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The quality and performance of a tire on or off-road on any surface type are a huge determinant to the performance of the vehicle and ultimately to the comfort, safety, and security of the driver and other occupants. That is why Toyo Tires will go to all extents to provide customers with tires that not only assure comfort and safety but also offer other features that give more freedom and choices whenever you venture outside the home in your ride. Toyo Tires has a long history of innovation, quality, and performance spanning sixty five years, with forty-five of these being spent in the US. They develop, design, test, distribute, and market their products throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Toyo tires reviews have consistently been rated among the top brands in terms of durability, traction, dependability, and affordability.

Toyo Tires Review

Best-Selling Toyo Tires

Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire

First up is the Toyo Open Country Mt Review. The Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire 35x1250R20 121Q is uniquely crafted to perfectly fit the requirements of full-size pick-ups that are driven by the diehard fanatics of the machine who would like to be assured of nothing but the best in performance categories that has to do with load-carrying capacity, extra ground clearance and off-road capability, not forgetting a superiority in on-road competence. This tire features a high turn up and a 3-ply polyester casing. It is very well known for off-road performance and possesses a long tread life and spots a hugely aggressive tread pattern. It is specially designed to enable trucks to confront any kind of obstacle and overcome with no holds barred. Talk of pavements, muddy roads, snowy terrains, rugged rocky ground or even grounds with no road, Open country M/T engages all with equal tenacity endurance and will prevail.

It belongs to the category of tires that generate the least noise but operates to achieve very high efficiency and low fuel consumption for the truck and huge savings for your pocket. It is impact resistant and enables easy handling. It gives excellent traction in snow and deep mud. The deep siping in the tread blocks facilitates greatly grip maintenance, especially on wet roads. With these M/T tires on your truck, you will soon discover they are the best tires you have ever owned.

  • BrandToyo Tires
  • ModelOpen Country M/T
  • Weight50 pounds

Toyo Tires Extensa A/S All Season Radial Tire

The tire of a vehicle contributes so much to its overall performance and is a determining factor for the comfort, safety, and security of the occupants. Toyo tire is very much fully aware of this fact and has developed the perfect solution to address all concerns regarding the performance and delivery of vans and cars. The Toyo Tires Extensa A/S All-Season Radial Tire – 195/60R15 87T is your all-season tire applicable to a wide variety of minivans and passenger cars. It gives you extraordinary performance in all surface conditions whether snowy, dry, and wet or muddy terrains. You can be sure for it to provide you with a most comfortable ride and take you very far.

The optimized center block arrangement, together with the variable pitch angles assure excellent road contact to enhance your comfort, safety, and security. The shoulder rib reduces greatly irregular wear and enhances grip and overall stability. It features four wide circumferential grooves with uneven pitch channels to enhance wet traction and evacuates water. The symmetric tread design makes it possible to cross rotate in order to minimize uneven wear thereby greatly improving traction and extending the life span of your tire and vehicle. This Toyo Extensa tire features a treadwear indicator to enable you to keeps track of its performance for you to have absolute control over its replacement options. It weighs a modest 18 pounds and measures 24.2×7.7×24.2 inches.

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  • BrandToyo Tires
  • ModelExtensa A/S
  • Weight18 pounds

Toyo Open Country A/T II Performance Radial Tire

Whether driving for leisure, pleasure, heading to a business or simply hurrying home after a hard day’s work to a welcoming and cozy atmosphere, all you need is a great vehicle to transport you smoothly and safely, in comfort and in style. This vehicle will have to depend on a time tested, reliable, quiet, tough, and combative tires to get the mission accomplished, and this is where Toyo Tires comes in.

The Toyo Open Country A/T II Performance Radial Tire – 265/70R17 113S is made to fit onto an off-road all-terrain passenger light truck or SUV spots an aggressive and open tread block design and has three uniquely different shoulder designs. It has polygonal blocks with zig-zag sipes. These are great tires that provide fantastic traction and control and will surely move through rain and snow with incredible ease. The deep tread grooves with stone ejector blocks enables increases in its traction ability in mud and snow whilst forcing stones from the grooves. They are deliberately made to offer seamless performance, beat the competition and last a long time. Its 40.3-pound weight ensures that you keep your fuel consumption patterns within limits and add more mileage per gallon to your rides.

