The 10 Best Adventure Motorcycles You Can Buy Today

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While some people buy motorbikes for their practical functions, there are others who simply want to experience the thrill of getting out on the open road with the spirit of adventure coursing through their veins. And there are plenty of trusty steeds out there which provide you with the speed, style, and power that you are looking for, and it is these that we are going to be focusing on in this blog post.

Whether you prefer off-roading, or you enjoy burning up the miles on the highway, there is bound to be an adventure motorcycle for you. Many of the best adventure motorbikes are also suitable for the more day-to-day riding around a city, so look out for versatility if this is something which you require. Here, we have selected 10 of the best adventure motorcycles from some of the biggest brands out there to give you some possible options. We have tried to select bikes that cover different price points and offer a range of features that may make them attractive to you.

The 10 Best Adventure Motorcycles You Can Buy Today

Kawasaki Versys

The first adventure motorcycle that we are going to talk about is this highly versatile bike from Kawasaki. The engine is one of the most popular features of this bike, and over recent years, it has been improved and adapted for the adventure marketplace. Also, the exhaust system has also been enhanced with a balance tube that sits by the headers. So, you will have plenty of power when you really want to feel the wind in your hair! If you are experienced in riding adventure motorcycles, you may notice differences in the braking system, which is largely down to a different suspension arrangement. So, it may take a little time before you feel fully used to it, but once you do, the improvements are there to be enjoyed. On the downside, the price point is going to put bikers on a budget off, so it is worth investigating the cheaper options if you don’t want to pay the big bucks. But if you have more to spend, it certainly ranks highly on the list of possibilities, so you should give this bike a long and hard look.

Honda Africa Twin

The world-famous Paris-Dakar rally is where this adventure bike got its name. And, as you would expect, it has been built with adventures firmly in mind – especially those that take place over long distances. But this is also a bike which offers a good deal of reliability, as well as a high fuel capacity, which is what you want if you don’t want to find yourself cutting your adventures short at any point. This bike was first conceived way back in 1988, but it has retained its popularity in the present day. As well as traveling on highways, it also has the kind of resilient frame and powerful design that make it suitable for off-road adventures. The tires have a knobbly design which gives you plenty of control no matter what surface you have in front of you – whether this is a smooth highway or tough mud or dirt tracks. In 2016, the bike had a big revamp to offer an improved range and comfort. There is now an urban mode, which is designed for inner city riding. There is no double that the Honda Africa Twin is the bike that inspired many of the future adventure motorcycles, so you are getting an iconic model.

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Suzuki V-Strom

Though it has been around since 2004, the Suzuki V-Strom is still packing a mighty punch in the adventure motorcycle market – and it is easy to see why. Of course, as you would expect, there have been plenty of technological development since those early days. At the heart of the bike is its liquid-cooled 645cc fuel-injected engine, which along with other features like the six-speed gearboxes, give you the power that you need to really tear up the open road. The full aluminum frame offers a standard riding position, while the suspension is adjustable as you require. But this is not just a bike for adventure travelling. You can also use it for city driving, as well as hitting the highways. However, for off-road driving, it doesn’t offer the same quality as some other bikes on the list. If you are on a tighter budget and you don’t plan on doing so much off-roading, the V-Strom is a great entry-level bike. In fact, it is significantly cheaper than many of its most common competitors, and this certainly makes it worth considering.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure

As it says in the name, this is a crossover motorcycle which is specifically made for adventures! The powerful twin engine gives you plenty to work with, while there is also a strong four-valve cylinder head too. The chassis is both tough and stylish, which gives you the right combination of beauty and brawn. This is the bigger brother of the KTM 990, and upon its launch in 2015, it immediately started making waves in the adventure motorcycle world. As well as offering a comfortable ride, it also gives you the type of performance that you would expect from a bike of this caliber. Ultimately, this is a bike, which fully deserves the ‘super’ title it boasts, and if you are looking for a larger bike to ride, this is certainly an option which is worth considering.

