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Hercules is an American rubber and tire manufacturing company established in the year 1952 with its headquarters in Findlay, Ohio. It was a subsidiary of American Tire Distributors (ATD) Inc since 2014 when ATD acquired it. Since then, it has been producing high-quality tires both for the domestic and international markets. The company is famous for applying innovative technology to create affordable tires that make driving feel great and exciting.

Hercules is the same company that also makes Ironman tires only this time, it is a different brand. Currently, it is a major player in the replacement tire market, making tires available to a large number of vehicles and embraces the sustainability agenda and promotes planet friendly programs. However, the same superior quality features apply to both brands.

Hercules Tires Review

Best Selling Hercules Tires

Hercules Power STR 235/85R16 128L

Depending on the type of vehicle you use and your driving habits, you may need the tires to stand out in some characteristics. The Hercules Power STR 235/85 R16 128L (72985) is everything you need ina tire and more. It is a steel-belted radial tire that features two polyester and two nylon pliers, ideal for long haul horse trailers. These are low wearing and good riding brands of tires to withstand high pressure – they will not disappoint in mid-journey and will also offer the smooth ride you want. It features a really tough belt system and a multi-ply casing with incorporated polyester and nylon. These provide extra strength to the casing rubber and have good adhesion, excellent toughness, and offers good drive characteristics.

The casing plies are securely looped around the bead bundles, and the outside bead area is made from very hard and durable material to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. What’s more, the tread system gives stability to the tread area, thereby contributing to wear, traction, and handling. With Hercules tires, you are guaranteed a long mileage and lasting and enduring product that saves your pocket year after year. Whether on-road or off-road, dry or wet road, you can be assured of a firm grip and absolute stability.

Key Features
  • Steel belted radial tire
  • Quiet, versatile, durable and strong
  • Gives a sure-footed traction
  • Ideal for long haul horse trailers
  • Provides you with comfortable ride irrespective of the nature or condition of the road
  • Well secured casing plies on bead bundles
  • Has a long mileage and very enduring
  • Possesses firm grip on wet and dry road surfaces
  • Withstands biting snow and other extreme weather
  • Affords easy and convenient handling and absolute stability

Hercules Power STR 225/75R15 117L

The Hercules Power STR 225/75R15 117L (68146) is a trailer tire having an E load range and a rim width of 6.0. Its maximum pound per square inch pressure is 80 and has an overall diameter of 28.19 inches. What’s more, its section width is 9.90 inches and comes with a tread depth of 10. This is a versatile tire that is perfect for drivers searching for a tire that will take them throughout the whole year without worry. The durable construction ensures that the tire maintains its shape no matter the speed it is subjected to.

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As a result of its well-thought-out design and features that enhance its functionality, the tire can further support your acceleration and breaking excellently in all weather conditions. The exclusive quick view indicator allows you to determine the wearing characteristic easily and lets you observe how the tire is faring. In view of the trust reposed in the performance of Hercules and Ironman tires, users have rated this product highly.

Key Features
  • All-season high performing tires
  • Suitable for use on the road all year round
  • Maintains shape and traction capability even after long term use
  • Backed by a limited mile warranty
  • Gives a premium worn appearance
  • Provides good control and balance
  • Employs latest and advanced technology and built to precision
  • It offers the best grip on the road, whether wet or dry, slippery or with friction
  • Carefully crafted traction groves enhance performance even in the snow
  • BrandHercules Tires
  • ModelST-TDW68146

Hercules Ironman Imove SUV 305/45R22

The Hercules Ironman Imove SUV 305/45R2 is an excellent tire that wears well and is the best option for sports utility vehicles. No matter the brand or make of your vehicle, the Hercules-Ironman Imove has a tire solution that is specific to your automobile. The exterior is carefully treaded using an advanced technology which gives this tire excellent wear and superior handling capability. Ironman tires never leave you alone in the middle of the journey. In the rain, snow, or intense heat, whether the road is slippery or dry, you can always depend on Ironman tires to get you safely to your destination.

These tires offer great traction and stability to your vehicle and the occupants. Some tires are built to make your vehicle move, but Hercules Ironman Imove tires were crafted for a totally satisfying driving experience. They respond quickly and positively to rapid acceleration and quick braking in all weather situations such as in biting snow or in the sun-blasted scorching dessert. And that’s not all; they are unperturbed on rocky and jagged terrains due to the specially designed tracking system. The guaranteed quality performance of this tire is also covered by Hercules’ usual 50,000 mileage warranty. It is safety tested to give you the comfort and peace of mind you need.

Key Features
  • Quality backed by a company brand that has a long-lasting reputation in this field
  • Outstanding innovation in safety, performance, and design
  • Versatile, strong and durable, adapt to all-terrain
  • Excels in every terrain, almost like an all-terrain tire
  • More lateral grooves and more sipes around the circumference
  • Silica-infused AC head provides superior off and wet road traction
  • It is quiet since any grey noise is spread evenly over a broad frequency range
  • Beveled tread block edges enhance traction and uniform wear
  • Channel groves evacuate mud and snow for steady traction
  • BrandHercules Tires
  • Model72451

Reasons Why You Should Choose Hercules Ironman Tires

The tires are the only element of the car that is in direct contact with the ground, hence its importance in safe driving and is a key part of the car’s safety triangle. When it comes to changing them, you shouldn’t skimp on them since this element is of vital importance.

