Mastercraft Tires Review

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There are two significant things every average car owner looks out for when purchasing car tires. These two features are affordability and performance. The presence of these two features determines how perfect the operations of a tire will be. When it comes to the types of modern tires, these two features hardly go hand in hand. The one company that has been able to merge these features effortlessly is Mastercraft. They are a company with significant expertise in the design of quality tires. They are one of the few tire companies that provide car owners with precisely what they need and demand. In this article, we showcase three of the best Mastercraft tires and their design specifications.
Mastercraft Tires Review

Best Selling Mastercraft Tires

Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire

Mastercraft is a company which has been focused on creating strong and durable tires for all vehicles. They make use of a newly developed thread pitch sequence via the reduction of outside road noise. This delivers a bit of attention to your tires while in use. The Mastercraft tires, however, do not mention this system as one of their popular features. This company seeks to offer comfort to all its customers via their creation of the Mastercraft Course MXT Radial Tire. This is a mud-terrain tire made to move swiftly on all muddy surfaces without any issues. We can guarantee that these radial tires will look super on a set of X-Line vehicles.

The Mastercraft Course tires channel water away via their circumferential grooves, designed with a unique tread block pattern. This is done to ensure that you’re provided with the much-needed grip and traction while driving. The Course MXT tires can be used throughout the year, without any issues. They offer quality which is the signature trademark of the Mastercraft brand. You can use these tires for your minivans, coupes, crossovers and even those beautiful sedans with comfort. Economically, the Course MXT is considered the most affordable tire range in today’s market; thus we are confident you could afford them. These tires also feature a longer lifespan than most tires. They also have a high tread life which is loved by several drivers around the globe.

  • Brand Mastercraft
  • Model Courser MXT
  • Weight 64 pounds

There is yet another great Mastercraft tire unit in this article which comes to make your tire search more manageable. This is the Mastercraft Courser STR, an all-season radial tire designed for regular use throughout the year. We all love to invest in highly durable tires, created with quality materials for added comfort. Mastercraft considered your safety, stability and the reliability of your vehicle; thus, it features the best tread patterns and an optimized void-to-rubber ratio. The Course STR radial tire is engineered specially to enhance off-road response and traction for a better, smoother ride. Off-road is where this offering shines; thus we can guarantee that your adventures will never be the same after your purchase.

The Courser STR radial tire product is one of the top creations of Mastercraft. It features deep sidewalks which prevent abrasion to the sidewall while improving traction on all uncertain terrains. Abrasion is a common occurrence off the highway; thus, you need to make use of a tire that understands the nature of your routes. Unlike the standard tires, this radial tire features extra-large traction edges and shoulder scallops which help your vehicle bite into any surface and scoop all unwanted mud for a better grip. The best thing about the Courser STR is that it can be used on other kinds of terrain apart from off-road.

  • BrandMastercraft
  • ModelCourser STR
  • Weight37 pounds

Mastercraft Avenger G/T Performance Radial Tire

Our final installation in this article talks about the Mastercraft Avenger Performance Radial Tires. Everyone seeks comfort whenever they drive, as well as the feeling of safety. There’s no better way to feel both ways than with the Mastercraft Avenger Radial Tire. If you wish to have reliable tires with innovative technologies, then these units are for you. The best thing is that you can rely on them for durability, long service, and safe traction, which is uncommon with tires from other brands. This is a tire under the Mastercraft’s Cooper brand series, designed by seasoned professionals with the desire to experience safety while on the road.

The Avenger radial tire from Mastercraft features refined tread elements and a reliable center which increases ride comfort and reduce road noise for better performance. Such features give this tire an advantage over other models from other brands. The optimized tread pitch sequence by are praised endlessly in the mastercraft tire ratings. It comes with T and S-ratings and is available in both 14 and 16-inch sizes. Also provided on this model is 50k mile tread warranty where your tire can be replaced as and when it experiences damage. The Avenger Radial Tire from Mastercraft is an excellent product from the Mastercraft company. It is the best unit for all drivers with older vehicles, both muscle cars, and other models.

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  • BrandMastercraft
  • ModelAvenger G/T
  • Weight14.5 pounds

Mastercraft Tires Buying Guide & FAQ

Who Makes Mastercraft Tires

A trustworthy company called Mastercraft, creates Mastercraft tires. This is a sub-company, under the significant direction of Cooper tires. They have been in existence for close to 100 years, and they’re responsible for the manufacturing of premium quality tires. Mastercraft is an off-shoot brand under a significant company, but their line-up of products is extensive. The variety ensures that no matter the vehicle you drive; you will have reliable tires, you can move around with. Some of the cars this brand caters for are passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks.

Why Choose Mastercraft Tires?

  • Mastercraft offers you premium quality through the choice of their resources and materials for their tires. They are designed in the US under the leadership of the Cooper manufacturing company. Their manufacturing facilities are located in Texas and have been in operation for a long time. Countless reviews are found in several online platforms, encouraging you to make a purchase.
  • Probably the best reason why we encourage you to purchase products from Mastercraft is that the company produces economically friendly units for your consumption. The prices of their tires are budget-friendly for many people, and this increases their sales and also helps them to stand out from the crowd.
  • With Mastercraft, you have a wide range of tire options depending on your selected vehicles. The tires are ideal for different seasons in the year, and this ensures your safety all year long. If you have a truck, you will benefit from the courser AXT, while those with passenger vehicles can use the Mastercraft Strategy.
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Design Features

The Mastercraft brand has several tires under its brand name; thus, making the final decision may prove to be very difficult and tiring. To release you of such stress and also to make your search easier, according to your vehicle, we enlist some of the significant considerations every potential customer needs to make, before deciding on a purchase.

  • Handling

When it comes to manufacturing, Mastercraft doesn’t compromise on quality. They produce tires that deliver consistent traction and firm grip throughout their use. These tires feature innovative technologies which come with rigid treads for secure handling of your vehicle on dry roads. The Mastercraft tires feature groves and edges for the prevention of hydroplaning.

  • Durability
  • Comfort

One design feature of the Mastercraft series is that the design of each tire ensures their comfort on all types of terrain. It doesn’t matter if you ride on rough, dirty, muddy or dry surfaces, these tires provide that you don’t experience slippages or discomfort. Another aspect of comfort offered by Mastercraft tires is the use of soft materials and lightweight construction.

  • Fuel-Efficient

Mastercraft as a brand helps you to optimize the fuel consumption of your vehicle and also deliver an exceptional driving experience. This is done via the use of durable and reliable materials. They make your ride extra silent, and they also dampen all vibrations for a better trip. These Mastercraft tires have less mass, are lightweight, and also offer a lower rolling resistance.

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