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It can be easy to get confused as to which car tire meets all your vehicle requirements, with so many tire brands and models available in the market today. Many prospective buyers find it tough deciding on the ideal tire that will match and meet the unique preferences and circumstances of their tires; thus, they end up investing in low-quality models that always require some maintenance. Being aware of this struggle, we have generated a list of tire reviews listing the best models under a leading tire manufacturing company, Nankang. The study focuses on five bestselling models manufactured by the company as well as their major design features that make them the perfect set for your vehicle.

Nankang Tires Review

Best Selling Nankang Tires

Nankang CX668 High Performance Tire

The search for the perfect tire manufacturing brand is over, thanks to our discovery of Nankang tires. This is the leading manufacturer of high-quality car tires, based on globally run reviews. Every Nankang tire stands out from its competition significantly, through their design and function. With the varied models made available for all drivers and tire experts, we can guarantee you will find the perfect match for your sedan, light truck, or sporty vehicles. Our first tire model from this company is the Nankang CX668 tire. It is a high-performance tire created especially for your safety and comfort.

The CX688 tire is a summer touring tire; thus, it possesses many different features which allow it to perform to its utmost ability. These tires enhance hydroplaning efficiency via the use of four straight groove designed patterns, incorporated by seasoned car tire designers. They also offer much-needed balance and diversion, which helps prevent tire wear after regular use. This is made possible via the tire’s dual double grooves located on the tire shoulder. Thinner sipes are used in the CX688 to help make all operations quieter and more comfortable for users.

Key Features
  • Summer touring tire
  • Dual double grooves
  • Thinner sipes
  • Small block pattern design
  • BrandNankang
  • Model24205006
  • WeightCX668

Nankang SP-7 Radial Tire

Every regular motorist is always on the lookout for a car tire that is very reliable, with the ability to last long. Such tires are hard to come across, especially with the full range of tire models in existence. Searching for a reliable tire is essential because it saves you from continually investing in tire maintenance and repairs. Another reason why we all seek reliability is to experience as much comfort as possible, at all times. Among the endless supply of tires by Nankang manufactures their Nankang SP-7 Radial Tire checks all the required boxes for the perfect car tire.

The SP-7 is a performance, all-season tire designed with an arc sub-groove and two straight-broad grooves for the prevention of hydroplaning and improved drainage efficiency. It offers all users the ultimate riding comfort while doing away with tire wear thanks to its block design which comprises of sipes. The shoulder groove of this tire is designed with a noise prevention bar that is meant to ensure silent operations, no matter the terrain on which your tread. This is the best tire concerning handling and longevity. It features a design that improves its tread life, enhances water evacuation, and ensures excellent performance on wet and slippery roads.

Nankang NS-25 Performance Radial Tire

We choose Nankang tires because they are more efficient than most tire brands in the world today. Over the years, we have seen this brand evolve from merely reproducing existing tires to creating their special collections that cannot be matched. Their tires are specially crafted from selected materials, which come together to ensure that your rides are more stable and enjoyable. If you ever need to invest in a tire company, we will recommend the Nankang brand as the best option for you. We took a look at the Nankang NS-25 Performance radial tires, and we were very impressed with how they work.

The NS-25 is a radial tire like no other. It features a construction that makes it suitable for all seasons. Meant to be an ultrahigh performing car tire, this product from Nankang delivers superior handling, performance traction, and steering control on both wet and dry surfaces, which means they can be used on different types of terrain without fail. Some features include a symmetric tread pattern, an optimized silica tread compound, and open shoulders. Each element adds to improving drivers cornering grip and handling confidence. The sport speed ratings of this tire include H, V, W, and Y.

Key Features
  • All-season
  • Optimized silica tread compound
  • Symmetric tread pattern
  • Open shoulders
  • BrandNankang
  • Model24077026
  • Weight21.2 pounds

Nankang SP-9 Cross-Sport All Season Radial Tire

For this reason, our editorial team undertook several driving experiments with the various tire models under the Nankang brand. The test involved driving on different terrains, in different weather conditions. This was done to allow our team to better understand the operations and demands of each tire model, to provide potential buyers with the most accurate information possible. That being said, we continue our review with a look at the Nankang SP-9 Cross-Sport radial tire.

The Nankang cross-sport is an all-season radial tire designed for use in both dry and wet conditions, throughout the year. It is one of the many fantastic tire units created by Nankang, with global acclaim and endless positive reviews online. It features an asymmetrical tread design, that allows the tire to be rotated easily, to any wheel of choice. This helps every driver get the most out of their tires. Also, there is the innovative sipe technology adopted by the Nankang team to assist in the design of their tire tread. The sp-9 cross-sport is designed especially for small SUVs and crossover vehicles.

Key Features
  • Symmetric tread design
  • Advanced sipe technology
  • All-season traction
  • Angled tread blocks
  • BrandNankang
  • Model24511005
  • Weight16.4 pounds

Nankang Mudstar Radial MT

Amongst all Nankang tires in today’s active car tire market, one model stays relevant because of its reliability, durability, and distinct beauty. All across the globe car owners rave about the performance of this tire. Likening it to other expensive and famous brand names in the industry. We love Nankang, and we love that they design special tires for all terrains. The last tire model in this article is their best tire for muddy grounds. It is designed in a manner that offers you superior traction and grip on all slippery surfaces, to make your ride more bearable and enjoyable. Meet the Nankang Mudstar Radial MT. This tire is superb, from its internal workings to the exterior aesthetic.