BMW G 650 GS Sertao

BMW has developed more than its fair share of quality adventure bikes, and this is another all terrain motorcycle to add to the collection of hits. The powerful engine can hit top speeds of over 100mph, so you can really open it up on your adventures. But it is suitable for the smaller rides that you do around the city, as well as the bigger trips that you have in mind. Since it is a BMW bike, you can rest assured that the hardware behind the motorcycle is up to scratch and the reliability is good. In terms of safety, you have a high-quality ABS braking system, which gives you the ability to stop of surfaces both wet and dry. There are also heated grips fitted as standard, which is ideal for colder trips in icy and wintery conditions.

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Triumph Tiger 800 XC

One of the most famous and iconic British brands, Triumph almost disappeared back in the early 1980s, but it was bought out and continued to release the kind of exciting vehicles that it became known for. The Tiger first arrived on the market in 2010, but each new incarnation has continued showing improvements – and there are hundreds of them, so we could spend a long time talking about them! So, whether you remember Triumph in its heyday, or you simply want a high-quality adventure bike, this one fits the bill. This is a bike which has been built with plenty of attention to detail, and it is certainly a pleasure to ride. Just a few of the features which are worth noting include the responsive engine, signature LED lighting, and on-board computer. So, while this is a bike which celebrates the past, it is also one which has the future very much in mind. And it is a great conversation-starter bike too!

Ducati Multistrada

If you want an adventure bike that allows you to sit tall and survey the open road in front of you, this is a fantastic choice. In terms of Ducati bikes, this one boasts being one of the most advanced options out there. And as you would expect from a motorcycle that has the Ducati name, power and performance are two of the top features. And while this isn’t a brand which was originally associated with adventure bikes, the original Multistrada sold very well, and the latest models have learned from some of the past mistakes to ensure that all-round excellence is assured. In terms of traction control, you have eight levels of adjustment, so you can choose the one which allows you to handle the terrain the best. And this means that everyone from novices to experienced riders can enjoy this bike, so it is quite an accessible option. If you are going to heading out on long adventures, comfort is especially important, and this bike has an extra-broad saddle to help you cover these distances without struggling and feeling uncomfortable.


The first thing that is likely to strike you about this adventure touring bike is just how huge it is. And this is something that can put off less experienced riders, but you shouldn’t let this deter you from getting one until you have sat on it yourself. You may find that it is not as hard to handle as you had initially thought. In fact, some of the earlier versions of this bike were even heavier, and this is something which has been worked on in response to common criticisms. With its new ‘lightweight’ designs, the horsepower has also been given a boost, so you can speed from 0 to 60mph in less than four seconds. And you combine this with all the reliability which BMWs are known for and you have a special bike. Its fuel tank can hold 7.9 gallons of fuel, so you can travel for a long time without refilling, which is a relief if you are traveling in areas where gas stations are infrequent. The bike now boasts on-board diagnostics, so you can easily tell if anything has gone wrong. On top of all these positive qualities, this bike has featured on the TV and in the movies, so you will really feel famous while riding!

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Yamaha Super Tenere

An off-road bike which is also drivable in the city, this all terrain motorcycle is powered by a strong twin-engine. The shaft drive is protected from the ravages of the weather by an enclosure, while there is also an advanced regulation system, which checks for things like fuel injection and ignition timing. One of the things that first strikes you about this bike is just how stylish it looks – and you would expect nothing less from a Yamaha motorcycle, which many people are still drawn to. One of the features which many people are looking for in an adventure motorcycle is safety, and this bike has a couple of points which are worth discussing in this regard. First, it has an ABS braking system to deal with more challenging weather conditions. And it also boasts an advanced traction control system, which gives you the high level of control over your vehicle that you are looking for.


And finally, we have another adventure motorcycle from KTM. This one is what can be described as a ‘middleweight’ bike, which is not quite as expensive as those at the higher end of the market. And this is a very desirable option for many potential adventure bike buyers. A couple of the features that make it so popular include the Bosch traction control and ABS system. Since it is more lightweight, you can maneuver it around with greater ease, so it is perfect for tackling tighter bends and corners. Ultimately, it pitches in the middle, which many buyers believe offers the best of both worlds.

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