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Uniden is one of the best brands on the market when it comes to defeating advanced speed detection systems on roads and highways. The company’s R1 had become synonymous with advanced radar detection systems. Now, the company has the R3. It’s almost the same as the R1, except that it now has a far more superior radar detection range and sensitivity. It comes with several neat features that make it one of the best in the market, including the ability to undermine the prowess of the vaunted Spectre Elite RDD. If you want a highly-advanced radar detection system on your car, the Uniden R3 is it.
Uniden R3 Review

Product Description

With a professional-grade design, there’s no mistaking the capabilities of the Uniden R3. It is compact but features a bright and colorful OLED display that is several lightyears away from more conventional systems. This allows for easier access to information on the device. Plus, the audible tones sound a lot better than other devices.

The core of the R3’s features is its unmatched radar range and sensitivity. Uniden uses a state-of-the-art digital signal processor that behaves near the levels of the 26-year old Valentine 1. Don’t get us wrong. The V1 may be an old model but its sensitivity is one of the best. What Uniden has going for the R3 is its superior balance and refinement over the V1. When coupled with its advanced GPS chip, what you get is a system that alerts you on the possible presence of a speed monitoring system further up the road.

The system also comes with advanced BSM (Blind Spot Monitoring) filtering, reduced K-band filtering, and reduced Ka-band false alerts. The R3 is capable of detecting instant-on police radar traps as well as systems that still use the X-band. And get this – the R3 is also able to detect police LIDAR systems, giving the Uniden R3 a better all-around performance than radar-only or laser-only systems.

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  • Advanced digital signal processor
  • GPS technology complete with red light camera alert system
  • Advanced filtering of Blind Spot Monitoring and Collision Avoidance Systems
  • Signal lockout and muting technology
  • Quiet Ride technology with speed-sensitive alert muting
  • Excellent K, Ka, and X band filtering
  • 3 sensitivity settings: highway, city, and advanced

How to Use

The Uniden R3 DSP Extreme Long Range Radar and Laser Detector with GPS is easy enough to install and use. It already comes with two types of mounting platforms for your convenience. You can install the single suction cup bracket on your windshield or the double suction cup on your dashboard. It’s often a matter of choosing how “stealthy” you want the RD device to be. Once you’ve installed the device onto the preferred location, you can start “programming” it for use.

Before you start using the Uniden R3, get familiar with all the buttons on the device. Understand what these buttons do for the device. You have Power, Menu, Vol -/+, Mute / Dim, Mark, and City.

Pressing the Mute / Dim button will cycle you through different sub-menus like “lockout false alert” and “delete a RLC”. You can also adjust the brightness levels of the OLED display.

The “Mark” button allows you to lockout the GPS in false alert areas the next time you drive by.

The “City” button allows you to toggle between City, Highway, and Advanced modes.

To program the Uniden R3, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  1. Click the MENU button.
  2. Press the Vol- or Vol+ button to go through the different options on the Menu.
  3. To toggle or change a feature, press briefly the MENU button. You may have to press this several times to get to the desired “setting”.
  4. When you’re done “programming” the Uniden R3, press and hold the device’s MENU button. This will exit the programming.
  5. An alternative method is to keep on cycling through the different options until you get to the “Exit” option. Now click on the MENU button.
  6. Another method of exiting the programming is doing nothing. The device has an auto-timeout feature that will allow it to exit the programming on its own. Of course, this may take time.
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Q: Is the Uniden R3 Radar Detector easy to use?

A: Despite the technological advances put in the R3, this device is very easy to use. Pressing the MENU button accesses the features. Toggling through the options is also easy using the Vol- or Vol+ key. The bright OLED display makes using the R3 a lot easier, too.

Q: Will a mount affect the GPS signal of the Uniden R3?

A: No. There will be no issues with the GPS detection capabilities of the device, regardless of whether there is another mount on the windshield.

Q: Where does the device’s power come from?

A: The RD device comes with a cigarette lighter adaptor power cord. As such, it draws its power from the 12-volt system in your car. Unfortunately, you cannot use a USB cord that’s plugged into a cigarette lighter adaptor.

Q: Should I mount the R3 high or low on my windshield?

A: The current recommendation is to install the R3 high up in the windshield as this can help improve its radar coverage. However, do take note that it may not be able to provide efficient laser detection coverage.

The Uniden R3 is a compact and powerful radar detection system that has a very friendly price relative to its robust features. It is a system that still has some flaws. With constant updates, however, such issues will be ironed out and make the system more formidable.

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