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Ohtsu tires are different from the cheap and relatively unknown tire brands in the market today. These are tires designed in Japan as part of the Sumitomo group. All Ohtsu tires are considered performance tires by customers, as they can be used for a variety of vehicles and several driving applications. With the full range of options available in the market today, selecting a set for your car can be tough, thus the creation of this article. In this piece, we highlight the bestselling Ohtsu tires in the market and outline their different features which we believe will deliver nothing short of quality service for thousands of miles.

Best Selling Ohtsu Tires

1. Ohtsu FP7000 All Season Radial Tire
Ohtsu FP7000 All Season Radial Tire
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The art of driving demands a lot of attention and the purchase of quality accessories to make your journeys smoother and more comfortable. In the vehicle industry, there are a lot of brands that manufacture car tires, with each brand promising to offer better quality than the rest. The existing reviews on review platforms show that the best tire brand in today’s market is Ohtsu. This is a company that makes use of quality, durable materials to create their tires. The company comprises of car experts and tire engineers who bring together design ideas after countless hours of research. Their designs target comfort, stability, and durability, which are considered vital to every driver.
We start our review article with the Ohtsu FP700 tire. This is Ohtsu’s best all-season tire, put together to be nothing short of fantastic. This radial tire offers all users a quiet ride, due to its unique shoulder tread block design. It also features a non-directional tread design that provides a smooth ride and a reduced level of wear. Ohtsu prevents wear and tear with this tire by designing many different rotation patterns, while the circumferential grooves reduce hydroplaning and slipping. Using these tires, you will not hear any sound, thanks to their variable shoulder tread block system. Since its launch in 2012, manufacturers have chosen not to alter the Ohtsu FP7000 design because it remains the right choice for many drivers.
Key Features
  • Non-directional tread design
  • Variable shoulder tread block design
  • Circumferential grooves
  • Rigid belt cap
  • Brand OHTSU
  • Model 30422622
  • Weight 19.7 pounds
2. Ohtsu FP8000 Tire
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One primary reason why Ohtsu tires remain on the lips of customers all across the world is that they are incredibly affordable. Since the company’s inception, they have sought to create car tires that perform excellently, without costing a fortune. Their production of varied tire sizes and designs is done to allow for brand versatility, where many vehicles can benefit from their world-class tire design.
The second Ohtsu tire model from the company being reviewed is their Ohtsu 285 tire. This is a genuinely remarkable tire created for use on all kinds of terrain and with different types of vehicles. It is regarded as their bestselling tire, and it has all the design requirements that guarantee your safety and comfort. The 285 model from Ohtsu comes with an incredible W speed rating which surpasses many existing brands in the market today. These tires come in sizes for all vehicles and are designed with a black sidewall for better performance.
You can make use of the 285 tires during the summer and enjoy great comfort while you explore new areas and sites. It is a tire model with enhanced grip and traction, often required for sporty types of cars. It features an asymmetrical tread design which enables it to perform like a touring tire. Its operations are always silent, with its four wide circumferential grooves making the car more stable for easier handling.
Key Features
  • Black Sidewall
  • 285/35R19 Summer Performance tire
  • The advertised price is for a single Tire only
  • Wheel not included
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  • Brand OHTSU
  • Model 30483912
  • Weight 31 pounds

Ohtsu ST5000 All Season Radial Tire

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The Ohtsu ST5000 is an all-season tire and our final installment in this article. Out of all tires manufactured by the brand, this all-season radial tire comes across as the most adequately designed, thanks to the various positive feedback received from existing users. All over the world, these tires are being used with light trucks, sporty cars, and many other vehicles with ease. It is therefore not surprising that manufacturers have decided to stick with the initial design after all, why change a good thing? This model under the Ohtsu brand is suitable for all weather conditions, and it is also extremely durable.
The Ohtsu ST5000 tires are built with durable materials that can last for thousands of miles. This tire works well in all weather conditions, thanks to its deep tread design combined with a broader circumferential groove pattern. Stability and better handling are also ensured by this model, through the design of a solid centre rib. This means that no matter the weather maybe you’re assured of your safety. You can buy this radial tire for your utility vehicles and other sporty tracks because its design accommodates such sizes. The non-directional tread design employed with these tires is another excellent feature that delivers better grip and excellent traction whenever it is required.
Key Features
  • Symmetrical
  • Non-directional tread pattern
  • Four wide circumferential grooves
  • All-season performance
  • Brand OHTSU
  • Model 30501021
  • Weight 44.5 pounds

Ohtsu Tires Buying Guide

Who Makes Ohtsu Tires

The Ohtsu tire brand comes as a sub-company under the major wings of the most significant tire manufacturer in the world, Falken tires. The company started on its own but now associates with Falken and is recognized as a sub-brand unit. Both Falken and Ohtsu were under the management of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a Japanese based company known globally for their design, and distribution of superior quality tires for all vehicles. Every casing from Ohtsu undergoes unique Japanese engineering, with all their high-quality standards maintained for better performance. They also consider the budget difference among customers; thus, they create a variety of tires that cost differently such that everyone can afford.

