacturing plants all over the world with its headquarters in the United States. If you are after the best selling Nitto tires, have a read through our Nitto tires review.

Nitto Tires Review

Best Selling Nitto Tires

Nitto Neo Gen All-Season Radial Tire

Once you get the right tire for your vehicle, more than half of your safety, security, and comfort on the road have already been secured. When looking for a tire that gives both balance and control with the most efficient performance and confidence on the road without making a sound, then the Nitto Neo Gen All Season Radial Tire – 205/50R15XL 89V is the preferred solution. It is specially crafted to achieve superior street performance in the real world and does this very well, especially on lowered vehicles. It is a great tire that can be mounted in any direction and possesses reinforced tread edges to avoid wear and very excellent in wearing evenly and comes with middle parts that provide better grip when braking or accelerating.

Additionally, there are added grooves in between the tread blocks which are not just for fun or decoration but a deliberate design to evacuate water efficiently when driving on wet terrain. As well as performing great on both wet and dry roads, this tire also features 3D multi-wave sipes to increase wet traction and help provide overall stability to the tread blocks. What’s more, the seamless inner shoulder lowers tread flex minimizes wear as time elapses whilst the deep circumferential grooves evacuate water from the tire to give it performance on wet roads. And the large outer shoulder blocks boost the tire to road contact to ensure a firm grip when negotiating sharp curves.

Key Features
  • Achieve superior street performance in the real world
  • Possesses reinforced tread edges to avoid wear
  • Grooves in between the tread blocks
  • 3D multi-wave sipes to increase wet traction
  • BrandNitto
  • Model185-290
  • Weight19.85 pounds

Nitto All-Season Radial Tire

Wherever there are tires, Nitto Tires will be there too. But in order to stay at the top, Nitto Tires ensure it delivers only the best-performing products. The Nitto NT420S All-Season Radial Tire – 305/50R20XL 120H is a specially designed tire that holds onto wet ground perfectly with excellent performance in all seasons. The specialized tread patterns enable these attributes on the interior side with sipes that drain away from its path to enhance traction. The larger tread blocks on the outside enhance road contact for better handling and cornering on dry ground.

What’s more, the tread compound ensures that as a driver, you enjoy good stopping power and maintain a comfortable ride. Certainly, these tires will do great mileage without any noticeable wear and afford more excellent straight-line stability and smooth sidewall for a clean, shiny appearance. They also feature wide, deep circumferential grooves for great anti-hydro-planning and are quiet, comfortable, and stable with superb lateral grip. The silica-reinforced central rib provides greater stability at high speeds and features multiple sipes that contribute biting edges to improve firm grip. Overall, a single tire in this version weighs 46.3 pounds and measures 32×12.4×32 inches with a 20-inch rim diameter.

Nitto Terra Grappler All-Terrain Radial Tire

Next is our Nitto Terra Grappler G2 review. Whether cruising to work, towing a trailer, heading into the mountains or simply on a sightseeing tour of open country, you need a tire that gives you not only good traction and load rating but also one that assures you of good balance, superior control and absolute stability. The Nitto Terra Grappler G2 All-Terrain Light Truck Radial Tires – 265/50R20 111S XL is on a mission to breathe fresh air into your truck once more. It offers itself as the next generation all-terrain light truck tire, intentionally designed to meet all your daily needs on and off the road. It mounts great on SUV and related light truck varieties, sports a tough and amazing look on your vehicle, and drives extremely well on icy and wet roads.

The coupling joints in the tire which connect the outer tread blocks with the centre blocks have been reinforced for this tire resulting in the enhancement of the rigidity of the block edge. The shoulder part is staggered to lug onto the tire, giving extra biting edges whenever the vehicle finds itself off-road. Additionally, tire noise generally associated with vehicles at high speed is greatly reduced in the Terra Grappler G2 thanks to the superior computer modeling technique employed for its design.