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What’s more, safety, comfort, and driving pleasure all depend on the quality of the tires and Hercules tires offer pretty much everything needed in a tire and more. But why should you buy a new tire from Hercules? And which tire is the right one?  Continue reading to find out. The reasons why you should choose Hercules tires are listed as follows:

  • Variety

Hercules tires have a wide variety of tires to meet the specific needs of a wide range of vehicles and trailers. It is the desire of the company to cover the entire tire market to design, make, and supply to all manner of vehicles including sedans, crossovers, SUVs, and light trucks. In fact, at Hercules, there is a tire to perfectly fit every vehicle and trailer, no matter the make or brand of your vehicle.

  • Affordable price

Hercules tires do not only spot a gorgeous design and are reliable but they also come at a very attractive price. It is cheaper when compared to the similar tread of tires on the open market. That is why many car owners have developed the habit of purchasing and using Hercules and Ironman tires. With just a few bucks, you can get the right set of tires to last you a very long time before you decide to change it. In fact, affordable pricing forms an integral part of the company’s brand mission, and they have ensured that they deliver on this mandate.

  • Customer satisfaction

The company boasts of superior customer satisfaction for its range of products. It gives an amazing 85,000-mile treadwear warranty on its tires which is a very high figure by all standards. In cases of premature wear and unserviceability, Hercules goes further to offer multiple guarantees. For example, if within the first 50% of the tire’s tread life, the tire develops a fault as a result of sub-standard material used or poor workmanship, a complete tire replacement is given. There also exists a 30-day return policy.

  • Good tread designs

Hercules and Ironman tires feature attractive and sporty designs to make your car look better and tougher. The rugged outlook makes your car stand out as a superior driving machine, just by the look of these unique tires underneath. These are testimonies of tire dealers and car drivers who have experienced the Hercules tire maneuverability and traction across several terrains in any weather condition.

Decades of continuous improvement and innovation backed with the latest technological modernizations have paid off to develop this advanced generation of Hercules tires. These tires prove to be more refined even when driven at greater speed. They are driven with an asymmetrical tread pattern with five circumferential grooves to enhance grip and ensure greater safety for both the driver and the passengers. These attributes assure the stability of the vehicle, whether it is driven on a dry or wet road. It also possesses high wear resistance which gives your tire long service life and a durable character. These tires are quiet and very comfortable to ride on, whether on-road or off-road.

  • Meets legal standards
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The legal situation is clear: as soon as your car tires have less than 1.6 millimeters of the residual profile, you must not use them on the road as the tires are considered no longer roadworthy and must be sorted out. Hercules tires meet all the legal requirements.

Design Features of Hercules Tires

All Hercules tire models have integrated design features that make them easily mountable vehicles. Asymmetrical tread patterns, grooves, siping, and biting edges are all features to increase maneuverability and traction in the course of cruising. The silica-infused gel compounds in the tread material make the tires optimally lightweight and fuel-efficient. These features also decrease the rolling resistance to further lower friction between tire and road to reduce fuel consumption further. It also employs the semi-solid center ribbing to ensure stability and comfort.

  • Superior traction

Vehicles are designed to move on or off-road and on a wide range of road surfaces. That’s why for the great majority of drivers, good adhesion on wet roads as well as good braking and steering performance and maximum load capacity are important, even in extreme situations. This is why Hercules tires are made to assure of a firm grip and stability on any surface whether wet, dry, slippery or rugged surface, Hercules tires withstand them all.

  • Reliability

Oftentimes, tires encounter punctures inadvertently but Hercules tires feature strong and superior quality components that ensure that your vehicle carries you at least 50 kilometers at 50km/h to reach your destination or get to the nearest service point safely.

  • Versatility

Hercules tires are designed to suit a wide range of vehicle types and brands with features that afford easy handling to mount on vehicles without using undue strength and energy.

  • Sustainability

Hercules Inc acknowledges that vehicles will be driven well into the foreseeable future and is aware of the environmental impact of industry on the planet earth. For this reason, the company has committed itself to develop further its replacement technology. The ultimate aim is to bring used tires back for retreading to achieve enhanced quality and reduce the impact its activities have on the earth’s environment. Additionally, the possibility of using alternative sustainable material is undergoing intensive research so as to develop environmentally friendly tires for the next generation.

  • All season tires

Just a few years ago, the matter was clear: In the summer, summer tires were needed with grips that were designed for the hottest of temperatures. And in the winter, the finely profiled winter, frost-proof tires were the first choice for wet, smooth roads. But now more and more manufacturers such as Hercules have developed actual all-round, all-season tires. After all, the demand for all-season tires is rising steadily.

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