  • BrandToyo Tires
  • ModelOpen Country A/T II
  • Weight40.3 pounds

Toyo OPEN COUNTRY XTREME A/T II All Terrain Radial Tire

There can be a no better deal than trading a few ten dollars with a tire that you can trust to deliver on comfort, safety and satisfaction you require, whether on or off-road, wet or dry terrain. A tire that is compatible across a wide range of vehicle types and brands, that will offer assurance from day to day without worrying about how far it will take you or how long it will last or what date should you undertake a replacement exercise. Simply install this extreme open country tire on your vehicle, and you will start enjoying the comfort, smoothness, and the quietness it gives in an instant.

The Toyo 352850 Open Country XTREME A/T II All Terrain Radial Tire – 295/70R18 129S is your most trustworthy endurance tire to take you to your destination or the nearest service point safely in case you encounter any road hiccup on the way. It has a deeper tread depth and spots a very strong tread and shoulder design. The Toyo at2 extreme sports a tough look and provides an excellent performance. It delivers s excellent traction and treads life. It features deep tread grooves with stone ejecting blocks that boosts mud and snow traction. The tie bars separating the grooves increases tread block stability and improves braking, especially on dry surfaces.

  • BrandToyo Tires
  • Weight58 pounds

Toyo Tires OPEN COUNTRY AT2 All Terrain Radial Tire

Just activate the ignition and set all the controls in motion and your Toyo all terrain tires will handle the rest. As a result of its consistent and superior performance on and off-road in all terrains, the Toyo Tires OPEN COUNTRY AT2 All Terrain Radial Tire – comes with a treadwear warranty of 65000 miles with an additional 45-day, 500-mile trial offer. It is a most versatile all-terrain tire that delivers superior traction and tread-life with a glaringly vivid tread design to give you the ride of your dreams.

The various sizes possess a deep tread depth which means when riding in mud or snow, you can be assured of a quiet ride. Its tread compound is wear-resistant and will considerably prolong tread life, making it very durable. The deep tread grooves with the stone ejecting blocks ensure that you stay focused, maintain absolute control and achieve maximum stability, whether in snow or mud. The tie bars between the blocks improve stability and breaking and decrease irregular wear. With a cool $224.00, this great performance tires will be yours to grab. The 63-pound weight gives you a glimpse of its toughness that will not affect your fuel consumption in any way. Do not hesitate to get a better ride with a better mileage with Toyo Tires All-terrain radial.

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  • BrandToyo Tires
  • Weight63 pounds

Toyo Tires Buying Guide & FAQ

Who Makes Toyo Tires

The founding president of Toyo Tires Mr. Rikimatsu Tomihisa was the vision bearer of this great tire manufacturing company that was established under the name Toyo Tire and Rubber Co. Ltd. The company became the first Japanese tire maker to establish a subsidiary in the United States. It started as a small office in Southern California and quickly moved into warehousing and distribution of commercial truck tires.

Later on in 1975, Toyo Tire (USA) as it was then known saw passenger replacement tires being added to its range of products through a network of independent tire dealers, leading to steady growth in its operations and activities. The first tire to roll off the assembly line in the United States bearing the Toyo Tire brand happened in the late 1980s when the company started manufacturing commercial tires in Mt. Vermont in Illinois.

The company has since then supported the US economy and has also enabled quicker access to inventories resulting in a marked reduction in shipping time and costs.

Currently, Toyo Tires are made by Toyo Group of Companies, with its US headquarters located in Cypress, California. Its distribution network is facilitated by almost a million square feet of warehousing space in Southern California with more warehousing facilities located in Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The company continues to deliver innovative, quality performance, and excellence in product design, production, testing, distribution, and marketing for over 65 years.

Its US subsidiary started operations 20 years later and since 2000 been named by the North American Tire dealers the number one overall brand year after year in Tire Review magazine’s Annual Tire Brand Review.

Toyo Tires started competing in motorsports in US road racing in the 1980s, and by the close of the decade, drivers using Toyo products have won several championship titles thus initiating the birth of Toyo Tires motorsports legacy. From road racing to off-road championships to drifting, Toyo Tires continues to firmly establish its brand in a dominant way in both the amateur and professional racing g activities. Moreover, the company has obtained valuable knowledge and exposure, which continuously drives Toyo Tires to aim higher and come up with the best products possible.