Key Features
  • Designed to meet all your daily needs on and off-road
  • Superior computer modeling technique for great designs
  • Mounts great on SUV and related light truck varieties
  • Reinforced coupling joints to enhance the rigidity of block edge
  • BrandNitto
  • Model215-280
  • Weight41 pounds

Nitto INVO High Performance Tire

The Nitto INVO High-Performance Tire – 275/40R18 99Z is a tire with a design that is simply packed with technology and know-how to achieve unmatched performance, refined ride, and guaranteed satisfaction. Sporty coupes and sedans will find this tire most suitable for smooth cruises in summer. A sophisticated state of the art engineering and digital audio testing simulation was used to create a tread pattern that drastically reduces road noise perception and provides maximum comfort and deliver superior traction and firm grip in dry and wet road conditions, with the emphasis being laid on dry grip and high-speed traction.

As a result of this modeling technique, Nitto came up with a tread pattern that is not only unique and breathtaking but also robust and truly functional. It is the tire specially made to provide maximum comfort and superior traction in wet conditions. This is made possible by means of the deliberately crafted circumferential grooves to take you anywhere in comfort and style. The uneven tread design places it in a position for precise and responsive handling and greater performance. With a cool price, you can walk away with this 30.2-pound utility-style high performance rated tire that is both good and dependable.

Key Features
  • Uniquely designed tread pattern that drastically reduces road noise perception
  • Tread pattern that provides maximum comfort
  • Deliberately crafted circumferential grooves to take you anywhere
  • Tread pattern that delivers superior traction and firm grip in dry and wet road conditions
  • BrandNitto
  • Model203-170
  • Weight30.2 pounds

Nitto NT555R All-Season Radial Tire

Combining good load rating with an even better speed rating, the Nitto NT555R All-Season Radial Tire – 325/50 R15 114V provides all the requirements to enjoy a smooth and steady ride on the street without worry whether at low speed or high speed. This tire is a drag radial tire that is most suitable for the strip and street to give you maximum grip in straight-line acceleration and during takeoff. The design makes it adapt naturally to lawn surfaces without any damage to grass and puts itself up as a semi-slick tire that performs excellently when aired down.

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It features a high block rigidity to give stable contact space for the best possible delivery and the race compound utilized is not sensitive to heat degradation and so allows for increased durability and even wear. This has been proven over and over again in real-life situations by those who have actually used the tire and also experienced its performance and so can testify for it without any equivocation. The tire also sports a reinforced semi-radial design in order to achieve maximum stability even at elevated speeds. Since the design aims at maximum performance in all seasons, it is versatile enough to allow for occasional street use.

Key Features
  • Most suitable for the strip and street to give maximum grip
  • Race compound utilized is not sensitive to heat degradation
  • Increased durability and even wear
  • High block rigidity to give stable contact space for best possible delivery
  • BrandNitto
  • Model180-810
  • Weight32.4 pounds

Nitto Tires Buying Guide

Who Makes Nitto Tires?

Nitto Tires produces one of the most exclusive designs of tires for almost every performance category. This includes on the road, off the road, rally racing, running quarters, drifting or luxury touring. Nitto Tires pretty much has a tire for every specific need of yours. An outstanding type in its range of tires is the Nitto Grappler Tire. This tire was designed for trucks and SUVs that range from highway cruiser vehicles to extreme off road applications.

The Nitto Motivo, Neogen, INVO and NT series are designs that stretch all the four seasons applying to almost all vehicles on the road. Whilst some of the tires are for street performance, others are made to achieve quiet comfort touring and yet still another for winter performance driving. The Nitto competition tires are another in the series that undergo extreme performance and in many instances are not allowed legally on the street.

Nitto Tires was formed as a small company in Japan in the year 1949 and has remained a low profiled tire making business entity for a considerable period of time. When one talks of the big names in tire worldwide, manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, and Sumitomo quickly come into mind. Nitto Tires was eventually acquired in 1979 by Toyo Tires and has since continued to see lots of ups and downs the company in its operations. By the middle of the 90s, the company’s operations virtually ceased to exist in its home country of Japan but continued to thrive in the United States where the demand for tires continues to see steady rises.