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The Mudstar tires are designed for extra traction in extreme conditions; thus, they feature large, aggressive tread blocks. Besides their tread design, they also make use of large, open treat voids or grooves that enhance the overall tire performance, evacuate water quickly, and make handling more accessible and comfortable. The exterior of this muddy terrain tire groves off a lovely, rugged vibe that many drivers will appreciate. The Nankang Mudstar tires are great for 4×4 pickup trucks and off-road vehicles. They can be used both in mud and snow, with an impressive sidewall design meant to deliver better control which makes the ride more comfortable.

Key Features
  • Symmetric tread design
  • Aggressive tread blocks
  • For off-road vehicles
  • Variable pitch technology
  • BrandNankang
  • Model22285003

Nankang Tires Buying Guide

Who Makes Nankang Tires

Nankang tires are manufactured in Taiwan by the Nankang tire corporation. This company was founded in 1959 in Taiwan, with the sole aim of manufacturing and distributing high-quality tires models to customers at affordable rates. They started sales and gradually expanded to China, and then the Americas, where the majority of their customer base can be identified. Nankang tires are regarded globally as tire models that satisfy the global demands for car accessories. They’re shipped to over 80 countries worldwide and are available in thousands of different models. These tires by Nankang can be used with light trucks, minivans, SUVs, and CUVs. Nankang tires are incredibly affordable, and they offer the best durability and fantastic handling capabilities.

Why Choose Nankang Tires Tread Design

Nankang tires are endowed with an intense beauty that surpasses many other tire models. Their tires feature a sporty and aggressive tread design that is made possible via the hybrid directional tread design system used. Other models, such as their NS-1 features an asymmetrical tread pattern that allows your tire to break the styling of your vehicle. You will love how rugged and sporty your truck will look after installing tires from Nankang. The sporty look comes despite the low prices of these tires, which makes them even more valuable.

  • A Specialized Catalog

The Nankang brand offers a wide range of tires which is still smaller when compared to options provided by competing car manufacturers. That notwithstanding, their collections even cater to almost all vehicles types; thus, every driver is assured of finding the perfect fit. The brand is very innovative with their creations; therefore, they make a conscious effort to deliver specialized tire models for every customer’s needs. Their tires either provide fantastic treading capabilities or they perform consistently throughout the year on all terrains.

  • Low price

The best feature of every Nankang tire, mentioned by several customers on various review platforms is how affordable their tires are. Every tire they manufacture is average in price and may be considered dirt cheap by a handful of people. When compared to their competitors, car and tire experts rank Nankang tires in the middle of the entire pricing range. If you wish to purchase a brand new set of Nankang high-performance tires, you can expect to pay less than $500.

  • Different sizes

Nankang tires are designed and distributed in various sizes, depending on the model. There is a wide variety under the Nankang umbrella that every driver and every vehicle is bound to find their perfect fit. These tires are well suited for a variety of applications and cars, and they come in various sizes, making it easier for users to choose the perfect setting for their journey. The availability of size options gives users more choice, which keeps them coming back and recommending the brand to other car owners.

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Design Features

  • Higher Treadlife

Various things determine the durability of your car tire out on the road; thus, one needs to invest in a reliable tire. Nankang tire models are designed for rugged terrains, jagged rocks, and loose surfaces. They are modern-day tires that are as rugged as possible to allow them easily resist all road damages which occur. Their truck series of tires feature a tread design that will enable them to plow through difficult terrains easily and swiftly. They also feature several durability enhancement elements which guarantee that your tires will remain operational after thousands of miles. Every tread is built with a three-ply design, comprising shoulder blocks that enhance firmness and offer a longer tread life.

  • Better Handling

Providing a better driving experience via handling is another thing that matters much to the Nankang team. They strive to design tires that give every driver with a much safer ride. Besides this goal, every tire manufactured also boasts of some incredible braking and cornering capabilities that competing brands can only hope to imitate. The Nankang tires all feature a properly designed tread pattern that improves grip and traction on dry and wet surfaces alike. There is also an optimization of the contact patch, which ensures that your grip is kept stable while you take on sharp turns at high speeds. Better handling relates to the overall control of the vehicle, which makes drivers more comfortable.

  • Durability

Durability is another factor that Nankang never compromises on. To achieve this, each tire model possesses an extensive tread warranty which lasts for thousands of miles. Most often these warranties last for their entire lifespan of your tire which makes every driver confident in their purchase. Nankang tires are designed with top quality material which enables them to resist regular forces and pressure from daily usage. They also come in different weight/load capacities, which makes them more versatile.

  • Aesthetic

We love it when our products perform excellently and also look good. That being said, the Nankang group has designed their tires to exude a rugged and stylish outlook which appeals to many customers. Installing these tires onto your vehicle changes the entire perspective of your tire and makes it look more intriguing and appealing to others.

  • Groove design

The excellent groove design of Nankang tires is done to help with smooth water evacuation and also to reduce the occurrence of hydroplaning. The grooves help keep your tires on the road even in wet conditions, and they also add to the aesthetic of your vehicle. In the market today, one will come across various models with similar grove designs, none of which belongs to the Nankang company. Every tire they produce features a unique groove outlook that works to enhance functionality and ensure stability and comfort.

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