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The most important thing to consider when using a vehicle is the reliability of its parts; and what better part to consider than the tires being used. The tire is a major part that ensures mobility, and in a situation where you have old or worn-out tires that need immediate replacement, it is important to do this replacement in the right place and rely on the right sources. This leads to an important selection today – the Best Selling Kenda Tires. Kenda Tires is that reliable source you should look to when in need of tire replacement, with guaranteed confidence for effectiveness and durability.
Kenda Tires Review

Best Selling Kenda Tires

Kenda K50 Tire

The Kenda K50 Tire is an amazing offer for a tire. This one in particular is a 14-inch tire ranging in diameter, with side dimensions of up to 2.125 inches. It comes in a clever black hue for tires and has been constructed with tire beads perfectly crafted from steel.

The Kenda K50 Tire has been designed with an intended purpose for suiting bikes. Its dimensions are a perfect fit for that, and most especially, this tire serves as a great replacement. In the event you have worn-out or damaged tires, this is a conventional tire to suit that purpose. It also has a unique tread design that is aimed at giving maximum control when it comes to bike races, and for all the BMX purposes. Furthermore, it grips and holds adequately, which is why it is a great fit for bikes; as well as the fact that it also possesses extreme durable properties, so you can rest assured your tires won’t wear out even with the most extreme sports

  • Brand Kenda
  • Model x
  • Weight 15.2 ounces

Kenda Klever M/T KR29 Mud Terrain Radial Tire

The Kenda Klever M/T KR29 Mud Terrain Radial Tire is one of the groundbreaking products from Kenda Tires. It comes in an amazing 32.8 inches in diameter as well as a width of precisely 8.5 inches. The rim of this tire is notably 16 inches in diameter, and from the appearance of the tire, it is certain to give your vehicle a nice touchup display. Furthermore, it has been specifically designed for the purpose of driving through mud terrains like a pro and was built to give ease when driving through the slipperiest of surfaces; plus with the advantage of helping you to maintain a solid stance. 

As for the tread design, it is also crafted adequately to perfection to uphold the purpose for which this tire was created. The tread design is angled strategically to allow an easy self-maintenance feature when crossing through terrains and also adequately gives way for a more secure grip.

  • BrandKenda
  • ModelKlever M/T KR29
  • Weight60 pounds

Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire

The Kenda Bearclaw K299 ATV Tire is an efficiently capable rugged invention from Kenda Tires. It has dimensions of 25 inches by 10 inches and weighs a whopping 20.5 pounds and has a maximum load capacity of up to 420 pounds. This tire was built especially for off-road purposes for maximum treading capacities and is not designed in any way for highway purposes. Additionally, this off-road treading capacity gives it uniqueness amongst other tire products and it possesses all the rugged advantages those in need of a tire such as this can easily have.

Furthermore, this tire as the name identifies has adverse tread designs capable of sinking deep to a total of 25 millimeters, for the best of grips on terrain grounds. What’s more, the pattern of tread design situated at the center is built to maximize traction and to further aid in the control of the vehicle.

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  • BrandKenda
  • ModelBearclaw
  • Weight20.5 pounds

Kenda K500 Super Turf Lawn and Garden Bias Tire

The Kenda K500 Super Turf Lawn and Garden Bias Tire is an effortless but effective tire. It comes in an 18 by 8.5 inch dimension size and  is conveniently eleven pounds in weight and possesses eight inches in rim diameter. It also has a maximum load capacity of up to 816 pounds, enough for all the heavy-duty work. This tire is specifically for outdoor equipment, most especially lawn and garden equipment and it serves as a suitable replacement tire for outdoor equipment. It also has a precise functionality for zero-turn mowers and the tread design is one that isn’t suitable for highway roads as it is most effective on lawns and gardens. What’s more, it has maximum traction features guaranteed for even more effective control of the vehicle.

With the 4-ply rating of the Kenda K500 Super Turf Lawn and Garden Bias Tire, you are ascertained of the maximum durability involved with getting this tire. Another reason this tire is a great pick is the incredibly low price tag attached, ensuring maximum worth for your purchase.

  • BrandKenda
  • ModelK500 Super Turf
  • Weight11 pounds

Kenda Cruiser K671 Motorcycle Street Tire

The Kenda Cruiser K671 Motorcycle Street Tire 170/80H-15 as the name implies is a cruise-worthy pick.  It offers 25.7 inches in diameter, as well as 6.7 inches in width and weighs an average of 18 pounds and has a 15-inch diameter provided for the rim. This is a tire that suits the purpose of motorcycling and all the sporting activities included and for the street type of riding and subsequent cruising adventures, this tire serves as an adequate fit. What’s more, it delivers the features of a street tire with all the right functionalities, such as its adequately high speed range reaching up to 130 miles per hour.

