Lifeline 4330AAA Road Emergency Kit

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The Lifeline Premium Road Kit is currently positioned as one of the best car emergency kits for any motorist on the road today. It comes supposedly complete with all the basic items that you will need to address certain situations that roadside emergencies may inadvertently bring.
Lifeline 4330AAA Road Emergency Kit

Unfortunately, there are mixed reviews when it comes to Lifeline and AAA’s Premium Road Kit. On one end of the equation are very meticulous car owners who are quite embarrassed at both the quality and quantity of the items included in the Premium Road Kit. For starters, the product description clearly states that there are 42 different pieces of items, equipment, and tools in the kit. However, some users have complained of getting less than the published number of items.

There’s a question, too about the quality of the aluminum flashlight included in the kit. While this is already part of the all-in-one kit, many claim that you’re better off getting a real automotive torch that costs less than ten bucks rather than rely on something that is cheaply constructed. And for that, people are wondering whether AAA, as prestigious as it is as an organization, has clearly forgotten about quality.

The jumper cables included in the kit are the only things noteworthy of the Premium Road Kit. However, some may find its 8-foot long cables to be somewhat ‘short’ for certain vehicles. Additionally, while 8-gauge cables are perfect in most applications, a 6-gauge cable will be more effective. There were also some issues about the flimsiness of the gator clamps with some vehicle owners complaining it doesn’t fit their battery terminals. More importantly, however, is the obvious uselessness of having jumper cables in the event that you get stranded in a place where a donor vehicle may take hours to come along. A much better solution would have been to include a portable battery charger in the kit.

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It also comes with a first aid kit that includes a number of basic items such as bandages and scissors – things that you can buy individually and be sure that what you are getting are the high-quality ones. It also comes with basic automotive tools and supplies such as 2-in-1 screwdriver, cable ties, and duct tape. Again, if you already have these items in your garage, then you can just use them.

Nevertheless, for the average motorist, the Premium Road Kit is still a nice thing to have in the trunk.

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