BFGoodrich Tires Review

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Known for providing long-lasting tires for a variety of requirements, it’s no secret that BFGoodrich is one of the most popular brands of tire makers on the market. If you’re not sold on the benefits of these tires just yet, it’s your lucky day. Below, we discuss these tires in detail and give you a full, detailed introduction through these BFGoodrich tire reviews.
BFGoodrich Tires Review

We discuss their benefits and design features in detail, so you can see whether buying one of these high-quality tires is for you. Read on to find out everything there is to know about Goodrich tires and why we think you’ll love them.

Best Selling BFGoodrich Tires

BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2 Radial Tire

Designed to be the perfect summer tire, the G-Force Sport Comp 2 by BFGoodrich has a host of impressive features, all designed to improve the overall feel and comfort of the drive for you and your passengers. Best suited to sports cars, this tire has a minimalist, classic look that looks sleek and modern – perfect for matching to your low-profile car.

The rubber on this tire is infused with silica, helping to keep those corners tight and the response from your steering as sharp as possible. Meanwhile, the tread of the tires helps to keep your car straight and stable, while also ensuring that grip on corners is maintained for full control by the driver. In addition, the design of the tread helps to disperse wate, keeping your grooves clear and braking distance minimal.

Key Features
  • Reinforced construction means increased control when cornering
  • Known for excellent dry traction
  • The COMP-2 compound allows for greater acceleration
  • Tread pattern provides excellent stopping power
  • BrandBFGoodrich
  • Model29304
  • Weight27.9 pounds

BFGoodrich All-Terrain Radial Tire

Designed to handle any terrain and any weather, the BFGoodrich all-terrain tire can easily navigate its way through muddy roads and dusty weather without any issues. This is a BFGoodrich mud terrain style of tire that can hack steep cornering and sharp stops without breaking a sweat. The features that this tire presents are second to none, and BFGoodrich has created a tire that excels in all aspects.

The CoreGuard technology provides tougher tire walls, ensuring there is no risk of splits or cracks along your tire and providing added protection on those days you need a rockier off-roading style. Meanwhile, the deep tread of the All-Terrain TA KO2 by BFGoodrich has been manufactured to reduce risks of tears while easily managing gravel on the roads.

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Key Features
  • BFG KO2 holds CoreGuard technology for tougher walls
  • Formulated tread rubber is suitable for all terrain
  • Sidewall rubber blocks increase traction for the BFGoodrich All-terrain T A KO2
  • A serrated shoulder provides increased maneuverability
  • BrandBFGoodrich
  • ModelAll-Terrain T/A KO2
  • Weight53 pounds

BF Goodrich RADIAL T/A WL 98S

BF Goodrich RADIAL T/A WL 98S

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, this all-season tire from BF Goodrich has taken the benefits of the Radial T/A tires to create one that handles well in both dry and wet conditions. This is a great option for commuters and city drivers who enjoy getting away for the weekend.

For starters, this tire looks great on any type of modern car, while still allowing for improved durability, speed, cornering, and braking distance. This is perfect for those who like to travel both in the city and in more rural areas where they can pump the speed up a touch.

Key Features
  • Extra wide profile allows for greater traction and maneuverability
  • Works brilliantly in both wet and dry conditions
  • Unique tread looks brilliant with modern cars
  • 6-year warranty included as standard
  • BrandBFGoodrich
  • ModelRADIAL T/A WL 98S
  • Weight26 Pounds

BFGoodrich Tires Buying Guide

Who Makes BFGoodrich Tires

Despite growing competition from the likes of Goodyear and Firestone, BFGoodrich tires maintained its popularity due to extensive research, which helped to produce tires with excellent longevity and lack of tire wear. Indeed, when Henry Ford created the Model A Ford, it was BFGoodich tires which were his tire of choice – helping this car succeed in being the first to cross from East to West and making the BFGoodrich tires a household name.

In the 1980’s what was the Goodrich, Tew & Co. was then changed to the B. F. Goodrich Company. In 1986, Goodrich merged with Uniroyal, a former tired and rubber manufacturer – and previously a major competitor. It was shortly after this, in 1988, when Michelin bought the rights, patents and products of BFGoodrich. Since then, Michelin has been the manufacturer of BFGoodrich tires.

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Why Choose BFGoodrich Tires?

  • Years of experience
  • Great look and drive

As well as being incredibly durable and made with high quality materials, BF Goodrich have made their tires aesthetically pleasing – because the know that modern day cars require a modern look. In particular, their summer tires have been designed to easily meet and match the design requirement of being smooth to drive and pleasant to look at.

  • Quality material

B.F Goodrich have been known to play around with their compounds, since the day of their inception. This has allowed them to create unique rubbers which are best attuned to working with both your car and the road, leading to a safe, stable and smoother drive.

Design Features

  • Winter

BF Goodrich mud terrain tires are created with traction and control in mind. The tread design on these winter tires from Goodrich has been created to give additional security when travelling on wet surfaces, therefore reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

BFGoodrich winter tires also have protruding rubber sidewalls, which ensure better grip and traction on snowy roads without capturing and compacting the snow into ice – again, this leaves you with a reduced risk of sliding or skidding across the smoother surfaces produced by snow.

The channels and grooves of these treads are also created to help disperse water, allowing for an escape route for excess moisture when on the road. This, in turn, reduces the risk of skids and slips on the road, thanks to the dryer tread and therefore decreased stopping distance – even in wet weather.

Finally, the compound of rubber has been created to withstand the grit and debris produced on roads during the winter seasons, leaving you with a protected tire that is unlikely to wear, become pierced or hold onto dirt and loose gravel when driving, leaving you with a safe, more secure grip.

  • Summer

Summer tires are all about the level of handling you’re provided when on dry, dusty roads and BFGoodrich’s summer tires are designed to meld and mold in hotter climates, to better suit this need. Initially feeling quite tough in milder temperatures, this compound softens when the extreme heat comes in to play, allowing the tire to adapt to the increased likelihood of dust, which can otherwise cause most other drivers to lose control.

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The different tread also plays a big factor in tires from BF Goodrich, as the different patterns make for a shorter stopping distance both laterally and longitudinally, as this helps to reduce the risk of aquaplaning on the dust on the road. Producing much better handling and the feeling of more control on the road, these tires leave a larger footprint on the road, thanks to the unique tread patterns.

These still work on wetter roads but have an increased stopping distance. Thus, they are best suited for commuters, city drivers and those in hotter climates, where stopping power overtakes the need for stopping distance. However, these tires also have a thinner, sleeker look which better suits modern cars.

  • All-terrain

Goodrich are known for creating the all-terrain tire type, so it’s no surprise that the BFG All Terrain tires hold some stand out design features. These tires by BFGoodrich are perfect if you don’t want to spend time changing the tires you use, on different days or in different climates, as they excel in all types of weather.

These will generally be the best tire for those who commute to work during the day but perhaps enjoy escaping on the weekends. It’s also a great choice for those who live in wetter states, as this tire will grip the road without issue, without being excessively slow or loud on the road, as a winter tire may be in the summer months.

Be aware, however, that the grip won’t be as good as the other options when it comes to more extreme temperatures and you may need to seek out specific season tires, if you live in an area that is inclined to become very hot or very cold. Effectively, this is a good all-rounder that won’t excel in any specific area.

  • General

BFGoodrich are effectively known for providing a strong tire that has excellent longevity. Beyond this, they create tires that hold a fantastic grip on the road, giving you greater control and assisting with corners and stopping power. They pride themselves on creating tires that are both affordable and give great quality, providing drivers with higher value for money and increasing the economy of their car.

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