As a result of this modest success story in the United States, Nitto Tires is considered by Toyo Tires to be a fully American business organization. Since 2000 when the top management of Nitto Tires undertook a complete reorganization which saw the company shake the ashes off itself to emerge once again as a fledging concern.

Today, Nitto Tires has production plants scattered across the United States, China, Malaysia, and Japan, producing off-road, performance and luxury tires and selling the same everywhere. It is widely believed that the success story of Nitto Tires has been underscored by its deep involvement of online marketing and social media in its marketing operations with more than 11 million followers on facebook alone.

Currently, Nitto Tires has under its sleeve about two dozen tire models that ensure that there is a tire for every ride. Also contributing to the rise of the company is the employment of computer-aided tire design, rigorous testing procedures, and a large volume of consumer feedback. Nitto Tires gives you more speed, more traction, less drag, better handling, and more comfort.

Why Choose Nitto Tires?

Reviews by customers who have purchased and used Nitto Tires have revealed a variety of reasons why they prefer Nitto Tires, which is very informative in making the decision to buy this brand. Some of the key reasons given are highlighted in the following section.

  • Durability
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Nitto Tires have a reputation of being perfectly enduring in the terrains they are designed to encounter. Quality treading combined with advanced technology, experience, competency in the industry, and management know-how has contributed to making this tire stand the test of time. The tires have been known to meet and exceed all projected mileage specifications.

  • Affordability

The efficient management and utilization of resources along the entire value chain in material sourcing, design, production, distribution, and marketing of Nitto Tires has culminated into the lowered cost of production that eventually translated to affordable pricing regimes to the ultimate benefit of the consumer. Nitto Tires offer one of the most competitive prices for all of its products across the board.

  • Traction and wear

Every single Nitto Tire has been designed and individually tested to have an excellent grip on the surfaces they are intended for to attain superior performance. The basic make materials are carefully chosen and combined with precision to ensure the product that comes out of the assembly plant is dependable and reliable. Unique sipes and tread characteristics enable all tire to give excellent accounts of themselves.

  • Variety in size and design

Nitto Tires come in a full array of sizes and designs to suit every need. From off-road to on-road, whether built for dry, wet, icy, muddy or even no road, you can choose from over two dozen applications of tires for all vehicle ranges from SUVs to sedans and light trucks to crossovers.

  • Sustainability

Having realized its position in the tire industry and its contribution to climate conditions, Nitto Tires is fully aware of its responsibility to make its quota in achieving a carbon-neutral status in the nearest future. This will lessen the impact on the earth’s environment to achieve sustainable development to make the world a better place for future generations.

Design Features

The unique design features of Nitto Tires distinguish its products from others, and that accounts for reasons why consumers have a preference for the company’s range of tires. Some of the design features are given as follows;

  • Superior traction

Since traction is a basic requirement of every good tire, Nitto Tires would not and does not compromise on the quality of the components and the technology that will enable its tires to attain good traction all the time. No wonder its tires respond quickly and positively to rapid acceleration and quick braking, either in a straight line or when cornering.

  • Dependability

Carefully selected base material and superior quality components make Nitto Tires roll off the assembly line as a complete and perfect quality tire that you can always rely upon to deliver.

  • Versatility

Nitto Tires are designed to suit a wide range of vehicle types and brands and posseses features that afford easy handling and mount with minimal strength and energy. Additionally, they are made to adapt to situations that are not their natural preserves, at least for a little while.

  • Handling

The use of advanced technology in treading the exterior provides these tires with good wear and superior handling, resulting in enhanced safety and stability to assure of totally satisfying driving experience.

  • Safety

Every single Nitto Tires has to be made to undergo a mandatory rigorous and intensive testing regime to assure of its quality ant to meet industry and national requirements and specifications. It is the policy of the company to let its tires not only meet these requirements but to exceed them.

  • Balance

Deep tread patterns are associated with Nitto tires to help maintain balance which results in the comfort of the driver and other occupants. This makes Nitto tires always a delight to ride on day by day.