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Why Choose Ohtsu Tires

  • Brand recognition

Under the umbrella of the Sumitomo Group, Ohtsu tires are manufactured. Their parent company is recognized globally as the sixth largest tire maker and distributor in the world, with other sub-brands such as Dunlop and Falken tires under its management. Such a family ensures that Ohtsu branded means that all tires they manufacture can be trusted to perform as they’ve been designed. We recommend their tires to all drivers who seek stability, silence, and durability in their tires.

  • Supremely affordable price

The most important reason why we will recommend the Ohtsu brand to drivers is that they are the most affordable brand one can ever encounter. Their tires are made with quality materials, but their construction is undertaken in a manner that helps reduce their overall production costs. This means you get to buy more Ohtsu tires with the same amount of money you would have used to purchase two tires from an expensive competing brands. These manufacturers offer you great value for money without demanding most of your money. Ohtsu tires are sold from $60 and above. You can get 19’’ and 20’’ tires for half the price (or less) from competing companies. These are the best tires for anybody on a tight budget.

  • Sporty and aggressive tread design

We indeed purchase tires for their function, but having an attractive tire adds a little more style to your vehicle. Ohtsu tires are a beautiful set that improves the outlook of your vehicle seconds after installation. They feature a sporty and aggressive design that gives your car the much-needed edge that will fetch compliments for days on end. The design of Ohtsu tires will appeal to all those who appreciate beauty and style in their vehicles.

  • Quiet and comfort

To provide customers with a soft and comfortable ride, Ohtsu tires have been manufactured. These tires are designed for on-road surfaces, like many other all-season tires. Their ability to operate silently can be traced to their tread design, variable pitches, shoulder blocks, and the tires tread compound. Car mechanic changing tires

Design Features

Every product comes with several design features that help distinguish it from competing models. The Ohtsu brand is a fantastic brand with different tire models available for sale. To enable each tire model, stand out, they possess some unique features, some of which are listed below.

  • UTQG rating

Ohtsu tires have different design features which enable all customers and design experts to distinguish between the models. One of the characteristics possessed by every model is a UTQG rating. This system of evaluation comprises a numerical and alphabetical scale. There are two letters and one number, which helps you determine the rank of your tire. The number in the rating refers to the treadwear rating. Concerning the alphabets, there are three-letter grades, namely A, B, and C. the highest score is A and when it is used as the first letter in the rating, it refers to the safety rating. The third and final figure, which is the second alphabet, is used to rate heat or temperature resistance.

  • Warranty
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Warranties may seem like a trivial or non-vital design feature, but they enable a buyer to determine how much confidence a manufacturer has in their product. In today’s market, there are dozens of tire brands that deliver a long mileage tread life warranty. This is because they believe in the functioning and quality of their tires. One of such brands is Ohtsu, and they deliver thousands of miles’ warranty on every tire manufactured. Ohtsu tires have a long lifespan, and this helps in their sales since many drivers need highly durable tires for purchase.

  • Load index

Another design feature which isn’t considered by many customers and potential buyers is the load index. Load index represents the load capacity of a single tread unit. It is a numerical figure that comes in a range between 70 to 126. Many Ohtsu tires come with load indices of about 91, which loosely translates to 1356 pounds. The load index determines how much weight can be carried and tolerated by your car tire. Knowing this helps determine the proper tire for your vehicle and prevents and damages and discomfort during your trips.

  • Versatility

Versatility in tires is a great design feature that many manufacturers try to incorporate into their tire designs. Having a versatile tire enables you to handle different terrains in all kinds of weather without experiencing any issues. All Ohtsu tires come with hard engineering that allows them to be used in both winter and summer conditions. To ensure this, the tires adopt a 50-50 summer and winter feature which comprises of more aggressive tread patterns and groove designs. These features are included to give users better off-road performance.

  • Speed rating

The final design feature manufacturers proudly discuss in many reviews is the speed rating used to create Ohtsu tires. In the tire manufacturing industry, there are tires with different speed ratings. These ratings help us to determine the maximum speed capacity your tire will deliver when used on your trips. The speed capacities vary from model to model, but Ohtsu tires stay within an excellent range which allows you to drive at your own pace smoothly with no noises and no disturbances. These speed ratings are easy to identify because they’re represented in letters.

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