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When your original tires are all old and worn out, it can be a real pain trying to find replaceable tires that offer you great quality. Now there are a huge number of tire brands to first of all sort through when searching for that perfect replacement, and while a lot of them offer good quality tires, they are usually so expensive that it would require you to probably sell your house everything else that you own just to purchase four good tires. This is not the case with Westlake tires though. These tires not only offer incredible quality with features that you would appreciate, but its also amazingly affordable, so you don’t need to break the bank to purchase. Find that hard to believe? Just go through our Westlake tires review and witness the amazing features they offer.

Best Selling WestLake Tires Review

The Westlake SU318 All-Season Radical Tire is a great vehicle tire choice. This specific tire weighs 32.9 pounds and has a rim diameter of 16 inches, sporting a classy all-black color making it a suitable fit for just about any car. This SU318 Westlake tire model has a dimension of 29.1 to 29.1 to 7.5 inches, and it is very long-lasting, being able to get at least 40,000 miles on a car. What’s more, it is a high-quality product, improving the overall standard of any car that it is attached to. Noisy sounds when driving are a thing of the past with this product, as it is incredible quiet and delivers a very stable driving experience. They also work great on icy roads, providing firmness and secure hold on the road to avoid skidding and sliding as you drive.

And when driving on roads filled with snow, you can trust that you and your car are in great hand because these tires comes with sturdy ridges that efficiently navigate through snow, so you never have to worry about your vehicle getting stuck in the snow. Furthermore, these tires are a good fit for a variety of cars such as certain Honda, Nissan and Mercedes’s car make, and you can easily check if the SU318 tires would work for your vehicle by simply selecting your tire size and providing information about your tire width, tire aspect ratio and wheel diameter. With the Westlake SU318s, you can be rest assured that these tires will pass the test of time.

  • Brand: Westlake
  • Model: SU318
  • Weight: 32.9 pounds

2. Westlake SA07 All- Season Radial Tire

If you want to experience enhanced performance when driving, then look no further than the Westlake SA07 All-Season Radical Tire. These high-performance tires are suitable for Sedans, CUVs and touring cars just to name a few, and you can be sure to experience the best drives of your life. First of all, these tires can be mounted and balanced easily without any hassle, so you already know that you’re off to a great start. Then, when it comes to grip, these tires stay firm and steady on the road, providing quiet stability you didn’t even know you needed. Even on wet roads, the Westlake SA07 delivers as its thread pattern has the just enough sipping to easily direct the water away as you drive.

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These tires have been optimized to provide better handling and balance, with its specially designed thread made with circumferential channels that give lateral stability and accurate responsiveness which works to greatly increase the fast expulsion of water from the tires to ensure that the grip stays secure and strong throughout different types of seasons. What’s more, the improved and strengthened thread compound also contains silica which works to provide a lower rolling resistance in wet conditions while still delivering a better fuel efficiency. Even during a heavy downpour, you can trust that these tires will work perfectly, never losing pressure or grip during extremely wet weather.

  • Brand: Westlake
  • Model: SA07
  • Weight: 21.3 pounds

3. Westlake SL369 All- Season Radial Tire

This sturdy Westlake SL369 All-Season Radical Tire provides you with a high-quality drive every time. This tire is incredibly made and requires minimum effort when mounting, plus it needs very little balancing which signifies that it has been well built. It gives a smooth yet quiet ride as well as amazing traction as you ride. The SL369 features a radical thread pattern which was designed to enhance the traction and tread life of the tires so that even if you’re driving on an icy road or a rocky terrain, you can feel confident in knowing that your tires are going to come through for you. What’s more, with the SL369, you don’t have to always drive on a smooth driving path. These tires were built for the challenge, which is why they are perfect for off-road driving paths as well. You can easily transition from the highway to a rocky and muddy off-road path when making use of these tires on your rims without having to even blink an eye.

Additionally, the transition value it offers is priceless, and you never have to worry about the state of your tires when you drive through unstable terrains because the SL369s come with a series of circumferential grooves all around them that help to efficiently and effectively expel of mud, dirt and water as you drive. These tires perform great in dry, rocky, rugged and muddy conditions and in moderate off-road conditions as well, so your rocky ride through the forest, desert and across the country has just been made thousand times easier.

  • Brand: Westlake
  • Model: SL369
  • Weight: 33 pounds

4. Westlake RP18 All- Season Radial Tire

The Westlake RP18 All-Season Radical Tire is a phenomenal touring tire that was specially designed to deliver all year round performance for drivers. This tire provides over 40,000 miles for your car, while still giving the stability and sturdiness that you appreciate. This tire is very inclusive and can be suitable for a good number of car brands and makes including Coupes, Sedans, Crossovers, and Minivans and you can simply check if this tire is suitable for your car by just selecting the desired tire width, tire aspect ratio and wheel diameter out of the options provided. This tire also comes in a smaller range that was designed to fit older vehicles which have smaller fitments, so you can be pretty confident in knowing that this tire was built with you and your car in mind.