The company has since then continued to play a dominant role in developing, designing and making and distributing innovative passenger car tires to answer to the call of ever-increasing sophisticated taste of the consumer, and no end seems to be in sight. Today, with operations spanning the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, and Europe, Toyo Tires can only be described as a success story from its humble beginnings.

Why Choose Toyo Tires?

The following are reasons to opt for Toyo tires.

  • Excellent traction, control, and tread life

Toyo Tires, have over the years, gained the reputation of being an industry leader when it comes to traction. Their tires offer a firm hold onto the surface no matter the nature of the terrain. The tires have been specifically designed and tested for various terrains and environments such as hot, icy, damp, and moist environments to assure superior traction and control. The polygonal blocks and zig-zag sipes ensure that gravels and water are sufficiently expended in the course of traction.

  • Sustainability

Toyo Tires is fully aware of the impact its activities and products are having on the earth and its environment and have developed plans and strategies to drastically limit its impacts to achieve sustainability in its entire value chain of production, in the near future. Sustainable methods of making tires are being modeled to curtail the effects but maintain quality and performance.

  • Affordable price
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Toyo tires follow a systematic pricing regime that sees its tires become more competitive than its counterparts from other manufacturers. It is for this reason that many vehicle owners and users have formed the habit of resorting to this superior quality tire, and this trend is forecast to continue and grow in the foreseeable future.

  • Durability

Several reviews from users of Toyo Tires point only to one conclusion – that they actually meet and even exceed all the projected mileage specifications to make it the number one in tire durability due to slow wear over a long period of time. It is designed to expend as much heat as possible on long journeys, making them last longer.

  • Variety in size and design

Toyo tires come in a wide range of sizes and designs to suit specific needs of specific vehicles such as SUVs, sedans, crossovers and light trucks. In fact, in response to customer demand and to further meet consumer expectations, Toyo Tires since the late 90s has moved into new areas of product developments in fitments and dynamic tire applications. In the wake of the boom of the sport compact tuner market, the company quickly reacted by designing large rim diameter high-quality tires. This innovation immediately pushed passenger car tire sizes to 18 inches which were unthinkable just a few years back. Rim sizes have since seen steady growth and continue to do so. In 2008, Toyo Tires did it again, this time, releasing the first-ever 26 and 28-inch passenger car tires. This was quickly followed by a 30-inch passenger car tire.

Such variation in tire sizes and designs afford vehicle owners the chance to have choices when making the decision to change tires. Toyo Tires have designed a tire for every car or light truck. The various designs also mean that their tires are suitable to different terrains including wet, snow-filled, dry, sand filled or muddy surfaces whether on or off-road. The tires are also very much attractive to give a superior tough look to any vehicle it is mounted on.

Design Features

  • High turn up with a 3-ply polyester construction

Toyo tires offer high turn up with a 3-ply polyester construction that provides excellence and enhances durability. It also sports open scalloped shoulder blocks to enhance traction whenever the vehicle has to travel off-road. This feature also increases grip in muddy, sandy or snow off-road terrains. It gives the ability to evacuate mud and snow through open channels with ease.

  • Aggressive sidewall and open tread block design

This gives the tire a tough outlook to enhance the appearance of the vehicle wherever it goes. This feature also improves grip and traction whilst ensuring a smoother and quieter ride in dirt, mud or snow.

  • Tie bars between blocks

This design feature provides extra stability to the tread blocks and improves braking on all surfaces at all times. It also minimizes wear and prolongs the life span of the tire.

  • Polygonal blocks and zig-zag sipes

In snowy conditions, where the entire driving surface has been overridden with flaky or dry snow, it is important to maintain sufficient grip and have absolute control over the terrain and this tire design ensures that these requirements are well catered for.

  • Over the shoulder tread

In off-road conditions, where the terrain is more likely to be less hospitable and requires better control, this design feature gets you back in control and gives good handling especially where you have to negotiate hard turns without jeopardizing the control mechanisms of the system. It also helps to give good traction where the mud or snow is to a considerable depth.

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