How to Clean Bug Splats Off Your Car

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While you are out driving, you cannot prevent your car from hitting some insects along the way. These little critters do not know not to fly over the highways and roads. There is no way to miss them so what you need to know is how to remove bugs from car when you have had an encounter.

When the Risk Is Highest

If you live in warmer climates, you might notice this occurring all year round. But if you do have colder temperatures during winter, then you will not have to worry all the time. Still wherever you live, you will have experienced crashing into a bug at least once in your life. This is why knowing how to clean bugs off car is useful.

How to Clean Bug Splats Off Your Car

There is also no specific bug season, although summer and spring are when they are up and about. You will notice more of them during sunset because they are more active during the night. They get attracted by your headlights, especially if you are driving along the highway.

Why Bug Splats Are Bad for Your Car

Many people do not really think about the dangers of these insect remains on their cars, but the truth is, you should be concerned. They normally hit the bumper, the backs of your car’s mirrors, the grills, or the windshield. If they don’t get cleaned off immediately, they can cause problems.

The bug splatter is actually acidic, which may leave pockmarks on your vehicle’s pain. If it doesn’t, the bacteria may start to grow on the remains and this will also eat away at the car. Worse, when this happens during the hot summer days, it can cause permanent damage. A dark automobile is even more susceptible to long-term issues. The heat causes blistering and the pockmarks end up looking like white spots.

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Some bugs may end up getting etched or dug into the car’s paint, especially since some insects have hard exoskeletons that are sharp. This is one reason why you should immediately clean your car as soon as possible.

How to Effectively Remove Bug Splatter from Your Car

Finding the right method on how to get bugs off caris important to avoid any permanent damage. The point is not only to remove the dead insects but to also maintain the vehicle’s shine and color. Thus, you should be careful to try out any DIY routes that might also damage your car’s paint. The most important thing is to clean the remains as soon as possible before it starts to cause any problems.

  • Use Spray Wax

Using a microfiber towel, you can clean the spot where the insect collided with your car with any detailing spray wax. This is a safe and effective method that also won’t damage your vehicle. You only need to spray before wiping the bug splatter off of the surface. Just make sure you wipe in one direction so you do not accidentally scratch your car’s finish.

  • Use Car Soap and a Bug Remover Sponge

You can also use a good car soap mixed in some water, scrubbing the bug splatter away with a bug sponge. The sponge will remove just about anything, especially since the surface is textured so it can deal with insects stuck on the surface of the car. As with the first method, you need to watch out so you do not scratch your vehicle. This option will also work on your windshield.

  • Use Bug Removal Spray
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If you do not remove the bug splatter immediately or if it is embedded deep in your car paint, you will need something stronger. A bug removal spray might be the secret solution, or you can also try a bug and tar remover. A liquid product is always better because the application and the wiping off is just must easier. Wait for about 30 seconds for the spray to work before wiping it off with a microfiber towel.

Another good product to try out is bug wash, which can be mixed with your wash reservoir and used to clean the windshield seconds after you hit the insects.

  • Try Out Citrus-Based Degreasers

This is another option for those hard-to-clean bug splatter. This product, which is biodegradable and citrus-based, is safe to use for your car’s clear coat. In fact, many go for this product instead of the usual bug and tar spray. It will also work on bird droppings.

Once you have taken care of the insect remains, you should get your car cleaned normally to also get rid of any product you used to clear it of bug splatter.

Preventing Bug Splatter

While these methods are effective in removing any dead bugs that hit your car while driving, you should also think about ways to avoid getting them in the first place. Of course, you cannot stop these insects from hitting your car while you’re on the way, but you can put a protective layer. This will make it tough for the insects to stick and difficult to remove.

  • Wax

Car wax is not just to protect your car’s clear coat, it will also make sure it is safe from damage after hitting some bugs. In fact, the smaller insects might end up simply sliding off. Cleaning up is less challenging when it is waxed.

  • Bug Barricade
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This is a tried-and-tested water-based formula that makes the surface slippery so that the bugs will not get stuck. You can apply it after a normal car wash, and it will last for a couple of weeks. It is perfect when you are going on an outdoor trip.

  • Paint Protection Wrap

This is another temporary method to protect your car if you are taking a trip somewhere where there are tons of bugs. It is good at preventing damage from small rocks so it is great for off-road driving, too.

Dead bugs on your car might not be a huge problem if you live in the city. However, knowing how to deal with them can still save you from unwanted damage to your vehicle. You might not think it is a huge problem but these little critters can turn out to be exactly that.

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