The Kenda Cruiser K671 Motorcycle Street Tire also has a 6-ply rating that ensures the sporting and riding adventures don’t wear out the tires in any way. Its deep tread design accurately helps on wet surfaces to ascertain a maximum grip and control and it disperses water from its path and ensures traction while on the move. It has a strong side pattern and a wide surface patch that helps to ensure stability on the ground and properly extends mileage.

  • BrandKenda
  • ModelCruiser
  • Weight18 pounds

Best Selling Kenda Tires Buying Guide and FAQ

Who Makes Kenda Tires?

Kenda Rubbers was spawned as a manufacturing company for bicycle tires in 1962, with little knowledge of what the company would be today. This was done in Yuanlin, Taiwan and over the span of eight years, this company grew into something bigger. It then further advanced its manufacturing specifications, adding both the manufacturing of scooter and motorcycle tires.  After the success in this advancement, in another space of eight years, another inclusion was made. This was that of garden tires, and lawn tires as well. This was a major skyrocket for Kenda Rubbers, as it aided in their stance as a company. In 1983, with more opportunities in the market, Kenda Tires launched their trailer tires. This left an open space for growth and further helped in the development of the Yunlin factory, just two years later.

In 1997, Kenda Tires established a groundbreaking factory in Vietnam. By this time, they had moved from just a small-town organization into one that was storming the shores of the world. Monitor manufacturing was attained much sooner in the state of Georgia, USA, after which a Martin Wheel Company was attained. In the late 90s, another factory was established still in the great city of China.

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On the advent of the 21st Century, Kenda Tires released to the public, the passenger radial tires. They further went to attain more companies, such as the Dexstar Wheel Company in Indiana, as well as entering into a partnership with Cooper Tire in Kunshan, China. After these innovative steps into the world of tire manufacturing, they dove deeper by releasing three more factories in China. By the time it was their 50th anniversary in 2012, they were ready for an explosive celebration of a well-established company. Kenda Tires further went to establish themselves in Europe, Germany, Indonesia and built technical offices in Ohio, USA, and also in Germany. As of 2017, it was brought to the eyes of the public, that Kenda Tires have attained the renowned Starco Company. This is a mega organization with roots all around Europe, giving Kenda Tires more opportunities in the manufacturing world.

Why Choose Kenda Tires?

  • Reliability
  • Effectiveness

The most important thing about making a purchase is the solid fact that it works properly. Even with the best features and functionalities provided, there should be a fine line between that and its effectiveness. Another solid reason you should rely on Kenda Tires is that their products perform accurately. With numerous years in the business, and with growing factories in multiple countries, this stands as a testimony to the fact that they are quite effective. They are passed through the best of manufacturing processes, and each line of product is tested adequately before officially being released for use to the general public. This is done to ascertain that products are effective, even higher than the speculated performance level.

  • Affordability

With the effectiveness and reliability, it’s only more unique of their products to be affordable. This is yet another reason why choosing Kenda Tires is a great line of action. With the affordable nature of their tires, this provides an avenue for buyers to get the best of both worlds. For the vehicle users on a budget, but absolutely want the full dose of an adequate tire, it offers just that. Their groundbreaking cheap prices are a major factor in their growing chain of factories, as this has placed their products in high demand. Full functionalities plus effectiveness, all in the comfort of a purchase is one advantage you shouldn’t miss out on.

  • Durability
  • Diversity
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When it comes to diversity, Kenda Tires connect all the dots. From the onset of their tire production, they quickly advanced into several lines of tire manufacturing. This further gave room for stance in the tire market, as many needs were being met all at once. For all your tire needs, Kenda Tires is a great choice because they offer the best diversity in tire production. This helps to fill up the blank spaces because they aren’t just incredibly effective, but they have exactly what customers are looking for when it comes to the specifics in tire production.

Design Features

  • Effective Control

For the desired purpose the Kenda truck tires are meant to achieve, they correspondingly have accurate specifications to suit that purpose. One of such purposes is for effective control. From the dimensions of the tires used for construction to the rim diameter provided, all of these work hand in hand to give you an advanced control advantage with your vehicles. This also aids in the braking capacity and generally increases the performance of a vehicle being used.

  • Pronounced Grip
  • Puncture Resistant

Kenda Tires are known for their advanced coating methods, most especially when it comes to their off-road tires. These methods used help in the durability of their tires, as well as help to increase the mileage of vehicles. Kenda Tires have been created in a way that they are not easily susceptible to punctures and extreme road conditions, and are a great fit for extended use. This is a sustainable way to preserve the working capabilities of a vehicle.

  • Suitable Traction

The angles of tread design and pattern used to construct the Kenda Tires are what certifies this tire with suitable traction on different terrains. From the center designs of the tread patterns to the outermost constructions, all have been carefully put together to obtain maximum traction and an effective ride no matter the weather or circumstances. This design feature is a unique functionality that gives Kenda Tires a solid reputation when it comes to their off-road and all-terrain tires.

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