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With the Westlake RP18, you get to enjoy the amazing benefits that it provides such as enhanced responsiveness alongside strong and sturdy durability throughout the year. What’s more, this tire comes with a very symmetrical thread pattern which works specifically to give the tire several different options when it comes to rotation as a way to extend the thread life. Additionally, it is an all-weather tire, so you can easily drive in whatever weather condition, come snow, rain or sun. The tire also features very complex and elaborate sipping and thread pattern, all which were designed to work together in order to evacuate water effectively when driving; so that you can always maintain good traction even on a wet road.

  • Brand: Westlake
  • Model: RP18
  • Weight: 19.7 pounds

With the Westlake SL309 All-Season Radical Tire, expect all your expectations to be completed exceeded. This tire not only looks great on any car with its classic all-black design, but it also rides really smooth and quiet. Plus, you get to travel thousands and thousands of miles with these SL309s, as they provide over 40,000 mileage on your vehicle. The Westlake SL309 are meant to be used on regular light trucks, pick up vans, SUVs and regular vans, but you can even use them on commercial light trucks due to the fact that this tire has a heavy-duty load capacity.

What’s more, it is a radial tubeless tire that is designed to perform outstandingly in all weathers. It features a steel belt construction that is there to provide unmatched durability and much better cornering performance. And if you want to know about traction, this tire comes with top-level traction that performs great in dry, wet or even winter conditions. Drive with this tires in your rims through the snow, sand, mud, ice and even rocky terrains without having to stress about whether you can make it through your journey. This tire was designed to navigate through uncertain roads and conditions, so you can have your peace of mind while you enjoy your ride.

  • Brand: Westlake
  • Model: SL309
  • Weight: 38.1 pounds

Westlake Tires Buying Guide and FAQ

Who Makes Westlake Tires?

Westlake tires are Chinese made tires manufactured by ZC Rubber Group co. which was established in 1958 and has over 60 years of manufacturing experience. ZC Rubber is an extremely huge and successful manufacturing organization, having been ranked number 1 largest tire manufacturer in china, and the number 10th largest tire manufacturer in the world, accumulating over 3.6 billion dollars in sales. ZC Rubber Group manufactures a wide variety of tires for different types of vehicles including cars, trucks, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, tractors and a selection of other vehicles. Their tire brands include Goodride, Chaoyang and Westlake.

Westlake specifically produces tires that are for cars and different types of trucks and vans. While ZC Rubbers have a number of factories in Thailand, most of the Westlake tires sold are manufactured in China, at their main factory in Xiasha. What’s more, Westlake tires are exported to various countries worldwide and are believed by its users to be a highly impressive and exceptional brand of tires, especially considering that it is very affordable compared to other tire brands, with their tires having been designed to provide a great with all-year performance.

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Why Choose Westlake Tires?

There are a variety of reasons why you should choose Westlake tires.

  • Versatility

Westlake tires are incredibly versatile to use. The brand offers a very wide lineup of tires that cater to a variety of vehicle types, covering passengers of light trucks as well as applications for both CUVs and SUVs so that regardless of the type of vehicle or requirement/application you might need, Westlake has something that would suit your needs.

  • Durable and comfortable

The Westlake tires are produced with very high-quality materials as well as high-end manufacturing methods, which is typically unusual for a low budget brand. Nevertheless, the materials coupled with the production process works to make their tires not only durable but also comfortable, with rigid center ribs and large tread blocks that deliver long-lasting effects.

  • Handling performance

When buying tires, handling performance is one thing to focus on. A lot of tires can drive well on stable and smooth roads, but not all can navigate through rough terrains. Westlake tires perform incredibly under regular road conditions but are also extremely reliable when it comes to tackling other not-so-great road conditions.

Price: The value that you get for your money when you purchase Westlake tires is amazing. While it is a low budget tire, it doesn’t skim on quality. These tires are reliable and long-lasting, so if you’re looking for good replacement tires without having to break the bank, then Westlake tires are a great option.


Design features

  • Serrated patterns

Westlake tires feature serrated patterns alongside biting edges that are there to ensure that the vehicle has a good and stable grip on the road, as well as enhancing traction when it is faced with wet roads and surfaces.

  • Cross sipes

The tires from Westlake come with cross Sipes that work to increase traction when driving. They do this by expanding the surface area of the road/path that it has come in contact with.

  • Shoulder blocks

Westlake tires are specially developed to come with unique shoulder blocks, and these blocks essentially work well to improve and increase the vehicle’s stability as it drives and as it corners.

  • Profile design

The overall profile design of Westlake tires has been created in such a way that the tires offer you a great quality steering conduct and reaction so that you can be confident in your safety as you drive

  • Weight

The weight of these each tire is different, but each one is specially designed so that its weight can be perfectly suited to the variety of cars that it can fit in with, without weighing the car down.

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